Lightroom PRESETS for Fall – Crush it with the Fall Lightroom PRESETS Pack!

(Breathing) I’ve passed on all I know. All the presets
live in you now. I can’t use this… But this is your fight. I can fix this! What the f…! Do you think they got that Star Wars
reference? Hey what’s up guys! Paul Heimlund here. Today it’s all about Lightroom and
how difficult and time-consuming it can be to achieve that specific look that
you are looking for and how presets can help you speed up your workflow and
achieve a stunning professional look in just the matter of seconds and the cool
thing about presets is that you can use them for anything. Instagram, professional
work, your personal pictures. When I first started with this idea of developing my own fall preset pack I wanted to try to recreate some easy ways
in getting a professional look very quickly Now the trick of course is to
find that balance between the greens and the yellows. think of Lord of the Rings
where they really nailed those colors in the trees and everything, and finding
that balance might actually be easier than you think
however if you move the greens to the yellows and play around with the hue a bit,
suddenly you’re gonna have dozens of other parameters that you need to adjust
a bit back and forth before getting that stellar amazing fall look. you want to try
to find a balance between the greens and the yellows and the other colors in your
image for example the sky or a person’s skin tone, their clothes and so on. Your
goal should be to have three main colors in your image, but that doesn’t mean that
they need to be three different colors The colors can be a triad, and this is
why the Hulk wears purple pants. The hue needs to match, and here we see a
perfect example of the triad color harmony in action. We have analogous we
have the complementary color and one of my favorite color harmonies is the split
complementary, and this is a very cinematic color look. now to make your
life a bit easier I developed my own preset pack consisting of twelve looks
that you can use in your own work. Here we have blues we have greens
we have strong reds we have some blues over here in the shadows, there’s too
many colors in this image for it to be pleasing Now let’s go over here to my
presets and we’re going to pick Santa Fe Now it’s a bit too strong in the red
and orange tones so we’re going to lower the saturation a bit.
Here we go. Here we have a nice dark blue, we have a nice dark green and we
have the orange. All the other colors are now in harmony. Let’s go and look at before and after. Look at that! That’s how quickly you can get a harmonious, nice
picture with my presets. And here we have tons of different colors. We have you
know of course the roofs orange, green blue. Now let’s drop on the Passage onto
it Look at that! Contrast. Was lacking some
contrast. We have a nice teal in the sky We have the same nice teal in the
shadows of the buildings and we have the orange. The river is the same hue as the
sky. Now it all comes down to the result you are looking for. If you’re getting
any good advice so far please give the video a thumbs up and hit that subscribe
button and the Bell notification so you don’t miss out. It’s most appreciated! To
install the presets you go up to Lightroom classic go to preferences and
find the tab called show Lightroom develop presets. Click that and there you have the folder where you have to put the new Heimlund Fall Preset pack. You
might have to restart the application but you will find them on the left side
in the preset tab. once you have installed the presets you can hover the
mouse over the different looks. the image should be well exposed, nice and even and
then all the presets will work pretty well You might do some minor adjustments
if the balance from the beginning was not good. Here we have one example. What
we do in a couple of clicks, put the SantaFe preset on it adjust the exposure
and the whites a little bit and we’re good to go. Look at that difference.
Put Greenwich on this image and it’s already ready. Then we have another
example, one click and you’re already good to go. Now, again you might need to
adjust it just a tad to get your personal look. The key is experimentation.
Play around with the hue/saturation and even try to go down to the camera
calibration. You’re gonna be shook of how amazing your pictures can look like
with just a few tweaks down there! have fun!
I’m sure you’re gonna have a blast Now, another great thing about the presets is
that of course you can adjust them. So, once you have adjusted the parameters
and you have found your amazing personal look, you can save that and make it into
your own presets. Let’s drop on the Misty Forest on this image and you just adjust
it to your needs. now you can also of course sync that grade with the other
pictures her, which are all set in the same location. So you just sync these
pictures, boom, and all of the other images are gonna have the same grade. Now,
obviously you might need to go in to each picture and adjust them a little
bit but they all have the same base now so you don’t need to grade every picture
from scratch. And also if you love this grade that you have done, save it as your
own preset. Just go up here to this little plus sign, click it, create preset,
you can call it my first preset, you can also decide where you want to put it.
into Heimlund Fall or a new group and so on and just press create. Now down here, I’ll put it
on this one instead, my first preset. done! Before and after. So here you have used
your own first preset and you can create as many as you want. You can see here
I’ve got tons of them. if you decide to purchase my Fall Preset pack, thank you
so much! I really appreciate it! My family thank you! I thank you personally. Thank
you so much! However, if you don’t purchase it, thank you for being here!
I appreciate you as well! You can purchase my Lightroom presets on my
website: I’m also going to put a link to the website below. Now, go and have fun with Lightroom and I will see you in the next one.

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