Long Exposure Photography and Minimalism

this video is about long exposure and we
will see how long exposure and a super minimalistic composition can create a
beautiful and ethereal image welcome to my channel here we talk about
photography and I make videos just like this one where we talk about long
disposal and minimalistic composition so if you are here for the first time and
you love photography like me may be a good idea to subscribe my friend Laredo
is visiting me from New York he would like to take a long exposure
minimalistic Zen picture to print and hang in his room so I thought I’ll make
a video about it and this is our subject but in my opinion it will look a lot
better if we go down to the water so let’s go but it borders down solo we are in china camp state park an hour
away from where i live so as you can imagine i’ve been here a few times today
the sky and the clouds look very promising we are about an hour 15
minutes from sunset i have a lot of hopes let’s get down this is it I hope do you agree these is a beautiful
scenery at the same time there are multiple ways to line up this post in
order to try to achieve the most minimalistic composition possible I think I found the right spot so I will
set up my tripod right here once I set up the tripod I will take off
my camera and decide exactly where my point of view will be so this is just
temporary the best with Allah solo I am very undecided of course I like the
20 millimeters at the same time I don’t want the branches in my photo I took a
picture with the branches already in the past I wanted to do something a little
different so I might need to try the 50 I tried the 50 millimeters I think it’s
too close and for the ethereal look the zen minimalistic photograph that I’m
looking for it will not work so I went back to the 50 I think I found the right
spot I don’t have the branches in the photo my frame looks clean I still have
about 45 minutes to sunset I will take a few shots just to make sure that I am
happy with the final image the Sun is setting to my left at 90 degrees from my
subject so I can use the polarizer and because it’s still very bright I will
actually put on 15 stops you should answer the filter my exposure before setting my filters
was 1 over 125 so with 15 stops I will need to set a four-minute exposure I
close the viewfinder because we don’t want to have any ghosting into the photo
and I can start my exposure one of the reason why I’m repeating step
by step the entire process of how I take long exposure photography is because
Lorado which is holding the camera right now thank you by the way let it didn’t
take long exposure photography for a while I think last time it did that was
with me here in California maybe five years ago Larry do you remember long
exposure at all longer for sure so he needs to rehearse the entire process as
well hope this will be helpful to you guys watching and to you Laredo what do
you think oh yeah oh yeah Lorado found a different composition I
am curious to know how this experience is going though what do you think great
now that the beginner was a little ensure now you you explained me a little
bit something I remember now I’m experimenting it’s cool
oh I like this this is short action alright hey come on DG huh ago photo
prema questa pero esta cosa que c mon ami reaction while Laredo is fighting with his long
exposures the Sun just went behind the mountain and even if it’s not set we
have a very different light condition hopefully we will see some colors in the
sky very soon I am dark now because I want to expose for the background in
order to let you see that there is a little bit of red in the sky this is a
California State Park they are closing the gate at sunset which is basically in
two minutes so I quickly need to take one last shot and then we’ll need to get
going when I am with Laredo for some reasons
it always ends up with someone kicking us out from wherever we are and this
what happened today we have to leave there to close the gate it has nothing
to do with these being a California State Park is just that we parked in a
private gate and it is too bad because there are beautiful colors in the sky
right now which we are totally missing out I hope that we were able to capture
some good photos and I really hope that you will pursue long exposure
photography especially to capture super minimalistic anything or compositions
look at the water can’t believe it I hope you enjoyed this video and if you
did and if you stayed this far hit the like button now subscribe to my channel
if you didn’t yet and thanks for watching I will see you in the next

100 Replies to “Long Exposure Photography and Minimalism”

  1. Have you tried to combine Long Exposure Photography and Minimalistic composition? How did it work for you?

  2. My favourite topic, sea and long exposure but itยดs quite difficult here in South Spain in Summer. Very goog images

  3. I love the short Italian dialogue at 8:16, I miss Italia (Mi manca molto l'Italia)! Sorry if my Italian is a bit rusty. Thank you for the great content, so inspiring and makes me want to continue improving my photography.

  4. Attilo, which trail did you take to get to that location. I would love to try that shot at sunset but can't figure out where it is. The video and images were inspiring.

