10 Replies to “Lightroom Mobile Presets from Boring to Dramatic”

  1. hello Serge, just buy the bundle because the effects are beautiful and discount is huge but i don't use to retouch images on my iphone 8. do you really do that ?
    i am not a big user of LR mobile. Just to understand, are these retouching non destructive and do you intend to make similar ones for LR classic (not sure they exist in special effect bundle) so we can fine tune them in classic ?

  2. Hi Serge..requesting you to make a video to fix a blown out or overpowering sun in a Sunset. I have requested in our photoserge academy FB group as well. It would be great if you could make on this topic. Thanks!

  3. Hi I have simple question

    when i editing the photo on my computer and then it looks to bright or with high saturation of color on another computer or phone

    how could i work with my computer with the best settings

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