Luxx Curves Photoshoot at Venice Beach! ☀️

[Music] okay so today I decided to do a vlog for you because we’re going to be doing another photo shoot and we’re doing a photo shoot here and a Venice California we’re gonna do it for the Lux purse underwear these ones and we’re gonna do it for the waist trainers so we’re gonna start at Venice Beach so we’re gonna go there and doing it with a friend and we’re both wearing the same outfits and we’re gonna then shoot like little workouts at the beach and I’m gonna try and showcase the different waist trainers but especially the workout band because that’s what it’s for so it’s gonna be really fun so I thought I’d vlog because why not and yeah I’m not in Venice or long it’s almost Christmas time so and here has gone by really fast but I’m really excited for all the growth that we’ve had with the business and I’m really grateful for everyone who has been trying out Lux curves and I’m really grateful for all the feedback that you guys are giving me about the products because it helps me improve the products a lot and I feel like the quality is really amazing right now it’s that we’re gonna be wearing the same ones that we did for the Columbia photo shoot and we’re gonna be matching excuse my messy bathroom this is one of the series inside yeah so she’s gonna try it so go like watch out for the bump but you basically DS type comes and then hit the little gas button slowly with your thumb and then that’s the braids and watch for cars oh this is good you have to put both feet on it and then it’ll be fine we are at Venice Beach and we’re about to do the photo shoot I’m going to introduce you to Andrea my friends she is from Spain she lives in London but she’s here visiting LA as well and she’s going to be doing some workout videos with me on the beach we’re both wearing the same outfit such as cute and yeah anything we share with our audience is my very first time in venues yeah yeah she’s yeah it’s so beautiful here and that we were just talking about just kind of the energy and it feels like everyone’s so fit and healthy and there’s so much to do and we watched here from my place so everything’s quite close within walking distance because there is nice get in those steps but yeah I’ll be fine we were just talking about eating healthy and Andrea also loves to eat really healthy she doesn’t it’s a very tiny and she eats just clean it’s just that that’s what it is like there’s no shortcut no yeah she doesn’t process foods and they first snack what she has you have what do you have for snacks I lady I have Mondavi and nuts so maybe I don’t know what not – not right now Maurice I love and I like to combine it with some honey may be so healthy those I was asking I was like so when you’re sitting down and watching a movie and you just want to have a bowl of popcorn what do you have as a snack and that’s it show have and that’s what it is living a love a healthy lifestyle it’s not a diet it’s living that way and so that’s how you maintain that shape yeah and of course exercise is great as well so yeah so we’re enjoying our long walk today [Music] I wanted [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] water which is so nice because this is actually really hard workout because we’re doing so many different tastes so our thighs are burning so we now have our galaxy pret trainers on which I just love the color don’t [Music] [Music] [Music] so we are done the photoshoot on the beach and now we’re heading perfect and we’re gonna do the lux truth I swear shoot but it was a lot of fun they’re both famous about Venice Boardwalk and Enzo : there’s a lot of street art [Music] anyway so we’re no longer at the beach and now we’re in our apartment area being be here in Venice and we’re gonna shoot for the lux curbs underwear [Music] we are wrapping up the photo shoot [Music] all right so that’s a wrap that’s it for the photo shoot today long day we started that mm 10 a.m. and now it’s 6 oh it’s almost 7 p.m. so shout out to those videographers I’m gonna link them down below if you guys want to work with them cuz they’re super cool and detail-oriented I’m tired but I’m making dinner now cuz I’ve really eaten anything all day so I’m having some beef and veggies and salad and yeah so it’s fun day alright guys we’ll see in the next video hey guys if you liked this video click here to subscribe and don’t forget to hit the bell symbol to get notifications when I’ve got a new video and click here to continue watching videos with me

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  1. Do you waist train at that time of the month ?? Honestly I need to know and if yes do you think it’s safe ?? #luxxedoll4life !?

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    Hi, Dolls! I decided to film a little vlog from a day in LA, when I went with a friend to do a photoshoot at Venice beach, showcasing the new Luxx Curves Fitness Belt and the new Luxx Curves Galaxy Waist Trainer. I hope you guys enjoy it, thumbs up if you like vlogs like this! 😊Also, feel free to ask me any question in the comments below about how to use the Luxx Curves Fitness Belt or any Luxx Curves Traditional Waist Trainers. Thanks for watching! 😊

  3. Hi dear I bought a waist trainer but I am not comfortable with it it’s not leather , which waist trainer I should take to be comfortable , plzzzz xxx

  4. How long did you grow that butt because I've been working out 7 months and my but didn't get big like yours 😭😭

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