Lightroom CC – Retouch Holiday Lights

today I want to go ahead and show you
the tips and tricks on how I go retouching my holiday light photographs
and this was done in the old Lightroom cc first off when taking this photograph
I had a tripod with me it’s the only way I could really pull off the sharpness
and everything and my settings on this let me pull these up real quick for you
so all of my settings were 1.3 seconds my aperture at 7.1 so a good little
secret is try not to go below 7.1 aperture when you’re shooting these kind
of photographs and that’s usually when you got quite a bit of lights and
buildings that might be lit up and that’ll actually help get your
photograph a little more sharp if you start drop it below the aperture of 7.1
then you start to kind of lose your sharpness and it’s really hard to bring
back even in Lightroom and then I had my ISO set at 400 and I actually only used
kit lens that came with my camera the DSLR Nikon and what I did it was I did a
manual focus with it because at nighttime or when it’s kind of darker
situations like this the autofocus sometimes will just jump in and out so I
strongly recommend just put it in the manual and then go ahead and do some
test shots and then after I do a test shot I actually go onto my camera screen
there and zoom in real close just to make sure everything looks sharp and
then the last tip I want to give you is I always shoot in RAW format instead of
JPEG and that definitely gives you a lot of good editing power when it comes to
Lightroom or Photoshop and let me show you what the original shot looked like
so right here you’re gonna see the before everything’s looking really flat
not much color in it and even the background Christmas lights here
actually look a little blown out but we’ll be fixing all that and this is the
after mat right here so let’s go ahead and get started on this let me go ahead
and hit the reset button right here okay so the first thing I want to do is I
definitely want to try to get these lights to not look so bright
here so I’m going to come over here to the highlights and I’m just gonna go
ahead and drop it down and usually this does a pretty good job of getting
everything down so you’ve got to be careful when you are shooting not though
try to overexpose everything because if it’s too overexposed even dropping the
highlights is going to be tough to try to get the colors and everything now the
next thing I want to do I’m just going to barely bring my shadows up on this
one and the idea for this is I’m just trying to light up just a little more of
the sky here now for the whites I’m actually gonna hold down my option key
on my Mac which is Alt on your windows and I want to do is I’m gonna blow out
the Christmas lights so all those white dots you see in the
black there are you’re basically taking the Christmas lights in you’re blowing
them out just a little bit and that’s actually gonna make them pop a little
bit better same thing with the blacks I’m gonna once again hold my option key
on the Mac Alt on your windows and I’m gonna back down the blacks just a little
bit now here on clarity I’m just gonna go ahead and just bump this just to
about 7 vibrance and saturation I will come back to now under the tab HSL color
and black and white once again I want to be under the saturation and I’m gonna do
is just bump up a couple of these colors just a little bit and I could get real
good individual control with each one of these so I’m just kind of looking at the
picture as I’m going along and I’ll just these up and down now the next thing I
want to do is I really want to sharpen this building up and some of this
foreground so what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna bump this all the way up to
about 70 and then I want to do is I don’t want to sharpen these dark areas
so once again I’m gonna hold my option key down on the Mac and it’ll be alt on
Windows and I’m gonna bring this over and I’m looking at the black sir I just
want to make sure the black stays solid and all the black areas not getting
sharpened I’m gonna let up so now we got a
building that looks really sharp here but there is one setback when you do
sharpen things up is you could start creating noise so let me go ahead and
zoom in here and as you could see hopefully it shows up on the video here
that this starting to look really grainy with a little bit of noise on here so to
fix that I’m actually gonna go run under noise reduction and I’m gonna pull the
luminance key up and I’m gonna kind of watch the building here where everything
kind of smoothes out and you want to be careful not to overdo this because it
could look really pasty looking so I’m just gonna take it up just a little bit
here and it looks like about 40 disc trick so let me zoom back out so now I’m
going to go ahead and scroll down and I do want to enable the profile correction
for this one it’s not gonna make too big of a difference since the lens I was
