Landscape Photography Paradise – Vancouver Island

Retching! So we decided to stop off at Gorden Bay just on the way down to the west coast and look at this business
right here just stunning I mean we’ve come a little bit late. Would’ve be nice if we got here about an hour earlier so that this mist over here
was backlit as the Sun rises up through these trees but we just had no idea that
that’s how it would be this time of year so this is logged in memory maybe we’ll
come back tomorrow or some other time this week but these conditions this is
what you dream about as a landscape photographer. Sun, mist, low-lying clouds
absolutely magnificent. So yeah maybe we’ll come back another day this week.
Gorgeous innit? Well that was a fun little detour but it was definitely time
to get back on the road so the other day we came to this
location called Payzant Creek and it’s this gorgeous little waterfall and so we
hadn’t both we both haven’t been there for like when were the last time you
were there a year ago just over a year ago yeah I haven’t been there maybe four
or five years and neither one of us fully realized that if you time it just
right you get this gorgeous orange glow in the background behind the waterfall
which then reflects down on all of all of the wet surfaces and the pool there
so when we went the other day we didn’t really do any vlogging because we were
so blown away by this light that we were just shooting like maniacs. So we decided
it was so good we would come back again two days later and have another crack at it to maybe get some even better shots and maybe shoot
some more vlog footage so that you can see how we got these shots Oofff. This road is terrible! it’s either gonna be a complete trash
with too much water or it’s gonna be perfect. What’s your guess?…….. crap? I think it’s gonna be good so good yeah. What what are you betting what are you you prepared to bet? Cliff bar? …………… Cliff bar, bloody ell! I’ll bet you beer and a
burger. All right that sounds fair enough. That it’s too much water all right yeah
nice so if it’s good I buy you dinner. If it’s crap, you buy
me dinner! All right deal! You’re on! Every time that I hike this
trail I end up on my arse cause I wipe out! so this time a laced up properly. For once in my life I finally remembered to film and include plenty of b-roll footage of
us hiking through the forest to our destination perhaps even too much cause
there’s a lot of this. It’s very doubtful that you can see it but Adam just spotted a little owl just up on that branch their tiny little owl so cute What kind of how old you think it is? It’s either a pygmy owl or a Saw-Whet owl. I’m not very good on birds. I think it’s a pygmy owl. So cute. I want to cuddle it Adam sets quite the brisk pace for
a guy in his seventies in fact I could barely keep up with him there’s a good reason why it’s disgracefully expensive to live in coastal BC. this is what
winter looks like this December and it’s absolutely Scorchio. We’re having to
strip off. I wish I’d brought shorts I wish I’d brought my thong. I’d pay money
to see that. look at that so limber. Once again I am very impressed for such an elderly gentleman Now if you’re considering hiking out to Payzant Creek I’ll give you this one tip that’s gonna save you a broken ankle. Trust the mud
and avoid the wood. Watch me slip on this root. Woah, off we go. yeah if you
just stick to the mud and just don’t care about getting your feet a little
bit wet are wear some galoshes like Adam does, you’ll be safe. Are you err….. experiencing what we
were experiencing at the time thinking when is this trail gonna end? Well it’s
almost at an end and it’s totally worth the wait……. so don’t tell Adam but I think he forgot
about our bet which I clearly lost because this is the perfect amount of
water. He’s off flying his drone somewhere and he hasn’t mentioned it so I don’t
think I’m gonna end up buying him dinner so what I’m doing here with this shot. if
you look at the foreground here what I like about this shot is, I’ve got this log
just creeping its way in from the right I’ve got this beautiful fallen tree here
with all of this lovely greenery growing around it and everything in the shot if
you look from the edges it’s almost like a pyramid shape that comes in and it’s
pointing at these waterfalls these these three cascades and I framed it up so
that I’ve got just enough of this this log in the top now this is a sixteen by
nine crop so the actual three by two fits a bit more of that in and a little
bit more of this in so it’s actually a much better composition but for the
purposes of the video I have to record this is sixteen by nine but you can sort you
still get the idea now what I’m going to do here I’m going to focus on this area
in the background and I’m focusing at f/8 and then when I’m ready to take the
shot what I do is I over expose I deliberately over expose my shot so that
I can I can see things clearly enough to focus and then when I’ve got that
perfect focus then I’ll change my aperture so with this lens I really like
f/8 but I might need a bit more depth of field f/8 super-shot but I’m a little
bit close to this this log that you see over here so I might need f/11 maybe even
f/14 what I’ll do is I’ll take a few shots and then I’ll look back at them and see
you know did I get perfect focus but the place that I’m gonna focus is right
at the back there where that waterfall is just pouring down and there’s a very
nice crisp rocky edge there and I’m gonna focus on that if I do that well
pretty much everything in the foreground should be in focus at the correct
aperture now if you’d like to download Now, if you’d like to download the raw files for this image, all you’ve got to do is sign up to my newsletter and there’s a link in the description
and I’ll also put a link in the card inside the video so all you go to is
sign up you can download the files right away and I promise I won’t spam you with
any rubbish look at that business this is just
gorgeous I’ve got some killer shots did you get any good shots yeah no it’s
really it’s really good I probably the best conditions I’ve ever seen perfect.
