Hello Rebecca let’s get to your portfolio review okay so your first shot it’s I really like it because it it draws me in obviously whenever we have stairways and especially a curve in a path it draws the eye into the picture space and I absolutely love this garden it looks very peaceful and calm the only thing I’d suggest it’s a little bit bluish and this is normal because I think you photographed it probably early in the day and whenever we’re in shadow shadow areas produce a blue color cast as you can see the we have a nice warm yellow look where the sun is shining but everything else is blue so there’s two things you can do obviously the easiest one and the one that is most common is to simply add yellow to the entire picture so under a temperature slider sometimes called white balance in different software just simply go to the yellow side now let’s take a look at the before and after here’s the original and this is sort of as that’s warmed up a little bit to the yellow side for example in Lightroom cc it’s + 23 – the yellow however depending on the software that you using it’ll be a different number excuse me now the other option which is a little bit more complex but probably a little bit more accurate if your software has the ability to do linear gradients a linear gradient is interesting because what it does is it allows you to create certain areas of of effected change for lack of a better word so take a look at what happens when I add yellow where I created my gradient to see if I put my my cursor over this little blue dot everything that is being adjusted turns to turns red this is a masking technique or sort of a way for us to understand what areas are being affected now if I back out you’ll see that the we have a yellowish a nice warmish look to the stairs we’ve maintained the yellow where the sun is shining but there’s no change up here this is where the linear gradient comes in really handy now you could also do the same up at the top so let’s create a new linear gradient we’re gonna reset the temperature and we’re gonna go down instead but this time we want to maintain the green of the tree so we’ll just add a little bit of yellow but we’re gonna add tint now 10th we’re gonna go to the green side now the reason why is because we if you add too much yellow to greenery other trees or shrubs or or leaves it sort of loses its I don’t know what you say it loses its its grew its um its effectiveness because you don’t see the the pop of the green as much but when you go to tint and you go to the green side and tint plus adding a little bit of yellow a bit a bit of warmth you actually come away with a much nicer picture and we can add just a touch of saturation okay so now what we have is a nicely warmed up stare here it actually looks like the sun is shining in this area really nicely and we haven’t really touched the midsection because we don’t need to and we’ve maintained the green up top but warmed it up as well let’s look at the before here’s the before and here’s the after okay so let’s get to your next picture so this is a nice documentary shot and someone’s tattoos I feel that overall the pictures a little bit to what technically would say it’s too hot meaning it’s a bit too bright in in certain areas so what we’re gonna do is two things we can either obviously just reduce the general exposure this is called a global adjustment like that or if you didn’t want to adjust globally meaning everything gets darker you can selectively selectively choose he just highlights so we could reduce highlights and what that does is it keeps thieve for lack of a better word the volume of brightness or at the whole picture however it just reduces the highlight areas that you saw in the grass and and some parts of the skin so by reducing highlights quite a bit it’s actually probably going to be good because we maintain the brightness of the picture we’re just nice now one thing I will mention that I feel that the text on the shirt is distracting so I would be tempted just to remove it completely and the reason we’re doing this is because all attention should be on the tattoo the both arms if we have the text were actually tempted make back up here we’re actually tempted to read the text and because it’s not necessary we’re not really caring too much about the event in 2018 let’s just get rid of it and that will really focus us on what’s most important is the tattoos now this is almost a square which is perfectly good however if you want to create a perfect square say for example nice Instagram uploading or framing simply go to aspect ratio and any software will allow you to do this go to one to one which is a square and at this point you can simply move the picture around as you like so if I was going to work in a square aspect ratio it probably cropped something like this okay let’s get to your next picture okay so this is the the overall shot of the woman with the the tattoos so what we’re going to do here I feel that we really need to get rid of some some space here so let’s go to and actually I think we need to rotate the picture to I feel it’s a little bit needing a clockwise rotation okay so now let’s pull the okay that clockwise rotation is good now we’re going to unlock the aspect ratio so that we can actually crop the way we want now take a look at what happens when I’m choosing where the intersecting point of the horizontal rule of thirds top parsh top portion and the vertical rule of thirds line which is to the right we want to have the intersecting point somewhere in the usually you wanted either intersecting the head or the body of the person so let’s tap that to accept it and this would be following a traditional rule of thirds composition and the nice thing about this is we have less space behind the person’s head in more space in front so that it has that that good flow and the person is well framed within the picture space again it’s a little hot see the the bright spots so let’s go to our highlights we’re just gonna reduce them a little bit now you I asked for JPEGs for the portfolio review if you shot this in RAW you would find that the highlight reduction works absolutely wonderfully it worked works great when you’re shooting in RAW format okay great let’s go to their next picture and this is a really nice shot I love the color so you did a great job with the colors and also your background blur is really good my only suggestion is that this draws my eye now we don’t want anything to distract us from the primary subject which of course is this lovely jewelry so what we’re going to do is push the viewers eye straight to the jewelry and again we are destroying our normal aspect ratio of of 8 by 10 or 8 by 12 or whatever it was however by sort of cleaning up the composition even though we do make a different aspect ratio for your picture it’s it’s well worth it excuse me so take a look at this when we have when we got rid of that distracting white part of the picture now we have a situation where our I go straight to the gold as it were right to the the primary subject and that’s what we want now Lightroom does not do this well but do you see these these nice highlights here I would be tempted to actually soften those highlights in Photoshop if you have Adobe’s photographer’s plan it usually comes with Photoshop and Lightroom and bridge if that’s the case you could go to file edit in Photoshop and then you could just take your clone stamp and just gently with a 50% opacity just get rid of this and not get rid of it sorry just reduce the brightness of it that’s all you need however if you just have the Lightroom cc plan don’t worry about it it’s this is not a deal breaker and it’s just me being nitpicky so I would say that you’re good with this composition some people would probably tend to go a little bit lower just so that the the jewel is a touch higher than middle and if you like this is probably a really good composition as well and yeah I think you did a great job okay so let’s go to the last picture and this is a black and white I think you did a great job with turning a black and white and the reason being is that whenever we have a situation where there’s not much color in the picture to begin with such as this shot why not try it as a more artistic block on white the only thing I would suggest under light if we go to our blacks and let’s reduce the blacks to make it even more dramatic okay to see what’s happening let’s go to the before here’s the before it’s nice you did really well with composition but it sort of lacks a bit of drama however when we reduce the blacks the drama really picks up and it looks more like a fine art black and white shot okay really great work Rebecca I enjoyed going through your review and hopefully you got a lot out of it

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