Lois’ visit (2008?)

“Oh yeah, well you can learn a lot out here.
If you lived in town you wouldn’t learn all the things that you learn out here.. It’s beautiful. We like it; you guys are lucky.” I wanted to ask you about one other thing before we wear you out…
Tina told me that you are skilled at water witching- dowsing -and wonder if
it could tell us what that is. Have any of you heard of that? Have
you heard of dowsing or water witching? “Well, you know they say you
should get something like a willow or something like that
that grows near water, something that needs a lot of water and you find in
that bush or tree you find something that’s forked and it goes down, a branch. So here’s a bigger, thicker branch and it goes up like that, and you cut that off the tree. OK, so here it’s just going out like that. that’s it and you cut
these ends off straight because you gotta put your fingers against them. And then the other single branch that goes out, you cut that at an angle that goes toward the ground. and you put your fingers on there and
you walk the land -gently, carefully- cut face down, your fingers are on these cut ends and you’re walking along. You walk across, you don’t go up and down the hill,
you go across because the springs are gonna be coming down the hill usually. So you’re walking across and the springs are coming down. When you get to where the spring is, this stick- which is cut off- wants to get back to water so bad, that it pulls down. It can just pull you down, just pulls you down! because it wants to be where the water is.
And then you can follow it up and down with your stick or whatever. And let’s see,
to find out how deep it is I have to know in my head what 12 inches -one foot- you know what one foot is I guess, and I have to have that kind of thing in my mind or something maybe marked on me with that one foot because then I got my hands here, cutted staff, holding here and I’m
walking across the land and that looks like when I cross the spring that’s under the ground, it’ll pull me down, pull me down…
I can’t hold it back! It pulls me down: hard! You wouldn’t believe it unless you did it. And then you can follow that spring or just go to that very spot and find out how deep it is, you know, you’re counting down to see… or just dig down deep and find out how much water is in that spot. That’s all there is to it.” Wow! Thank you! “You’re welcome. Good luck!” “You could do it in a class” Yeah! We have
willows, right out here. “Oh yeah yeah you could go out across this field walking and the kids could do it too… let’s see, that would be (counts) nine kids could become dowsers
at an early age and practice right here in Salmon Creek. (indecipherable)” Iit would be great yeah Well, thank
you Lois. Does anybody else have questions or something to tell
Lois? No? Then I’d like to say thank you, “My pleasure.” Hope to see you

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