Lightroom Mobile Presets! Travel Lifestyle Portraiture Demo :)

Hey guys, Ryan here at Signature Edits
and I want to give you a sneak peek into editing using the travel lifestyle
portraiture pack for Lightroom mobile. Right here I’ve got some travel photos
pulled up and I’m gonna show you how quick and easy it is to get an amazing
edit. So now that I’ve actually imported my presets the first preset is just a
reset all button, which is super quick and easy – Saves you a ton of time. The
nice part is with this preset all I have to do is hit reset all and I am back to
my starting place. So here’s our presets and I’ll just give you a rundown you can
have a look at them we’ve got four different looks we’ve got signature
edits one two three and four kind of in varying levels of intensity
one is the most natural level of color to plays with the colors a bit three
we’ve got a more extreme version and four is our most kind of moody dark vibe
in the pack then we have three different variations of intensity for each of
those so we’ve got a plus and a plus plus and those are basically just
varying the contrast and in particular the saturation of the greens so if I’ve
got something that has a lot of greens in it and let’s go to our next image
here see the greens in the trees here behind Devon well all I have to do is go
to my presets there’s one and the greens are pretty saturated still plus a little
bit d saturated and plus plus layer almost all the way D saturated so that
just gives you a really quick way to adjust the greens because that I find
makes the biggest difference in editing your images so I’ll just go through here
and you can get a sense of what all the different presets look like and in
addition to those three intensities we have a night version which is applying a
little bit of noise reduction as well as some d sharpening to make things just
look nicer in low-light situations and in addition to those four looks we have
a black and white look with three different intensities and a denoise
function for low-light situations great so now that you’ve seen a brief overview
let’s just keep editing and I’ll show you how fast it is to get a great look
got this photo here go to my presets BAM one click and because my exposure is a
little bit bright the only thing I have to do here scroll over here to where
it’s light and darken it down just a little
bit perfect we’re looking great so these presets are really one click and done
assuming that your exposure is right to begin with so this one I’m going to
darken a little bit then apply my presets and this should be great just
out of the game go to presets your signature edits one two you can see how
the greens are a lot warmer in two then one three we’ve got more natural greens
but a little bit of a different tone curve happening and for kind of the
moody look I like three great let’s keep going it’s reset so that’s before any presets
there’s number two there’s number one number three super quick super simple I
hope this gives you a great idea of what the travel lifestyle and portraiture
preset pack is like and if you have any questions please let me know I know
you’re gonna love it we put a lot of hard work and love into this preset pack
and can’t wait to get it in your hands enjoy you

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