Long Exposure Night Photo Editing Free Tutorial

Hey guys and girls welcome back to a new Photoshop tutorial with PSD Box I’m Andrei and today I’m gonna show you how to edit a night Photo in Photoshop and also Camera RAW If you have Lightroom you can edit this in Lightroom as well but I’m gonna show you how to do it in camera RAW because everyone has it If you have Photoshop you have Camera RAW as well, and this is the end result of this. Let me show you the original image that I took It’s a really horrendous image It was not a planned shot actually. It was a quick shot I was going home I just edited this to see what I can get, if I can fix it and this is the result You can see all the layers I have here. Basically it’s just adjustment layers and some fixing and lighting …lighting layers You can see how I created the layers, how I added the lights and how I created the colors that you see here On the video description you will find the link to the RAW file that I used for this so you can download the image in RAW format And this tutorial is exclusive for psdbox.com It’s not a premium tutorial. It’s a FREE TUTORIAL but you can only watch it full on psdbox.com On the video description you will find the link that will take you there And there you’ll find the link to this PSD file as well and to all the necessary things that you need for this tutorial I hope you will like it, I think it it’s a nice edit. I hope you enjoy it and Will see you on the website so head over to the video description Get the link from there and go to my website and watch the full tutorial there.

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  1. why am i subscribed to this channel?
    the edited version is worst than a instagram filter and you dont even put the tutorial here? wtf dude

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