Luminar 4 Sending Data to Facebook: My Thoughts

(upbeat music) (upbeat music) – If you’re not really a tech person or if you came here just now
to learn a Fujifilm feature, go ahead and tap on another video because I’m a bit ticked off right now. Luminar 4 you know, the Luminar 4 photo editing
software was sending data and statistical information
from your computer to Facebook behind the scenes
while you’re using their app. This discovery was published on Reddit and then picked up by PetaPixel. The person who discovered what was happening had done
so using a special piece of software called Little Snitch, which shows you exactly what each app on your computer is
doing behind the scenes, with regard to sending out information to some outside location on the internet. I had to see this for myself, okay, I now have Luminar 4 open and I can now see it in the application which tracks data that’s
leaving the computer, and if I expand Luminar 4
there it is right there,, specifically There’s no question about it, it’s absolutely sending data to Facebook. First off, I know that software companies often send statistical data
from your computer back to the company, but this is
usually for bug monitoring, crash reporting, licensing
compliance and user statistics. But Facebook, right, the
social media company, I mean there’s no, there’s
absolutely no reason for Luminar 4 to open
up a connection channel and start sending out
data from my computer to Facebook, none, zip. I’m sure that I agreed to them doing this in that language somewhere buried in the software company agreements, you know the ones I’m talking about that you have to click through, the ones that have lots of uppercase text and scroll down to China, but just because you have the right to, doesn’t mean that you should, especially without being number one, clear and upfront about
it, and number two, giving users a simple and
hassle free way to opt out. So what was Skylum’s response to this? Here’s what they told PetaPixel. Shall a customer wish to
delete the collected data, he or she can ask the
support team to do so by reaching out to us. Okay, so what if Skylum does
delete the collected data? What about the next time you
open and use the software. Will Luminar 4 start sending
the data out once again? And how will Skylum get Facebook, right? To also delete such data
that they have already, I mean, come on. I love technology, I always have. I mean, come on, my
channel is called Pal2Tech for heaven’s sakes, but when I see a
questionable trend going on in tech right now, I’ve got
to say something about it. Facebook is a content publisher, they’re not a platform, okay? Despite what people call it all the time. Facebook is a media and
content publishing company that publishes user-supplied
photos, content and information in order to sell advertising space. They only call themselves a platform in order to avoid any legal responsibility for the content that appears on Facebook. What does this have to do
with a haze removal slider, a landscape enhancer
and some sky replacement and a histogram, exactly,
absolutely nothing. They need to put a checkbox
that allows the user to simply and quickly opt out of sharing the data with Facebook. This is all about transparency, and these companies need to be transparent about sharing my data with
a company like Facebook, my photo editing and my workflow is none of Facebook’s business. Alright, that’s enough of that. I have another update for you and it has to do with Fujifilm, specifically the firmware upgrade 3.20. I had a whole video planned for that. Now, here’s the problem, right? I have two Fujifilm X-T3 cameras, one of them I went ahead
and I updated the firmware to version 3.20, went beautifully. The other camera I was going
to keep with the older version and then do a side by side
comparison because frankly, to do a real comparison
of a firmware upgrade, you ideally need two devices,
one running the new firmware, one of them running the old firmware, I accidentally damaged one of XT-3s and I had to send it back to Fujifilm and while it was there
Fujifilm wound up upgrading that camera also to version
3.20 to be nice to me, okay, then they sent it back. So now both cameras have
the new firmware upgrade. I am probably not gonna
do a full-blown video on the firmware 3.20, I am sorry for that. I will tell you that based on my testing of the firmware upgrade 3.20
that the facial recognition and the auto focus,
specifically those two things, have been significantly improved. If you only have one Fujifilm
camera, should you upgrade and you use that camera
specifically for work and that’s your only camera, I would actually say
hold off a little bit. Just let the dust settle. Never upgrade a camera to the
latest firmware right away if it’s a mission critical work camera, but if you have two cameras,
try upgrading one of them, maybe your B Roll camera,
something like that, but the performance is
significantly improved, at least according to what I have seen. If you liked this video, or if it made you kind of think about, hey, what’s this tech stuff going on? Well, I hope so because tech
is very important to me. It’s important to all of us. It’s in our lives everywhere, and I think we need a little
bit of checks and balances with some of this stuff that’s going on. So I made this video to explain to you and to shed some light on
what Luminar 4 is doing because I don’t care for it at all, okay? Anyway, if you liked the video, give it a like and subscribe,
and I will see you on Friday in a new video, so long. (gentle music)

23 Replies to “Luminar 4 Sending Data to Facebook: My Thoughts”

  1. Great advice. As always.

    I'm kinda new to the xt3, but have a frustration with it that I'm not sure is a 'known issue' on it or not.

