LIGHTROOM TO INSTAGRAM export settings + free export presets

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  1. Did I wear my slippers into public? Why yes… yes I did. What's your favorite part of running a business?! Or whats the biz of your DREAMS?! 💗Comment below & I'll choose one person to mail that book to at the end of the week! 💗

  2. As a 18 years old, I have been running a little business, it has been very difficult but at some point, I really want to own a studio and own all FX cameras. I mainly want to built my equipment first

  3. My favorite part of running my business is meeting and connecting with all of my amazing clients! I have formed some truly amazing friendships though it! 🙂

  4. Hey Jordan! I just started my own business, and my favorite part would most likely be delivering final images to clients. I love seeing my clients reactions to images that they really like. This is where the hard work really pays off!

  5. My favorite part is the chance to share my passion with others and make a living doing so. My dream business is to finish school and have my own beauty spa / beverage shop ( coffee or tea of course … well maybe wine later on in the day lol) where friends come to hang out, glam up and feel their best inside and out.

  6. Hello! I love the relationships that I get to form from running my business. It fuels me and allows me to love on others along with using the talents God has given me! xo

  7. The creative freedom that comes with running my own design consulting agency is amazing! I love having the ability to create from scratch with no limitations. Also, the laptop lifestyle and being about to work wherever!

  8. My favorite thing about running my business is that I've met so many amazing people through it (both clients and vendors)! Some of my dearest friends are other photographers and entrepreneurs I met due to owning my business!

  9. My dream business is in the works – full-time creative and entrepreneur! I moved states recently and used that as the opportunity follow my passions and dream. I want to work for myself!! My favorite part of my days now, is that they FLY BY, and I am finding my way back to my authentic self. 🙂

  10. First I'm digging your hair and I loooved your encouragement at the end! Been struggling with feeling like my content is "redundant" or "not good enough" and it seems I keep hearing a message like yours today so dogginent I'm gonna share!! Also! The biz of my dreeeaaaams is to be a part-time birth photographer/empowerment to and for women. I'd also love to be a part-time vlogger to empower others to seek truth and live their best lives in truth!

  11. My favorite part of running my business is that I get to do everything! I’m probably in the minority of photographers that actually enjoy the business side of things (accounting, correspondence, contracts, etc.) as much as the artistic side of the business (photography, logo design, editing, etc.)

  12. I love getting to stretch myself and getting to use my creativity to bless others!

    Also, this video is amazing! Thank you for all of the tools.

  13. Mine is two fold! I love that it gives me more freedom to spend my time with my family, especially with my husband’s ever changing work schedule, and I love that it allows me to connect with other creatives who see the world in such unique ways. As a former lab tech/aspiring doctor, I always thought my life would have a very clear cut, linear path. I’m loving this creative life that I’ve replaced that path with!

  14. My favorite part is being in charge!! And my dream business? A professional portrait and wedding photography business!

  15. One of my favorite things about starting my business this year is meeting so many diverse individuals and forming new friendships I never would have made without my business!
    My dream is to empower woman to feel beautiful and remind them of their worth!!

  16. Started my photography business last week! Have had 3 sessions so far and have loved watching your tips and tricks to make my work flow so much easier!

  17. Not going to lie I was two seconds away from unsubscribing to your email list a couple days ago. The reason I hadn't yet is because I like your subject lines in your emails. The one I really liked a few days ago was "oops this is awkward". Venta de your email of Instagram freebie got me to watch this video and I got to say I love it! this video was slam full of helpful tips and resources and exactly the area I need help in. So instead of unsubscribing to your email list I subscribe to your YouTube channel today. I run a wedding videography business and my favorite thing about running my own business is the delivery. I love when I deliver the wedding film and the bride's fry and tell me how much they loved it and how much they cherish being able to look back and see all those candid moments.

  18. Favorite part is just being creative in my studio and being able to set up my schedule the way it works for me! Happy day to you! Thanks for the great video!

  19. Do you know how to navigate some of these problems with the new Lightroom CC? There seems to be a big difference in saturation between what it looks like on my laptop in Lightroom and what it looks like on a phone. Thanks!

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