100 Replies to “Logo Design Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Awsome bro thanks for sharing this tutorial video. We have the same content. Looking foward for your more videos. More power tp your channel.!

  2. ভাইয়া আপনি ভিডিও টা কি ভাবে বানিয়েছেন।এইটার একটা ভিডিও বানান

  3. what you say ? type ctrl+S+H+I or enythinng else in 4:41second plese say it clearly i can not understand

  4. I use the Alt option to combine it with the group 1 but it just made another copy in the group 1 folder instead of blending it into the logo

  5. Like it, won't highlight the group underline, it will just keep making copies in the group folder when I hold down alt to drag it to the group name. But still, the problem occurs?

  6. omg. lmao! I cant stop laughing hearing this music and knowing people in the comment section is raging about the background music. LMAO!!!!!!! lala la lala la laaaaaaaaaa AHAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. Thanks so much..i have made my first logo ever followed this tutorial step by step..enjoyed it..it has really motivated me to be a graphic deseigner…be blessed

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