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Haan.! Yes bro.. Hmm.. Nothing,just passing time
holidays right.? Yo.! Rey rey rey rey Bro, I’ll back in two minutes What’s your problem dude.? Nothing bro, I made some corrections in 2 movies In the interval scene of Simhadri. Instead of throwing a sword to the hero that person could
have simply thrown a bomb and the scene would have ended Do think that’s an easy job.? What’s the big deal.? I would also take a film,if i have a camera and 2 to 3 people You would get to know how hard it is if you shoot a film I will write the script today I will shoot it tomorrow You will release it by day after tomorrow I will do it and show you let’s see Where is our gang.? They should be somewhere here Yeah.. Here they are What bro.?
Why did you call us.? I guess there is someone missing in your gang There he is Ya tell bro I am planning for a short film so i thought you people would listen to the story Why do u want to make a short film dude,
its just wasting the storage of youtube lets atleast listen to the story this is my short film,how’s it? So now you got finished with the story right..?
with what will you shoot? With this Ewww..!!
With this Not with this bro..
We’ll have a separate camera for this called dslr without that we will not get perfect shots Lets call someone and try Hey.! Hi i think you have a dslr.. Ya so what.! Nothing,we are planning for a short film
So,can u please give me your dslr No way Hey please please…
It would be very difficult for me without your support Every idiot in this world
is interested in making a short film. Have you ever seen your face in the mirror.
Go get a dslr for rent So that’s the case..
I’ll see how your name comes in to the title section What happened bro.. I am not understanding what to do as we don’t have a dslr That’s ok bro we’ll get a dslr for rent and manage our shoot Okay.! You told me the story the other day right.?
What is the role of the hero in that.? Hero will try to shoot a short film
what?short film in a short film and again a short film Bro.! The slang need to be changed to handle this guy Oh hello,Director.! Did you decide the locations.? No not yet, Suggest me some locations – bangkok
-local place
-local place Stop it broo.! ‘Discussing the scenes’ By the way did you find any hero No bro.! Lol bro do you also have a hero for your short film What are the qualities our hero should have.? Mmm.! Color.? Whats there in the complexion broall that matters is the content of a person Mmm.! Height.? Name itself indicates short then why do we need tall guys Needs to be stylish.!! He wants the hero to be stylish It’s easy bro
That’s not a problem bro if we shop for two days then we are all set Dude.! Sense of humor it seems What is it..? Do you think am i using normal dialogues.!
I only use powerful dialogues Should express all emotions Yeah.! Except that i can do anything The one in our gang..Nishanth..Can he do.? He..?? No way..!!! It’s ok dude
Lets ask him Ok,Come lets go Hey.!!
Tomorrow our short film is going to be launched
Will you come Reyy you stop!
You continue..!! Will you act in our short film.? Short film.??
Usually i wont do short films Its ok.!
Do it na.! Mmm.! ok,we shall see There is a screen test tomorrow.Can you come.? Send the car Vehicle Started.!! Who is the hero.? Where is the ac.? Fan is more than enough for u Enough.! Catch the shades first Sir will you come here and stand Sir.?? Respect is needed bro.! Tell me the position
What to do now.? Am i fair enough
No one should dominate me.Ok.! Sir,Your cousin expired give me a sad expression Sir,Remove your hands
Expression is not visible Angry expression Sir,One dance step.?
If you can.! I only know one movement
Do whatever you want with that Ok.go ahead Why are you imitating pawan kalyan.??
Fans will get hurt bro.!!! A drunken man expression Hello!! Hello!!
What happened bro.?
How was my performance.? Awesome,you are selected Hero is finalised
What about the herione.? I dont know bro.It first started with the camera and then hero got finalised
now the problem comes with the heroine Do you think it is that easy to do a short film.? No camera!!! Hero was found yesterday
Can you get the heroine in ten days..?? Who is it bro.?
Mustafizur sent the photos bro Heroine photos.?
Show It.! LOL.!! He sent all the heriones pics bro.! Leave all this
I know a girl
Go speak to her What’s her name bro.?
Reginaa Hello.! Is this regina.?
Yeah.! Am i speaking to regina.!
Yeah.! This is dhoolpet regina My friend actually told me that you are interested to act Yeah.! You want me stop doing it or what..? We are planning for a short film! Will you act mam? Short film?? What’s that? Its like …A kind of documentary..! I am not understanding a single word of what you spoke.. Its okay mam!
I will explain you everything at the location.. Okay when should I come? I shall contact you within 2 days.. Okay..I will be there. I told you right..Remove your shades bro..! There’s no A.C! No chair! What are we going to do in this forest?
Okay..Tell me the scene.! You will be walking and you will notice the heroine on the other side.. Stop.!!! What..??
You will find the heroine Heroine..? Call her immediately. You are browsing your phone
The heroine has’t come yet… Is it.? Wait.!
Go talk to her Hello! Where are you?
Like what..I am not in a mood to crack jokes. No one’s allowing me in my house
what.? who.? My dad, my mom, my brother What is the point if they don’t allow? My husband is also not accepting.
Please. Don’t argue. Arguing??? (Director on call)
Yeah.! What.? Hero? Omg.?
Iam busy bro… Ok,I will call you later (Other director on phone)
Should write the dialogues
Ok bro.! Bye (Bahubali director on phone)
Yeah bro.! Bahubali 3..??
Ok we will do it.. What happened dude.?
Our short film has stopped..!! Why so.?
Heroine is not coming.. (Frustration)!! I warned you early.! To manage things Sir,Do you have a small role.?
You asked for hero.? Right.? You stop dude..
Our short film stopped bro But why sir.? Every dslr owner thinks of a short film
There is no hero,no heroine,no proper management (Frustration)
Talking about girls and relations Just imagine yourself 5 days back
(Thinking!!!) Its not that easy bro!
They put lot of efforts to do that Forget all this.!!!
Come lets study!!! Correct yaar.!
Let’s go.!!!! You started the short film exactly one week back
One week is done…What happened.? What happened dude.?
As usual…Shooting got stopped Short film itself is a big head ache
First shooting then acting then dubbing.. Ahh.!! Then.. Then post production followed by promotion..
After all this they say flashmob With great effort we upload a video,Which in return is reflected by a dislike You want to tell something.?
Come on Come on speak out… Nothing dude..!!!
Wont i get a chance of making a short film some time or the other… Dude,Wont you change..!?

15 Replies to “LIGHTS CAMERA PACKUP – Latest Telugu Short Film by Pawan || UFO Promotions”

  1. A good attempt.Dialogues and BGM were good.Healthy comedy.But cinematography was below par.You could see that the natural light has dominated the frame many times.You could have taken care in editing regarding the light.As it's a first attempt,thumbs up.Good Job.All the Best.

  2. Worst audio and worst editing, you tried to do comedy but, your attempt was funnier than the scene you were trying to portray. Direction and Story is OK, but all aspects of editing are worst like BGM,Scene to Scene transition and those low resolution images(and the FPS on the first few scenes OMG!!!). Change your editor for the next short film, Good Luck !!!

  3. parledu ra Mani and Chinna!!! well done for the effort…. next time flaws nundi nerchukoni adaragodatarani naku telsu ra…

  4. Top-Notch work for a first timer. Ignoring the minute faults in editing, the way each of the cast member has shown their dedication is applaudable. Kudos to the whole team! Keep going! 🙂

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