Listen to the pros: Nature & wildlife photography, Nikon D5, Ole Jørgen Liodden

I prefer to be in the field,
to see it live and with my own eyes, and then it’s also more interesting
to take the pictures also. Alaska in end of September,
beginning of October, is quite extreme
regarding wind, rain, and cold. For me, cameras and lenses are tools. I am not thinking much
about droplets on the camera and if they get dust or dirty. I work hard with that equipment. Like the grizzly bear, some people think they are monsters
and some think they are pets, but I want to show their real life,
their real way of living. At some point, you start
to build bonds to your subjects. It’s really important
in my photography to be on their level, low,
in the water like the grizzly bears, and see it through their eyes, or look in their eyes close
and intimate feeling.

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