using it doesn’t have much of a fisheye but every little bit does help now under
transform I’m gonna put this on auto which should help that building now and
as you can see it does make a difference on the building as I click on and off it
so I’ll go ahead and keep that on auto you know here’s another cool trick under
effects under highlight priority you want to make sure you’re under that we
want to go ahead and I’m gonna bump the amount upwards to about five and what
we’re doing is we’re kind of putting a softer light look so let me just kind of
bring it up real big-time you can see what’s happening here
bring it back so the idea is I just want a real soft look around the edges here
it’s just kind of gives it that a little more holiday feel to it I think seven is
a little too much I think I’m gonna leave about five then once again under D
haze let’s just go ahead and just bump that up just a little bit and you could
actually even soften this up a little bit if you go down to negative five but
I’m gonna go ahead and bring this up to about a plus five so the next thing we
want to do here’s where some of the really cool effects come in so I’m going
to come right here where it says adjustment brush let’s click on that
I’m gonna hold my option key down so right here versus effects on the corner
here if you push down your Alt key on your windows or option key on Mac you’ll
see it’s a reset so once you push down it says reset I always like to reset
everything and that actually freshens everything up
back to zero now I want to do is I’m going to take the exposure up to about
say about 40 I’m going to come over to the building here and I’m gonna scroll
down the will on my mouse here and I’m gonna make this real small here now this
is really a cool little trick it’s gonna help make your buildings pop so I’m
going to go ahead and I’m just going to do a little paint up and down a little
bit here and I’m just gonna do a couple verticals on these windows and I’m gonna
show you what’s gonna happen here in just a second I’m gonna paint a little
bit on the front kind of come over here and getting a little creative with the
brush here you could do some pretty cool stuff and people look at your
photographs wondering what the heck that building looks really cool okay so once
I did my little paint job here I’m gonna go ahead and back to exposure and I’m
gonna bump this up a little bit higher and as you can see look at the building
and I’m just gonna kind of way overdo it and under do it a little bit so you can
see what’s going on here this effect so just by using this brush here or filter
you can really make your buildings pop this is such a cool thing to do and I
use this a lot the other one I like to use is the radial filter so let me just
click on that one once again I’m gonna hold my option key down reset and that’s
your Alt key on Windows I’m gonna bump up my exposure to probably 41 let’s go
about 50 on this one and let me just kind of create a little bit of light and
I’m making a couple filters here and the snow and I just kind of want to light it up
just a little bit there but just make it pop a little bit now as you notice
because I did drop all the highlights down it did kind of mess up this light
here it doesn’t look quite right so I’m actually gonna make a rate filter across
this just kind of get the fit and then I’m gonna go ahead and take the
highlights and bring the highlights up as you can see it fixes the light there
to where it looks more normal natural and then once I’m done with that I’ll
just hit done you know look at this picture I just want to do one more
touch-up I just kind of want to make it pop just a little bit more so I’m gonna
go once again I’m going to go back to the radial filter I’m gonna bring the
exposure down to about 42 I’m gonna come and make a really big one here it just
kind of goes over the whole picture for a good portion of it and the idea here
is I’m trying to get the viewer as they see the photo just to kind of it just
kind of zeros in towards this building so now I want to do is I’m going to take
these highlights down just a little bit more play with the exposure just a tad
so I think I’m gonna take the exposure to about 32 and then I’m gonna bump the
clarity up just a little bit more here so I’m gonna go about 15 on the clarity
then I’m gonna hit done now the very last thing I’m going to do here I just
want to go under the vibrance and saturation this is just kind of make the
colors pop just a little bit so let’s take the vibrance up to about 10 and
saturation I’m going to take that to about seven and there’s that pretty much
a complete pitcher I mean there’s a lot of times I’ll maybe go into a little
more detail but that’s just kind of gives you a ballpark on how to go about
retouching your holiday lights here so anyways I hope this video helped you out
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