Make it Real: Batman Grappling Hook Gun (FINAL TEST)

Hey guys, I’m the Hacksmith, and our most
anticipated project is our Batman Grappling hook gun with ascension winch. Unfortunately I dislocated my shoulder during
the last project, so I’m passing the Bat-Mantel to Ian. I’M BATMAN! I’m glad we’re on the same side. I’M BATMAN! Where’d Ian go with the grappling hook gun? Alright, that worked great! But there is some room for improvements. In fact, our steel shaft actually… snapped! A hardened steel shaft. And the other part is actually 3D printed
on our Markforged 3D printer using the Onyx material which has carbon fiber in it, so
it’s pretty awesome that this part survived, but a steel shaft, did not. So we’re going to have to revisit this design
a little bit before we can fix this, and get ready for the next test. Luckily, the team’s already hard at work,
and we’ve got a design made, we’ll just have to get it manufactured. Alright so once that’s fixed, we plan on revisiting
some of the original test locations from our first video, including that grain silo, and
probably the bridge! This has actually been our most complex engineering
project to date, we’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours designing this thing — and
thousands of dollars. And unfortunately we really don’t make that
much from YouTube ad revenue, so if you guys really want to see more awesome projects from
our channel, we need your support! If you wanna learn why you should become a
patron on our Patreon page, watch that video there! And if you wanna support us for free, costs
you absolutely nothing, watch this video here! Thanks guys!

100 Replies to “Make it Real: Batman Grappling Hook Gun (FINAL TEST)”

  1. This was 2 years ago. I don't see a follow up video at the bridge or that building. Am I just missing that video or did you abandon this project in favor of the electric tumbler??

  2. Watching this thing get built and actually work pretty flawlessly by the end was amazing. I really wish I was able to do this for a living!

  3. Great now u just have to make another 10-20 of such gadgets, make them pocket size, make a glidable cape, a cowl that has multiple functions can call anyone anywhere anytime no phone number needed and can survive many bullets shot a point blank range and a suit that covers the rest of the body having same durability and functions as the cowl and all of this should be light n flexible then master all the damn martial arts in the world and workout reallllyyy heavy for hours like shown in the BvS movie and get an underground secret base a fighter jet designed like a bat and a tank+supercar also designed as bat and a computer that can do pretty much anything and A BUTLER. There u r …. Batman

  4. I think the rope shouldnt be hanging it should be inside the device it grab better an you DNT have to worry about loose rope hanging

  5. Now to program it where as soon as the hook impacts it pulls @ 35% speed increasing after the slack is pulled. Pay no mind 2 me tho Awesome project guys

  6. Damn shame linus is out here dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on PCs and this guy is having trouble funding the irl creation of the tools of the worlds greatest mortal super hero 🤦🏼‍♂️

  7. Can some big company or rich person just give this dude a serious million dollar budget just for the curiosity of what he can build

  8. If only we could engineer a type of material that we could turn into rope or wire and that could hold 500lbs but it is super thin, light and strong. Perhaps in the future, a gun like Batmans will be possible with material alteration innovation, but we need a bunch of super-smart and creative scientists with lots of resources.

  9. Batman's grappling hook: small, strong, fast, effective, and somewhat silent.

    This guy's version: big (and probably heavy), probably weak, slow, definitely not effective, and loud.

    Thanos: "Reality is often disappointing.

  10. Hacksmith: this is the most complex building design we've done so far

    Hacksmith now: builds giant Mech

    Us: are you sure about that

  11. Now to make it a real life batman grappling hook is it possible to me it half the size a cable line instead if rope and make it quiet while also making it work faster

  12. Bro what if you replace the pulling up motor with small sized yet tight wind up recoil spring to make it light weight and sophisticated?

  13. Great. Now just make it compact enough to practically carry around on a belt, reliable enough to be used on night long operations and quiet enough to be shot without much notice. lol Good luck

  14. The thing about making something compact is, it needs to be compact lol don't be afraid to get creative! I have some ideas but I'm not an engineer XD

  15. Dude, your idea is awesome but it’s funny but useless. If you separate the gun and the lifting parts and place the spool
    and the lifting mech in a backpack, ties it good, and use the gun separately, that would be much real.

    But bravo any way. That is one of the craziest projects on YT.

  16. you say your not for sale and don't want to patent things, yet you ask for chump change from followers on youtube and the other leftist websites

  17. I came up with a design for the cape
    Basically it would be 5 or more thin metal tubes, which would be chopped up into smaller pieces with interlocking shapes
    Then run a cable longer than the tubes through it and have a button on the back of your neck that spins a wheel, retracting the cable and snapping the pieces into shape

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