So ah….you know you owe me a beer and a burger eh? I was hoping you’d forgotten. No I don’t forget things like that. Err, so I’m getting you dinner. How about Subway? So let me just explain my thought process with this shot what I’m trying to get is a very tight simple scene where there’s a lot going on and
part of that part of the thing about taking pictures of waterfalls is there’s
always a section in the image where you can see here where this kind of like
when it comes to video there’s not a lot going on so there’s kind of like an
empty area where these bubbles are slowly creeping out but when you take a
long exposure that turns into something else entirely so you might be composing
a shot where you think there is no foreground it’s like oh there’s no
foreground while you’re composing it but then once you’ve shot it these these
little bubbles will create these gorgeous spirals and tendrils that that
kind of creep out towards the the lens just so interesting and so fascinating
so with this composition now again like I mentioned before this is a this is a
sixteen by nine on the video but the actual composition that I’ve made is a
three by two so you’re actually missing some parts at the top there but you’ll
see that on the three by two that I’ll show you in a bit and you’re missing a
little bit at the foreground but you can pretty much see that I’ve put the the
main falls slap-bang in the center and then everything else comes around that
so so the whole idea is I want everything to suck your eye into this
gorgeous cascade of water and it’s it’s beautifully framed by these these canyon
walls and I decide there’s all kinds of shapes and and really this this shot is
all about this waterfall it’s a very obvious simple composition and sometimes
those are the best but what’s going to make this a really special shot is you
can already see this lovely orange glow. this lovely light that’s creeping in so
once it gets to this section in the background that’s when we’re
going to get reflections in the foreground here and that’s the comp that
out that I’m going for. So I’ve set up my composition now
it’s a nice shot already but I’m gonna wait and I’m gonna bide my time for that
perfect moment and capture as many exposures as I need to for the different
dynamic range the different movement of water and nail it perfectly you know as a photography instructor I
get to see all kinds of people with all kinds of gear but I have never quite
witnessed anything like this before What is he doing? look at that it’s kissing it! should I be doing that will that make me a better photographer? Yeah, yeah I saw you! well we’re waiting for this gorgeous golden glow it’s bloody freezing in here D’ya wanna get in my bivvy bag? We could cuddle? Who’s the big spoon and who’s the little spoon? Actually I don’t know which is worse. They’re both bad! There’s no winner or loser in that situation. Think I’d rather be the big spoon. Now we know 😉 Oh it’s coffee 🙁 It’s not tea! ”cackling” How can a Yorkshireman not drink tea? I just don’t like it. It’s never been my thing.. Ooh that’s pretty good. It’s warm! You pour it out out and then as soon as it hits the cold air it loses its loses its heat real
quick. Have you got herpes? You have now! Well that’s the last dribble…… pervy chunterings. It’s so bloody cold that Adams had to put on his Vulcan gloves right , is it on both sides as well? what’s this zipper for? oh you put hand
warmers in there. Oh I like that and the thumbs come off as well. Yeah, are
they expensive? Of course they are it’s photography anything to do with
photographer is always expensive. they’re pretty well made they’re leather. I feel a bit
inadequate now with mine. I’ve got glove envy. Hey Gavin. Have you got a long lens? Not really very long. No? Not as long as mine? Mine isn’t as long as yours. No? It’s really good for getting in there close you know… You’ve gotta really, get in there. I’ve got
lens envy right now. As the canyon got colder and colder, the magic moment finally arrived just in time for my last shot of the day You know if you want anything truly
beautiful in life, it doesn’t come easy. you’ve got to be prepared to work,
dedicate your heart and soul and you’ll find it. And on the subject of work we
had to head back down the trail before it got too dark, because I owed his
lordship a burger and a beer. Just a quick reminder. If you enjoyed that video and you’ve got any kind of pleasure out of it… Please subscribe to my channel,
like, comment and if you can be bothered hit that little Bell button so that I
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Thanks for watching, bye bye, Cheers mate. Thank you, thanks for coming out. I had a brilliant day today. Even though you [email protected] yourself?

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