Les 5 photos pour la fin du monde (English subtitles NOW AVAILABLE)

It’s the end of the world Hello YouTube, Gaetan Cormier here in today’s videos I present you the 5 photos that I would bring with me in a bunker in an apocalyptic situation I got the idea from Thomas Hammoudi’s YouTube channel that I salute!! I invite you to visit Thomas YouTube Channel (french) the link is in the shownotes below I really love what he creates on his channel and I’m borrowing his set-up here The idea behind this little game which actually started on the YouTube of the British Journal of Photography unfotunately, the channel is somewhat quiet nowadays so they were basically asking photographers what are the 5 photos that they would bring with them in a bunker in an apocalyptic situation You have to save 4 photos from known photographers and 1 photo of your own work So in today’s video, I present you the 5 photos that I would bring in a bunker So, the first photo that I would bring with me is one from my favorite landscape photographer Michael Kenna. The photo can be found in his book Images of the Seventh Day which is a book of a compilation of some of his best work and the photo is Kussharo Lake Study 1 here it is Like mentionned this is Kussharo Lake Study 1 by Michael Kenna A beautiful Japanese tree by this lake in Japan This tree, Michael Kenna visited it several times over the years photographing it each time Since the beginning of his visits, the tree has lost many branches. This photo I believe is in his early visit as I have seen other photos where this tree shows alot less branches. I just love tree photography like this I find great inspiration and it’s with this photo that I came to learn about Michael Kenna and his beautifull photographic work This is why, I would bring a print of this photo in my bunker. For the second photo print for my bunker it’s a photo of the Icelandic photographer Ragnar Axelsson Also known simply as RAX You can find the photo in his book Faces of the North It’s a compilation of photos he made on people living the artic circle there way of living and beeing affected by climate change So here is the photo chosen. For this second photo made by Ragnar Axelsson it’s a beautiful portrait of an old Icelandic man Like mentionned earlier, Ragnar who is also Icelandic worked on a photo project about the people of Iceland and other northern regions like Greenland and faroe Islands to name a few For me, the portrait depicted here I simply love I’ve never been to Iceland but always wanted too and I hope to go relatively soon But if I had one photo to represent Iceland, that would be the photo In this photo we have a turbulent sea the dark volcanic mountains the wind in the mans hair and the man itself for me reprensents the farmer or perhaps the fisherman that some old Icelanders are known to be I can look at this photo for a long time and still be in awe each time so definitely would be on my bunker wall For the third photo a photo by Jeanloup Sieff by far the photo I will show you is by far my favorite photo of him such a sublime photograph This photo, intitled Judy by Jeanloup Sieff, a photo that I truly love I really admire art nude work and this photo for me is a simple one, you don’t need complex posing and lighting rigs to create a piece of art. I love how Sieff printed is photographs the beautifull halo around the model makes her pop! a technique often used by Sieff and honestly… I really love this photo because it’s a simple one Sieff and Judy had just finished doing a shoot They took a break and Judy just sat at the table to drink coffee and Jeanloup just grabbed his camera and took the shot A wonderfull photo of a wonderfull model from a great photographer so this one goes on the bunker wall also! For the 4th photo I’m going with a local photographer A known photographer here in Quebec Some of his work is owneed by some museums and other art institutions The photo chosen can be found in his book Transcanadienne: Sortie 109 the photographer is Jean Lauzon This fourth photo by the photographer Jean Lauzon who I have the honnor to personally know him and the photo I chose is one that put’s a smile on my face A little girl and her father in the docs cabinet for a vaccine Upon looking this photo I laugh cause I see myself at the place of the girl as I hate anything related to doctors, hospitals and needles That’s why this photo touches me and also makes me smile The girl crying the doctor or nurse trying to calm and inject the vaccine and the father who by it’s posture looks almost bored if like he was just waiting that evrything finishes On top of that, not only I would bring this photo in my bunker but I could actually do it for real as I have a print of this fine photo in my collection that I got from Mr. Lauzon And now for the last photo like I mentionned earlier the game is to show 4 photos of known photographers and 1 of our own The photo that I took and that I would bring with me would be this one The smoker, is a photo I took during the summer of 2018 I am totally not a street photographer I like to do it from time to time my work is more oriented in the feminine portraiture and of landscape photography but very little street photography even though, this would be the photo that I would bring in the bunker I took this photo in a fast and instinctive manner I saw the man, who was in front of me and I saw that he was reaching for a cigarette in his pocket he was going to light it I accelerated so I could be beside him while pre-adjusting my focus, shutter and f-stop I raised the camera in his direction and took this single shot of him and it came out like this! The man is really at the edge of the frame but I don’t really mind this as the little girl in the window is an important actor to the image as the man is about the light up his cigarette the little girl on the poster has her mount in a blowing form as if she doeas not want him to light up his cigarette a very cool timing I may say and I’m very proud of this photo so this was my last photo for my bunker So there you are! you now know what photos I would preserve in an End of the World scenario I’m pretty sure that if you ask me the question in 6 months I will probably give you 5 completely different photos but now, these are the one that I would save I hope you liked this video it was a fun game to do If you run a YouTube channel about photography I invite you to do the same game as I did and please share it in the comment section below If you don’t have a YouTube channel please tell us below what would be the 5 photos you would save you can also supply links to the images If you appreciated this video, give me a thumbs up translating each video is alot of work even if it’s not perfect so a thumbs up is appreciated don’t forget to Subscribe and smash the bell button to be notified of future videos until then… go out and shoot! Incoming blooper…. wrong book dumbass! LOL!!!

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