  5. Nice to see more another video and more with the Minimalist Theme, I hope and give us another destination to visit with the same Theme.
    I hope and read this important annex; Could you give us the moment of the hour and minute that the photography exhibition started, maybe this crazy person who writes but I really appreciate the calculation of the time that the photograph starts, I don't know if it is too much to ask that in your result you show us Report it. Greetings my good Attilio Ruffo from Tapachula City, Chiapas Mexico.

  6. Another great and informative video. Can I ask please what white balance do you use in camera when you shoot a long exposure? Thank you

  7. Hi,
    I am regular visitor of your long exposure videos. Nice work. I also love long exposure photography, but don't get a chance to start practicing it right now. I would like to get your advice on lens. I have Nikon D5300, a Kit lens 18-55 and Nikor 35mm f1.8 lens. Please suggest me if I should have wide angle budget zoom lens in my collection. I have short listed Tamron 10-24 f/3.5-4.5 Di II VC HLD and Tokina AT-X 11-20 f/2.8 Pro DX (Mark II Edition). If you have any other advice, please let me know. Regards.

  8. Hi Attilio – really love your channel. Quick question you seem to use Lee ND and Lee graduated sometimes together – how do you determine how far to slide the graduated down far enough to get close to the horizon when the Lee Stoppers seem to be impenetrable?

  9. Now itโ€™s time for me to go and see what I can capture, always enjoy you videos as I really like the effect of long exposures

  10. Great video Attilio! At the moment Long Exposure is my favorite! I will try soon to combine with a minimalist approach! Thanks!

  11. great video once more Attilio! it's very interesting see how a picture can be very different in a very short period of time! Love the Italian speech by the way! ๐Ÿ˜€ Cheers from portugal!

  12. Attilio ,great ๐Ÿ‘ photography. Iโ€™m so glad I follow you . Learning much on long exposure photography. I will be going out ASAP taking in and using what I have learned from you . Happy shooting. Regards Richard

  13. Ciao Attilio, grazie per gli utili suggerimenti e i bellissimi video! Volevo chiederti dove si trova di preciso questo luogo, hai detto California State Park ma รจ molto grande , mi piacerebbe saperlo di preciso se non chiedo troppo naturalmente!
    Grazie Riccardo.

  14. A bit offtopic but, I donยดt understand why Haida m10 polarizer is placed behind all the other filters. Light should cross the polarizar first of all, I mean graduated filters closer to the body and the polarizer the farthest. Maybe I am wrong but it is what I notice when I see order of your filters
    Great video as usual, by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Brilliant video , it has given me inspiration, there is a lake not to far from where I live and that has a jetty all be it a concrete one . My problem is my equipment I don't think is adequate as I have a 10 meg cropped sensor camera and kit lens but I do have nd filters which are p series filters but I have problems In finding a polarisor that actually fits the filter holders I have but I can still get motion photos but it gets my down because I think that my kit is letting me down

  16. I used to live right next to China Camp and shot at that same exact spot. To avoid getting thrown out at sunset you have to park at one of the small turnouts along the road and walk in. Btw, subscribed and really enjoy your work!

  17. Very inspiring Attilio!! I will definitely go out and shoot some long exposure Minimalistic shots SOON! I was in Arches and Canyonlands a couple of weeks ago and used some of your recommendations!! I got some great shots and created some fantastic memories! Thanks for all you do!

  18. Inspiring video as usual. Stated hooked till end, like a blockbuster movie. Will attempt Minimalist LE at a bay this weekend. Thanks Attilio!

  19. Thanks Attilio my friend, we have a place called the Timber Ponds in Port Glasgow where I can try this technique, Thanks as always. Port Glasgow has been a ship building town since 1780 when Thomas McGill opened a yard here. 18th Century shipbuilding demanded a lot of timber and Port Glasgow was a major timber importer during this time. Massive shipments of prepared and unprepared timber were received from far flung places such as Canada, Norway and the Baltic states. Vast timber holding ponds were constructed to the east of Newark Castle, stretching three miles along the coast, beyond Parklea, to Langbank. These are still very much in evidence today and can be seen from land, sea and air. They are known locally as "the stabs".

  20. Bonjour Attilio,
    if you look to the right, you have rocks with green moss and at the top you also have the tree branches with the green leaves falling down.

    The composition seems interesting, the water on the left and the rocks and leaves with a green dominance on the right.

