LIGHTROOM EDITING TUTORIAL | Sun-kissed Natural Light Portrait Photography ☀

Hey guys! Today we’re gonna be editing an image together in Lightroom to achieve a sun-kissed glowy look and go from this
to this. We’re gonna do this using some tools in Lightroom you may not havefully explored yet and towards the end, I’ll be sharing my absolute favorite
technique I use all the time to create a light and airy look and also separation between the subject in the background without needing to bring the image into
Photoshop. Let’s dive in! So in Lightroom I’m going to start by applying my preset
that I made to quickly apply base adjustments I regularly make
across all my images. I included this as a free download
in my last editing tutorial and also showed what each of the settings do so you can either dial them in manually or tweak them
to customize it for your own images. Rather than repeat all that here,
check out that video after this if you’re interested. And that way we can
dive right into the good stuff. Next we’re gonna dial things in and I’ll usually start by bringing up the exposure and kind of leveling it out
between exposure and shadows to find a nice point where I’m keeping all the
detail I want, but can kind of brighten up that image a bit. I do intentionally under expose my images
when shooting backlit just to retain that highlight detail and give a little bit more
playing room in post. I’m also going to come and adjust
my temperature and tint since it’s looking a little bit magenta. In the tonal curves, as you can see, the presets doing a pretty good job, but I’m gonna come in to that
RGB channel and I want to just bring up those mids a hair more because we’re going for a really
luminescent look in her skin. I’m also going to come
into my green channel because I want to pop a little bit of
green tint into the shadow of my images. And that looks really pretty. Coming down to the Hue Sat (HSL), there’s something happening with her dress
right here that I don’t really like so I’m just gonna take the edge off by bringing the hue down
and the saturation down just a little,
not so much that we’re
desaturating her dress. But it kind of takes away that the edge right there and I also usually a desaturate my oranges
which is already done. That looks good to me. And then for luminance, I’m just gonna bring those oranges up just a hair more for that really glowy look in her skin. In the split toning,
my settings are already dialed in but again,
I’m just going to bring up that saturation just a little bit more since we’re going for a
super sun-kissed look. And that’s starting to look really good. One thing I am noticing is one of my corrections that I usually do… We do have ‘Profile Corrections’ turned on, and then I’ll usually do a little bit of a reverse
vignette on my images, so that setting is already applied… but for this image,
it’s pretty light on the edges as is so I’m gonna delete that off. Okay, so I’m just gonna tweak things
a little bit more Bring up that brightness a bit and
brighten them up. Dial in my contrast One other thing is I wanted to come into the shadows and deepen those shadows a bit and the reason I do this here rather
than the blacks, is in the blacks it will impact the skin tones and we really want
to keep that skin nice and bright. This is just to deepen those blacks in her
hair just a bit. Awesome. I’m liking that now, so the next thing is one of my
favorite things in Lightroom when I really want to just give that bright light and airy look to my images. I’ll come into the brushes palette, and I have a custom brush I made
called ‘lighten edges’ And it’s just bringing up
the exposure, bringing down the contrast, bringing up the shadows, and I also have
a color tint that I’ve added to this brush, that’s a slightly warm color tint. And so using my keyboard I’ll
adjust the flow up or down. Usually when painting on a brush I’ll keep it, you know, between like 30 to 40. So I’ll kind of go back and forth
as you can see over here. And just start painting on the darker bits of the image where I want to kind of brighten it up a bit and create a nice glowy look. I won’t worry too much about
hitting them for now because we can take that off after. Right now I’m just focusing on
creating a nice even look. And painting out some of these
dark details that I don’t want Perfect. I’m also going to bring the temperature
up on that just a little to warm those areas. And then we’re gonna come
and using the erase, and bringing our flow up to
more like 80 90 percent. Hmm, maybe 60. Just paint back out the areas
where we don’t want it hitting them. I’m using keyboard shortcuts to control my brush size, which makes it really quick when editing. It’s a little slower because I’m explaining it but this process goes very very fast. Now that we have that,
I’m gonna do one more brush layer so you can click off,
click back on to start a new one and I’m gonna make this really low flow, and I’m just gonna kind of
paint it over her face just a little bit particularly, highlighting her cheek bone,
right underneath the eyes brighten up around the nose. And let this sun wash over
her face just a bit. His two! We’re just filling in some of those
shadows on the face which will help brighten it up. shadow in the eye sockets, around the nose Perfect. And then last, I’m gonna go and do a
little bit of skin softening. For skin softening I’ll usually bring the flow up to
90 to 100% so that I can see exactly what I’m doing
and what it’s hitting on the image. And I’ll keep it away from any details in the image so I usually will try to avoid obliterating things like the crease in her cheek.
I might work over on the nose just a little but the key here is just to kind of
soften things out, not to get rid of the detailing of the face altogether. And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go pretty heavy at first since
this is at 90%, and then after I generally painted where I want it… I’m gonna come over to the clarity and
dial that back ALOT. We just want this to be pretty subtle, but it does create a nice a soft look on the skin. And there you have it guys we’re all finished. Hereis our before and after. I’ll drop a link for the other Lightroom tutorial
and free preset below definitely recommend checking that out also Lastly I just want to thank you guys for supporting my new little channel with your awesome
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