Looking for Glasgow’s Wild Parakeets!! | Wildlife Photography Vlog #13

First off, I just wanna comment on how warm
it is for a February day. According to my weather app, it’s 10 degrees. Like, I’m out
without a jacket in February, like, this is mind-blowing. And not in a good way. Hi, gang.
If you’re just joining us my name is Meg, I am a somewhat beginner wildlife photographer…
documenting my journey and my learning all here on Youtube so if that interests you…
join the gang – apparently we’re a gang now – and hit the subscribe button. I am kind
of, like, in my natural habitat, if you’re new to my videos or if you’re familiar with
them, you will be familiar or will come to be familiar with this image of me leaning
against a tree in a public park. It’s just, it’s what I do. In terms of what park I’m
in, right now I’m in Victoria Park which is in the west end of Glasgow, in an area called
Partick. I had kind of only heard of this park for one reason which I will get to in
a minute and which is in the title of the video. But I came to kind of know about it’s
reputation for being a good place for birdwatchers to go through an app called ‘Where to Watch
Birds in Scotland’. I’m not sponsored obviously, I just really like this app. But it’s, it
is actually fantastic. It gives you a map of Scotland with little location markers of
where you can go birdwatching, and where’s great to go birdwatching. It not only gives
you locations of where you can go birdwatching, but if you click on the location it gives
you the best seasons to go and it actually gives you points of interest where you’re
likely to see things and there’s also a part where people can actually record their recent
sightings so you can have a look and see; “oh my goodness, somebody saw a feral pigeon
here I really wanna go and see it!!” Yeah, I just thought it was a really cool app if
you are a birdwatcher or wildlife photographer in Scotland, I highly recommend it, or if
you are coming to Scotland and want to see some of our birds then you should also download
it. I was surprised to see a park in Glasgow on this app, it’s great for waterfowl because
we actually have a loch just here, which I will show you in a minute. But what is particularly
notable about it and the reason that I had already heard of this park, is that it is
the only place in Scotland, or was the first place in Scotland, that wild ring-necked parakeets
established a population. I know you’re probably thinking; “parakeets? In Scotland? I know
it’s 10 degrees today but it’s not exactly tropical.” Obviously, the parakeets are not
native to here, they were mostly down in the south of England, I believe. But, like the
mandarin ducks, which were featured in another of my videos, they made it north to Scotland
and of all places have settled in Glasgow. I’m not holding out much hope of seeing them
today, but, I will take you down to the loch and we will see what sort of wildlife we can
see down there because from what I can see there’s quite a lot of bodies down there.
Yeah, let’s get away from this tree. Honestly, yet another video where people are going to
be commenting: “get some decent shoes”. I thought since I was just coming to the park
my converse would be fine! But look at this! Oh my god! Oh no. I thought I would quickly
introduce you to my camera if you haven’t already been introduced. I use the Canon EOS
80D, and I use the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens So I’m just down at the loch and I have
been able to photograph a couple of coots which is quite cool ’cause I haven’t seen
those since I was in St. James’ Park in London. And I even saw two doing the dirty although
I didn’t take a picture of it. Because I didn’t get there in time, not ’cause I respected
their privacy. I’ve been able to photograph some tufted ducks up close as well which is,
if you’ve seen my Loch Lomond vlog you will have seen that they were like specks in the
distance, so that’s quite cool. I have just – are the cars too loud? This is how urban
this park is, there’s like a main road right there – but I’ve just also spotted two little
grebes which I’ve also featured on my channel before but, again, from like a massive [distance]
so it is good to get them much closer, for you guys to see them in all their glory. I
had literally just managed to kind of get my converse a bit cleaner when I spotted a
great spotted – haha – a great spotted woodpecker and just ran right through a bog to get it
and I don’t think the picture’s even any good but there we go. I’m sorry, Converse. So as
you can maybe see, I have headed away from the loch and towards where the app says that
is the best chance to see the parakeets. I’m not holding out much hope, but, ehm, I will
just keep an eye out and see if I see anything else of interest as well. ‘Cause it’s actually
quite amazing just kind of how much I’ve seen and this is just a Glasgow park, y’know, there
is so much wildlife here. So, the app said that it’s up in these trees around here where
they roost and obviously it’s the middle of the day so they’re not doing that any time
soon, but, ehm, I thought it was worth coming down to just to have a, have a nosy. That’s
a magpie… Yeah, all I’m seeing are magpies and wood pigeons and grey squirrels, which
is what you would expect from a park in Glasgow- whoa! Yeah, which is what you would expect
from a park in Glasgow, not, ehm, not parakeets. Sorry the cars are loud again! Look how tall
these trees are… That’s cool. So, yeah… no parakeets unfortunately. Although I wasn’t
really expecting it so it’s not like it’s a disappointment or anything. And I count
myself lucky that I saw the great spotted woodpecker, and the tufted ducks, and the
little grebes and I also saw a redwing although I didn’t manage to get a picture of it. But,
yeah, so I count myself lucky that I saw those. Y’know, if wildlife showed up exactly when
and where we wanted it to then it wouldn’t be wildlife so. So, yeah, I’ll probably end
the vlog here and I just wanna say thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed and
I’ll maybe see you next time. Bye.

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