Learning sports photography

I’ve always played sport throughout my life.
I love it and because I couldn’t quite compete in it, maybe at the high level, I
wanted to photograph it. I’m Julian Finney, sport photographer. Today I’m going to do something different and exciting with a young photographer.
We’re going to head to a climbing center in North East London. Hi, I’m Julian.
Francis, nice to meet you. Let’s go inside. Let’s go. My name is Francis Augusto.
I am a photographer and I’m someone that really enjoys people stories. At the moment in my career I feel like I’ve photographed nearly every
sport there is. Sports like climbing, it’s new to me, so it’s a fresh
kind of challenge, and I like to keep being challenged in photography and to
continue to create new work. How are you going to approach this, Francis? Trying to get me more
abstract than I normally do. With Julian learning how he’s able to
reproduce the same quality every time. That’s what I’d like to learn, and it
really comes down to me never having had a mentor in photography. So you can see our athletes warming up right now, and what we’ve asked them
to do is to go up and down the wall as quickly as they can, and in a consistent
motion. I’m basically gonna lock off a camera on my tripod and using the
burst feature on the Canon camera to fire off a whole load of frames, and we’re going to
create a gif at the end. I’m so excited for this. This is something I’ve wanted
to do for a while, it’s like a creative take on a sports action shot. Three, two, one. I really wanted to get this.
It’s brilliant. Look how fast she’s coming
down the wall. That’s a great sport photography moment and you’ve captured it.
Coming from you that means a lot, my man. Yeah, I was really inspired today.
Working with other photographers, it’s always good to collaborate and discuss
other ideas. I think that’s really useful. I’m a big fan of understanding what you
can’t do and asking for help. When I think about what I’m ambitious about, in
terms of photography, it really just comes down to people with stories.
I think everyone has a story and the ambition is to find new mediums in
photography to tell those stories in different ways.

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