  21. Hi Attilio,

    Can I ask you why you not using lowest ISO in your Nikon? You use 100 instead of 64,is there a reason to why? Thank you for nice videos.

  22. very nice presentation sir, thanks a lot. I have one doubt that when the Lee filters got soiled or tidy with lot of moisture, can we wash them with Distilled water?

  23. Thank you for this video Attilio. I have done some long exposure but need to really get into it more. I love your long exposure photos. Quick question. Have you totally switched over to the Haida filters? I see you using them more in your latest videos.

  24. Was this spot at Buckeye Point? Do you know what the original purpose of the remnants you photographed were and how long it is been in disrepair?

  25. When you add the ND Soft Graduated 3 stop filter to the 10 or 15 Stop ND Filter, what F Stop value to you use for your Shutter speed calculation?

  26. Loved the video, thank you. I just bought a 10 ND filter and hope get similar results. I also love my 50mm lens and was happy to see you using it.

  27. You have a backpack, tripod, ballhead, camera house, the lot for more money than most cars cost and still you use the cheap af-s 50 1.8 AND like a boss. Love it! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  28. I love long exposures and minimalism – my absolute favourite – good video this week! I sometimes use a long exposure for water and substitute a regular exposure for the sky

  29. I have taken exactly some of the same shots in your video. I'm from San Rafael, and moved to San Diego 11 years ago. i love shooting at china camp. here is one of my shots: https://500px.com/photo/233172477/ethereal-by-frank-waters

  30. Attilio….mi tremavano le mani solo guardandoti maneggiare macchina e filtri da quel punto vicino all'acqua๐Ÿ˜……complimenti per tutto.

  31. To the dolts who give Attilio a thumbs down, can you please comment on why? Don't just leave us wondering. It's like saying you don't like a spring day with a nice refreshing breeze.

  32. Really love your work, I just started in this whole photography world, I finally have time to go with my passion, and I stumble upon your channel and your video, instant subscribe and like, please keep on posting the video, will always wait for your new video. Cheers from Malaysia.

  33. Attilo I'm totally blown away with your long exposure shots….have learnt so much from your videos….thank you so much.๐Ÿ˜Š

  34. Attillo !Thank you for all the videos about landscape photography. You speak very matter-of-factly, clearly and comprehensibly. I have a question about plastic filters. Personally, I prefer 4X6 glass graduation. I have already heard different opinions but your opinion is the most important for me. Convince or discourage me from buying others like glass. can you talk to you on the phone? Thanks for the beautiful paintings, lessons. You are a very good photography teacher

  35. As always, beautiful work, informative and inspirational. As a newbie to photography in general, I still struggle with finding the ideal focus point. I try to use the hyperfocal distance when appropriate, or the two thirds method or whatever, but sometimes, especially when rushing to set up, I get it wrong, despite having the fantastic app PhotoPills which does most of the work for you. I wonder if in one of your next videos you might consider adding/indicating your focus point/method, with a few of your beautiful images as well as the usual ISO you provide – focal length, ISO and shutter speed data (very helpful). Thanks for sharing your passion and talent.

  36. I love minimalistic longexposure. Your Photos are so powerfull and full of warm deepness. At the moment I only have the Sony RX 100 M3 and I try to make as good as I can longexposure. So I'm watching your channel and try to learn. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  37. Your photography is so amazing. I simply can't get enough of it. I continually find myself amazed that the scene in the video will look "ehh", but your final image will turn out incredible! Thank you so much for what you do. It's very inspiring. I am now dying to get a 15 stop nd filter. I got a 10 stop because of you, but I see that often you use 15 stops. Incredible stuff.

  38. ๐Ÿ‘ … too bad about you missing a shot with such excellent sky colours… but your final shot was still superb.

  39. Hello Attilio, like always enjoying your videos,thank you so much for making them…question for you, it has to do with a cpl 150 mm filter, I use a sigma 20 mm lense with the Haida system. I usually put a 10 stop and a Nd grad filter, and sometimes with the cpl … my question is: do I still have to twist my square cpl to get the polarization? I hope I make sense. Thank you in advance for your help.

  40. Listen laredo speaking italian it was just amazing!๐Ÿ˜‚….thank you attilio to be such an inspiration!…just bought my first 10 stop…and tuck my first long exposure photo!….simply incredible!!!

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