Lightning! Lightning from my hands! Shazam! Hey guys! A few weeks ago Warner Brothers
invited me out to see Shazam early at the Toronto premiere and I even got to
meet Asher Angel and Zachary Levi on the red carpet!
They played Billy Batson and Shazam respectively in the movie which by the
way is a fantastically fun movie and no they didn’t pay me to say that in fact
this video isn’t even sponsored by Warner Brothers though they did give me
this shirt maybe if we do a good job they’ll sponsor a future project this
video is actually sponsored by a really fun mobile game called Rangers of
Oblivion and if you download it using my link below you can help the channel out!
But more on that later. When I got to chat with Zach and Asher I
asked them what they’d like to see made real from the movie, since, as you know we
make fictional ideas from… So, we’re gonna try and make Shazams staff
and as an extra challenge to ourselves we’re gonna do it as a one-day build so
without further ado… Shazian! One-day build, here we go,
you start with a six-foot pipe first we’re going to put the LED in the end so
I’m gonna take some chunks of steel and make that happen.
This hasn’t been designed I’m just kind of going for it. Start by cutting the
face off, what I’m making here is a spacer that goes in between this, the
six-foot staff and then the flashlight will sit inside this. Okay got my spacer, fits inside here and
then it can weld on there and the flashlight fits in here! Let’s weld this
together. Now I need to weld a whole bunch of these things on here, bend them
into a cool staff like shape. I’m gonna bend it into some sort of rat’s nest of
cool staff thing. I don’t really have much of a plan for how I’m gonna do this… Crystal goes to, like there-ish… I ran out of these, I thought I bought
way too much, yeah there’s not enough and then I have a whole more of these
that I could like rat’s nest through there as well. My crystal! So, almost
done, a couple of steps left. We need to put the light pipe or the crystal orb
thing in here, we need to wrap it just like we did Stormbreaker. Oh… that’s heavier! Just unscrew the crystal, and you can change the batteries! Shazam! This is ferrocerium, we got it from its campfire Flint so we’re going to put a piece in the end,
heat it up, and then spark it! This is how we make the magic. Definitely still ferrocerium! Alright it’s done! Day two: time to test.
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you, so try Rangers of Oblivion today using my links below! All right let’s see
how Ian’s doing on this one day build… Seven symbols… Seven times… *Loud thunder crack* Shazian: Hey man, you want to touch my staff? James: What?!
Shazian: Go on touch it!
James: Okay… Shazian: Yeah… Shazian: Touch it and say my name… James: Why…?
Shazian: So my powers may run through you…
James: Okay… James: Ian…?
Shazian: That’s not my name, my name is… Shazian! James: Wait, really?
Shazian: Yeah… now say it! James: Shazian…? Shazian: This doesn’t make any sense. I really hate Macs! Oh! Well that worked well. I didn’t even try very hard. Ian: This isn’t in my job description,
Shazam! James: That’s more like it! That is… tempered glass! All right… I’m surprised you didn’t have the face mask on. That’s a lot of damage! This is gonna be interesting! So you see tempered glass is safety
glass, can’t cut you, but this is literally glass bottles that can! Oooooh… It survived! *smash* Ha! Shazian: Wow…
Jordie: Oh my god… James: Get it? Shazian: It was a bit too much…
James: Goddamn! James: Flashlight flying away… James: I’m gonna look at it again… Shazam! Shazam! All right so for a one-day build I think
this turned out pretty darn nice now Zachary Levi did want us to make a
staff that actually shoots lightning, and we could have actually done that but
since this was such a quick turnaround for the project we didn’t have time to
go down to Texas to meet our friends at applied Tesla because if we did we could
stand on top of a Tesla coil and literally throw lightning from the staff
kind of like what we did with Thor’s hammer and if you guys haven’t seen that
video I’d recommend checking it out! Though we do have one other cool feature
and that’s called party mode! Ouch… Lightning! Lightning from my hands! All right, that
was one awesome one day build, if you liked this project and you want to see
us do even more projects just like this one click the link in the description
below to download Rangers of Oblivion today every download really helps the channel.
And if you guys have some ideas of other projects you would like to see us do, make
sure you leave us a comment below. Thanks for watching!

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