Lockly Vision – 2020 Smart Lock With Camera

The Lockly Vision is the new upcoming
smart lock with built-in video doorbell Yes, built-in HD Camera with this lock,
all-in-one smart lock. stick till the end of the video and I will share with you
all the information that I know so far about this new upcoming Smart Lock, Stay Tuned. The new Lockly Vision all-in-one Smart Lock, before we get started I just want
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Ok so with this out of the way let’s Move on to the new Lockly Vision Smart
Lock. So the Lockly Vision have an HD Video
Camera with Live View. 720p Resolution with Night Vision as well.
another thing is going to be the cloud and internal SD video storage. so yes you
can use up to 64GB of Micro SD in The lock itself, it will save all the
recording and more. another thing that You will be able is to talk to the
person while is at the door with the 2-Way Audio, so this is just another
cool feature just like any other video Doorbell out there, so yes you will be
able to talk to the person and you will Get push notifications when motion is
detected, so yes you will get notified When someone approaching to the door, you
can talk to the person and also if you Want you can gain access remotely to
that person using the actual Lockly App So all these things are the newest thing
that this lock basically offer now let’s Move on to the other features that I
think they’re just Awesome as well Coming up right now. so the Lockly Vision also have the
actual Pin Genie Touchscreen Technology So using an actual High Security access
code you will be able to get into your House using a High Security code.
basically if someone standing right next To you and see the code that you enter
the next time if he’s gonna try to get in he won’t be able to know the
sequence of the code because the actual Numbers will appear randomly in
different location on the keypad and This is the Pin Genie Technology, this is
just great. Another way of access to the door is
going to be using the new 3D Fingerprint Reader, so yes you will be able to use
your fingerprint and gain access to the door very fast and accurate! I did
install the older version which use the Same 3D Fingerprint Reader the actual
Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt Edition To many of my customers and all of them
seems to be really happy. there is so Many good reviews about this lock as
well and the Lockly Vision used the Same reader as well. OK another cool
feature that you will be able is to use Your Voice, so yes using Google Assistant
and Amazon Alexa you will be able to Voice command the lock, you will be able to
gain access that way and get notify About the status of the lock as well. OK
another feature that you will be able to Do with this lock is to Share Access
Electronically, you will be able to send Electronic key to families and friends,
also you will be able to use an offline Code and more. another thing that this
lock does have as well it’s going to be an actual conventional Key, so yes you
will be able to use a regular key to Gain access and also it’s good to keep
the key in any Case just if the battery died, so you
will be able to gain access using the Actual manual key so that’s what I
recommend many of my customer as well Always keep the backup key as well. but
just in case you don’t have the key and The battery died, you also have
another slot on the back side in the actual Bottom of the lock so you can put an
actual 9-Volt battery, so it will give an Additional power so you can put the code
access the lock and right after change The batteries. so that’s just great yeah
you will be able to use a 9-Volt Battery As backup from the outside, get the power
that you need to the lock and gain Access, so you will never find yourself
locked out, unlike different type of Smart Locks this one have that ability as
well. okay let’s talk about the actual Security Rating, yes so Security Rating
here in the US rated by an ANSI & BHMA Basically those two are Nonprofit
Organizations that performing different Type of tests to any locking hardware,
so basically lock manufactures here in the US and outside of the US as well, if they
choose to send the locks to them they Will rated the locks and they will give
you certification rating and that’s how The locks rated here in the US. so the
actual Lockly Vision rated as Grade 2 And Grade 2 is great security for
Residential and also for Light Commercial use.
now light commercial use, as I explained in Many of my videos is basically
installing this type of door locks not For an exterior business door but an
actual office inside of the business it Will work just fine and the reason why
you cannot install it in an outside door in an exterior door in a business,
because locks that installed in an Outside door in the business
have to be comply with different type of Codes such as: NFPA, International
Building Code, International Fire Code, ADA and more. so I’m not going to talk
about that in depth but in general if You do want to install this lock in an
interior office inside of your business And also in an outside door in-house,
apartment complex, condo, town-home or any Property it will work just great.
okay I think I cover pretty much Everything here and I just want you to
know also the installation is gonna be Really simple. once I’m gonna get this
lock and hopefully it’s gonna be soon I’m gonna make an update video I will
show you guys how to install it, how the Program it to your smart phone
just like I do in any tutorial video Here in my channel. okay guys I think
that’s pretty much it I hope that you Enjoy the video and I hope that you also
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interesting as well and I will see you in my next one,
Thank you so much.

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