lrtemplate to xmp preset installation tutorial: new lightroom update LR CC Classic

Hey Dan, Ryan here at Signature Edits and
I’m going to show you how to install .lrtemplate inside the new version
of Lightroom. The new version of Lightroom now uses XMP preset files, and
the reason they’ve done that is because they wanted to make it compatible with
Adobe raw and across different applications. The only problem with that
is the old preset files – LR templates – they’ve moved the location for where you
need to install those. So let me show you how to do it first we’re going to open
up Lightroom at classic CC or Lightroom cc if that’s what you’re using and then
we’re going to go up to Lightroom preferences show other Lightroom presets
if you hit this show develop presets button instead it’s going to take you to
where they now have the dot XMP presets stored so we don’t want to do that we
hit show other Lightroom presets that’s going to take us to our old folder under
Lightroom and we’re going to open up this develop presets and inside you’ll
see that I’ve got my various presets I’m going to open up the user presets folder
for now and I’m just going to install let’s go with this one orange and teal
vibes a free preset that we give out on our site I’m going to drag that from
wherever it is right into my user presets okay now you can see that in
these presets here there are these tilde signs that means that Lightroom has
already automatically gone through and converted those to XMP and then when it
does that it puts the Tilda’s in front whereas our new preset that we just
dragged in here doesn’t have it yet so when I close Lightroom and I reopen it
it’ll take 20 30 seconds maybe and you’ll see that it starts converting the
preset to XMP you’ll get a little dialog that says yes we’ve converted it and it
should be available so I’m going to go to the develop module and just chill for
a second let there you go all develop presets were successfully converted to
dot XMP files so now if I go to my develop and go under user presets I’ll
be able to see my orange and teal vibes preset that I’ve just added in now
obviously it doesn’t work with this particular photo but that is how you
install dot el our template presets inside the new version of Lightroom and
if you want to you can go and double check go into show Lightroom develop
presets and under our user presets we’re going to
now have our teal vibes preset that has been converted alright I hope this was
helpful and I will see you in the next one
take care

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  1. i use lightroom 6, i recently bought some presets but they are xmp files is there any way i can import these or did i just waste my money?? please someone let me know.

  2. Ahhh okay question. Just updated my Lightroom and old presets that I have bought in the past are saving in “user presets” and are not in folders. It’s this huge mess. I found a way to make a group folder but can’t seem to find a way to select multiple and moving them to the new preset folder. I can move them one by one but it’s so time consuming! Does this make sense lol? So all my old bought presets are in user presets and not in folders so everyone that I have bought from the past are mashed into one and don’t know who’s is who’s! I then got them into XMP file but it still doesn’t save into my Lightroom 😭😩

  3. Help, i already have the files with "~~" in front from my old pc, now Lr can't see this files unless i manually import them one by one. What can i do?? (instead of renaming every file manually)

  4. Ronnie, thanks for this video. It cleared some things up for me, but I do have a question. Earlier today I went to install a bunch of presets I had purchased from different sellers in the newest version. Some were in xmp format, some in lrtemplate. When I installed the xmp format ones, they went into their own folder. But when I installed the lrtemplate ones (using your method), LR put them all in "user presets." Someone else alluded to this below, but I can't figure out to to not make this happen. Would appreciate some help, in a very detailed manner, like: Step 1 …….. Step 2 ……., etc.

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