Learn About HDR Digital Photography : Selecting Images to Composite for an HDR Image

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert
Village. Today, I’m going to give you an overview, and introduction to HDR, or High Dynamic Range
Photography. And so, now that we’ve got the photos in our Photo software, I’m actually
you can see that I’ve got them used in stacks, which is kind of neat, because this shows
you a good reason to use stacks. So, I’m going to choose this set of five right here, and
I will be doing an exposure of five today for my HDR. So I’m going to highlight that
one, that one, that one, whoops, I’m un-highlighting them. All right, so these five I’m going to
put into a collection real quick. I’m just going to name it project, and you’ll see what
happens. It’s the only five photos I have to see on the screen at once, and the neat
thing about that is then I can look at them one at a time in full size. This is a sunset
a couple nights ago that I took. These are all taken at the seconds apart from each other.
You can see it’s 6:28:59, 6:29:00, 6:29:00, 6:29:01, and 6, oh actually, that’s 6:28:59
again. So you can see these photos were taken just seconds apart, and you can see how different
they all look, depending on your exposure settings. So, at the next step I’m going to
go through, and highlight developing each individual one to get the most out of it before
we composite them all together.

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