Make your photos POP with ONE CLICK using LIGHTROOM PRESETS!

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy the new presets! I use them on all my photos and am super excited to see how you guys use them too! #kthxbye

  2. What is the file extension used when exporting these presets? I do not own Lightroom Classic or the other one. I'm on 5.72 and do not pay a monthly fee for it.

  3. Just bought these following Black Friday in 2018. 10$ only. Have been following Peter for ages and despite my lack of money was pleased to give a little back to the main man. I had intended to set up my own presets…but guess what, i never got around to it. This will hopefully get me going. Cheers from England.

  4. I am a professional music video editor & I just released a bunch of assets for editing (transitions, film burns & LUTS)

    they're available via my website at

    I hope I can help some editors beef up there projects!

    Thanks for your time !

  5. Just picked these up and super grateful. They saved several photos that my newb self didn't capture as well as I thought. Peace and respect photo-yoda!

  6. just FYI I just got these presets and the install video you provide is outdated to the latest version of Lightroom.

  7. What good info! I was wondering why some filters/presets didn’t look good on some pictures. Great way to systematically think about it/organize. Yay!

  8. I just bought the presets pack, pretty disappointed that i can not import the presets to Lightroom Classic. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure this out. You should update the sellfy page, informing potential buyers. Love you and your channel, but i feel kinda robbed.

  9. Anyone know how to do this in 2019 Lightroom? For some reason, my software won't let me edit videos – just watch them. Thanks in advance!

  10. For anyone having trouble on PC here's the solution;
    The pack comes with all the preset files which are LRTEMPLATE files, one DS_STORE file and one JPEG which is the "READ ME". You'll need to move only the the LRTEMPLATE files into the develop preset folder within the preferences folder as shown in the video. So exclude the JPEG and DS_STORE files and it should work once Lightroom is restarted

  11. if you select a preset, and then start adjusting the picture, will the preset now have those adjustments forever or not?

  12. Wish there would be something like that for Affinity Photo. Don't have LR since I have the monthly payment system.

  13. this channel is one of those channel which deserve more subs !! keep going bro… you are the best and your Presets are out of this world !


  15. Thanks man! I needed some cool ass presets like these and I just bought 'em from your site – thanks a lot for the inspiration from Switzerland!

  16. I am tryin to learn photography, I have a decent camera Nikon D3300 but obviously I will invest more on another camera but I will like to learn more any videos for beginners?

  17. Does this video need an update? Lightroom will only load these presets when imported, where it converts them to XMP format.

  18. OK, right off the bat, I haven't seen this tutorial yet, sure I'll love, always do…but I clicked the link for the presets package…and I'm like YAY!! $20 I can get that! Thank you Peter for making it affordable…now I've calmed down, on to the tutorial

  19. Please take this as criticism and not flame: I needed about 30 seconds of information from this video and it's 14 minutes long.

  20. im glad you dont try to break everyones banks with presets i saw one that was 200+ for 5 presets, I get that it takes time but those werent that good it was just for the name ig

  21. mine dont not work… they are not showing on lightroom. I follow step by step… not sure what I am doing wrong
    If anyone has any advise, please let me know

  22. These presets are not working in CC 2019. I mean, you should not sell something, that is not working anymore! I know, I should read all the guidelines before purchasing… you guarantee that presets would be functional only in the year they are published, but why do you continue to sell it then? That's definitely not fair and many consumers may be confused. I am really disappointed.

  23. just got the presets! Thanks a lot! I love watching you… you make me 🙂 everytime and i learn great new stuff altought i have been in the business since years… Thanks Peter!

  24. Is profiles better then preset? Because me settings in the camera can be really different then the maker of a preset.

  25. would this work with 2019 lr ????really would want to know or are you going to come out with new for 2019 one?

  26. Hi, Ansel preset disappeared from my lightroom. Anyone can help me ? Even if i delete and import the latest download, it doesn't show up…

  27. Hi!

    I'm discovering your profil and I F**** love it! I used to shoot a lot when I was younger with my Nikon D90 and then my Nikon D7000 (Which is dead for a long time now). I use a lot my iphone camera and also my olympus nowadays. I'm redescovering lightroom on my mac and I love the app. My question is : Does your presets work on the app for iphone or only on a computer?

    Thanks for sharing your love for photo and video. Keep it up!

  28. I would like to say mahalo nui loa for making these presets! I am just a "beginner" level hobby photographer and trying to get my photos to my liking and these presets made that happen. I am grateful!

  29. I have a bug. When i put the preset it shows the prest wiht the color tha i want but after few seconds it change the color by it self and it make a awful Green color. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  30. Peter you have changed the game, I’m a sports photographer and you’ve made me realise I need to start thinking out of the box, thought I could be clever enough to get away with photoshop elements and I’ve done so for years, just upgraded to lightroom cc and I’m loving it so much, thanks a lot, owe you big time

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