    When I'm videoing. (shutter 125, ap 5.6, iso 1000 with the 16-55 2.8) at 1080p 60fps (but it happens at all settings)

    …when ever I zoom (in or out), there just seems to be a little glitch of what appears to be exposure changing (it gets brighter or darker for maybe 2 or 3 frames). Is that normal?

  2. Luminar 4 is playing dirty! It makes me think; What if they are selling the data to Facebook and google? Under the table trading 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  3. In the connection list it also showed Luminar connecting to google analytics. They are as bad if not worse than Facebook – mostly because they are more quiet. You should be concerned about that connection too. In terms of bad – Facebook doesn't do anything that they don't tell you about in their EULA. Cool software costs money to develop and run… If you want to use it, you have to pay for it somehow. If it isn't with $$$ then it will be with information. As to what FB would like to do with your Luminar data? Combine it with everything else you do and build a more complete picture of who you are for marketing purposes. Maybe your phone is configured not to save location data with your images… maybe your camera isn't. Maybe location data is amongst the data that is sent. I truly appreciate you taking the time to highlight this to your viewers! Thanks for doing what you do… keep up the good work!

  4. Since you mentioned to wait a bit with FW update , in your formal video when you explained how it should be done, I have been collecting data and evidences about the new FW version. I do not run with it!

  5. 100 years ago, the power belonged to one who possessed the raw materials. Nowadays,
    the information is the source of power.

  6. Informative and disturbing. Makes one wonder what else is going on every time you turn on your PC? As for for Facebook itself, it's a necessary evil that I've put up with for content I couldn't get elsewhere. It might be time to leave? What's been going on there recently is certainly incentive for making a choice?

  7. Hello, Pal2Tech. Just to say that Luminar4 added this page on their website on February 10, 2020:
    That being said it says at the end: "Nevertheless, we understand that many users have expressed concern regarding this level of data collection. We care about your right to choose what data you share, which is why we are providing you with instructions for disabling anonymous data collection in the Mac version of Luminar 4. Note that usage data is not collected in the Windows version of Luminar 4 so you do not need to turn off data collection in Luminar 4 for Windows." … I'm sorry, but how can we trust them, just like that? Certainly not. I do not trust them anymore. I blocked any outcoming data when I use Luminar 3 et 4 … Period.

  8. 👍Spot on. I can think of lots of image metadata that Luminar would like to sell — make/model of your cam and lens, flash used for pic, geo tag info (travel and vacation sales). It is buyer beware anything goes Wild West unregulated industry abuses like this that eventually have a tipping point. BTW, good advice about firmware updates, in general; prudent to hold off a week or so.

  9. Thanks to you for your alert.
    After your vidéo i checked my internet exchanges with GlassWire. No promotion just to name the tool i've used.
    To keep on saying where i speak from : I'm french and on Windows.
    OK 2 major faults.
    Anyway : No more internet connexions from or to Luminar after blocking it in the basic Windows Firewall.
    As reliable as GlassWire is ( i'm not an expert )
    But it works for me

  10. I didn’t read the whole reply from the developer of Luminar. But one take on the program speaking to Facebook can be that they might use facebooks servers for their AI-calculation on the images? Not at all ok either way but just a thought on the “why”

  11. """WWWHHOT'""!!!!! – Coming late2 the insidious FB – I'l drop it instead… L4 is 2well intrenced within my workflow now & I do like it..

  12. Regarding Fujifilm 3.2 firmware upgrade. Why do you think they did not upgrade the simulations on this version. Classic Negative was not included. What a shame as it’s a beautiful simulation.

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