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– Hey, Jordan here, and today I’m going to whip open Lightroom and
show you exactly how I edit. I’ll give you the exact settings you need just in that
basic panel of Lightroom, turn it into something light and airy. But before I do, I say we get a smoothie. Just shakes, all blended up together. You take your favorite fruits, you add some healthy things, maybe
a vegetable if you’re brave, and you make it happen. (upbeat motivating music) I was trying to film that, and I got a little smoothie on my screen. (upbeat motivating music) Back home, editing from the comfort of my own bed, raise your hand if you love editing from bed, anyone else love the comfy thing? I’ve got this little Elvis
Presley hairdo happening, and I know you’re jealous, don’t be. You could make this happen
too if you just kind of let the wind do its thing. Once you’re in Lightroom, you can go ahead and bring up your exposure,
bring up your contrast, bring down your highlights
and your whites, bring up your shadows,
bring down your blacks. And then after that you can color-grade, do your tone curves, handle
noise reduction, all of that. Or, you can download my free preset and it will handle all of that for you. So let me show you what
the free preset looks like. Just click it and it
brings up the exposure, the contrast, and shadows and
brings down everything else. It also is handling color down below, noise reduction, all of those things. So if you want this, just go ahead and download it, and let it do some of the basic editing for you. And here’s how I edit. I use the Brittley Preset Suite. So we actually built
it so that you can use this white selector tool, so go ahead and find a good white
balance, just anywhere in there will be good, I’m gonna go ahead and drop that to 25,
’cause that’s way too pink. Down to 20 now, click Brittley Classic, probably gonna have to
bring down the warmth just a smidge once Lightroom
loads those settings. Yeah, let’s bring it down to 57. Yes, okay, I really love that. Now this is a little too contrasty for me, so I’m actually gonna bring
up these shadows just a bit, and just a really quick edit,
that’s what this looks like. So here is the Free Preset, you can see it’s still a beautiful edit,
but it just doesn’t have that color grading
happening with these greens and pinks, and reds. But if you get the Brittley presets, then they do, they will
color-grade your image for you. Okay so up next are these
beautiful little flowers. I’m gonna grab my white balance here, drop down those pinks quite a bit again. And this time let’s go
with Brittley Modern. Now something else to
know is that we built, that’s super, super-contrasty right? Weave out these presets
so that you can bring up your shadows without losing the image quality in your image. So with an image like
this, I’ll just bring up the shadows, bring down the exposure, and tone down that color just
a smidge in the white balance. So there is before, and there is after. If that’s still a little too much for you, you can double-click on the blacks, and even bring down the
contrast a little bit, just to get something that
looks a little bit more subtle. Grab that white balance selector, find the white balance,
hit Brittley Classic. Bring down that exposure
just a little bit, maybe .2, and then bring up the temperature. So for this image, I’m just gonna grab the white balance selector. Brittley Modern, we’ll
go with Brittley Modern, and then this is what Brittley
Classic would look like. So if you’re gonna go with
Brittley Classic for this one, it plays off of Fuji so the colors are a little bit softer, yup
there it is, there it loads. You could bring up the
contrast just a little bit if you wanted that subtle color, or you could just go with Brittley Modern for a little bit more of a pop. I’m gonna grab my white balance
and click Brittley Modern. On an image like this, Brittley Modern looks like Portra. So since I had her facing away from the most illuminated
part of an overcast day, I’m gonna have to bump up
those shadows quite a bit. I can bring down that
exposure and then bring down the temperature just
a smidge to cool it off. I know that it can feel
like you have to spend forever in a day editing photos if you’re working for high-end clients. But it’s not true, you can actually spend less time on a quality edit
if you have the right tools. So if you feel like these Brittley presets are the right fit for you and you feel like they will take you from digital film or help you find a photographic voice, which they will do all
of that just so you know, you can buy those below,
and if you just want to get a taste, you can
grab the Free preset below. And just so you know, that
smoothie was totally not fruits and veggies. Almond butter and dark
chocolate, it was good.

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  1. Love your personality. I am not a photo or videographer. I was just researching some information because I like to learn new things and found your video. Subbed right away!

  2. Hey Jordan, I am wondering if you have a video on taking the Light and Airy look to video? Or how to use your preset in Premiere Pro CC like maybe how to make a LUT or something?

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