Learn About HDR Digital Photography : Editing Fifth Image for an HDRI Composite

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert
Village. Today I’m going to give you an overview and introduction to HDR or High Dynamic Range
Photography. This one, super bright, what I want to keep in this one is I want to keep
all that brightness detail. And I also want to bring up my a, contrast in this particular
image. This is going to be my, basically my, a, my line detail for, whoops, this is, this
is what’s going to show off all the, the ground line detail. So you can see that a, so you
can see that I need to go through and I’m going to a, adjust the color just a tad. Really
got to bring those reds out and the yellows, I’m not going to mess with the greens in this
one because this one’s got plenty of green as it is. Ok I don’t want to mess with the
blues because I’ve done a whole lot of blue work in the other one’s so that is a, a pretty
good idea of what we want to look for. So you can see the differences in all of the
photos, now in retrospect those two look a little too alike. So I’m going to take one
of these, I’m going to have to really brighten this one up a little bit just because it’s
a, oh that’s going to add some really weird artifacts to the ground if I do it to bright.
You know what? I think this picture is just not going to work in the series so let me
just highlight that picture and we’re going to remove it from the pile. We’re going to
do a, a shot with four of them just now so now we’re off to do that. Let me export these,
I’m just going to drop them right onto the desktop so, and the next thing you’ll see
me doing is opening it with a new software to start compositing.

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