Make $500.00 this WEEKEND with PHOTOGRAPHY!

[MUSIC PLAYING] And that’s how I built
my YouTube setup. What’s going on guys? My name is Chris Hau,
and this week we’re talking about three
tips on how you can make $500 this weekend with
photography and videography. No more chit chat– we’re
going to get right into it. Whoo! [MUSIC PLAYING] So I have a ton of
friends who are extremely talented at photography
and videography but they don’t know how
to turn their skill set into actual hard-earned cash. So here’s tip number
one– batch shooting. That’s a name that I call it. It’s just essentially batching a
bunch of photo shoots into one. An example being a couple of
years back, I went on Facebook and said, hey, who
needs a head shot for their LinkedIn profile done? 50 bucks this weekend. Pick a time slot and
I’ll book 10 of you. In that weekend I made
$500 super quickly. I batched everybody in about
a 10-to-15 minute period at one location. I gave myself about five
minutes in between each person. Essentially I would just be
like, Hey Sandra, welcome. I’d bring them in, take their
head shot– one or two options, and I would keep repeating that
with Jordan or Susan or Anthony or a bunch of other Caucasian
names I just listed off. You can essentially
bulk shoot them so that you can get
them all done in one. And it doesn’t just have
to be LinkedIn head shots. It could be photo
shoots for couples. And you don’t always have to
charge $50 a head times 10. You could also do a
$100 a head times five. You can batch these photo
shoots so you can simply stack everybody on a single day
and then edit all those photos that evening or
the following day. That way you can make
a quick, easy buck in a very short period of time. So– batch photography. Tip number two is
stock photography. Now in this example, you might
not make $500 right up front, but you’re going to
make $500 or more over a long period of time. Now there are different
web sites out there. There are like Shutterstock,
VideoBlocks, and a bunch of other examples. You can upload some stock
photography assets to these and start making some passive
income while you’re sleeping. I’d go to these websites,
research what really sells well and start making your own
different high-quality assets so that you can start making
all this passive money. Like I said, you might not make
all this money this weekend, but you’re going
to make the money over a longer period of time. A good friend of
mine has actually made $150,000 over two years
with stock photography. Each weekend he
goes out and shoots different things that he
thinks will sell well, hires different models,
and maybe his upfront costs were a few thousand dollars but
he’s made quite a bit of money passively. Find different niches so that
you can make money quicker, but ultimately stock photography
is a very good option to consider. Tip number three– sign up for
these different custom agencies that exist. Now in one of my previous
videos I talked about this. There’s a website
called and I’m pretty sure they just
got bought out by Shutterstock and now it’s called
Shutterstock Custom. I’ll link it below so you
can sign up for this website. Different jobs will get sent
to you based on your portfolio. I’m not sponsored by
this company, by the way. I just really think that
it’s a great way for you to make quick money and I really
want you to get some value out of this. This is not an ad, just so you
guys know– full transparency. Ultimately, you sign up for this
website, upload your portfolio and you’re going to start
getting jobs sent to you. So an example that
I had is I signed up for the website
a few years back. I had a Toyota photo shoot and
I also had a Haagen-Dazs photo shoot on the same weekend. I used use tip number
one where a batch the two and use the same
models so that I made x amount of dollars
on the Toyota photo shoot and made x amount of
dollars and the Haagen-Dazs. This is an example
where you can use the same model, same location
and just quickly switch things in and out. And maybe sometimes the
photos might actually overlap. In this case, it’s a
win-win for everybody. So these are my tips on how
you can make $500 this weekend. Reminder, again, tip number
one is batch photography. Tip number two is
stock photography. Tip number three is sign up
for these custom agencies such as Shutterstock Custom. Go out there. Have some fun. Start exploring different
ways that you can make money with photography. Don’t forget that it’s going
to take a long time to build up to this, but I just
want you to start going out there and trying. Maybe it’s not $500. Maybe it’s 50 bucks,
but each step of the way you can keep charging more. And maybe you’re
already charging $500, and in that case,
that’s amazing. Congratulations. Use the same principles
and just charge more. Instead of doing head shots
for $50, charge $250 or $300 and make like five
grand this weekend. That’s just an example
that I can give. Hopefully you guys see
some value in these tips. Like this video. It actually makes
a huge difference. Subscribe. I would love for
you to join along. Comment below some
other videos that you’d like to see in the future
or some tips or questions that you might have. I might address those
in future videos. We’ll catch you next time. Peace out, everybody. Whoo! [MUSIC PLAYING]

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