Hey friends welcome once again.. This behind the scenes video of a low budget photoshoot this has been done specifically for my youtube audience… there are no strobes, no external flash, no reflectors, no make-up artists – models does her own make up we have not even hired any exotic location This is client’s own farm house Usually we allocate a person specifically for poses… to make sure all the poses are covered, In this particular shoot , we do not even have that person if we have a nicer budget, just to pump up the environment we include music boom box.. etc we have seen a lot of celebrity photoshoots in TV we see more than 15 people at locations locations are exotic and the budget will be in Lakhs.. the reason i made this video.. was to show you that… to make a good photoshoot we don’t need a high budget and none of the things that i mentioned… What we need is a model, a photographer a body and a lens If many of you , beginner photographers think that, you may need big selectors, strobe lights, a big team to create beautiful pictures But thats not true…. with only 1 camera and 1 lens we can make beautiful pictures.. that is if you find my photos good enough..of course Today I am going to share all those details that goes into a portfolio shoot… Stay tunes, watch till the end…. there are loads of important information….! we can learn a lot of technical aspects of making a photoshoot despite that the final result depends on the creativity, choice of poses and the way you compose.. this makes a huge difference… i have seen a lot of technically sound photographers… In youtube channels whether its Hindi or English channels… there are a lot of youtubers who understand the technicality very well… in fact, i also learn a lot from them but when I see their final results, it will not be that professional…. it will not be that classy either… So, always keep in mind your composition, your taste, your art play very important roles… When we think about a photoshoot firstly, we have to think about the preparation we cans skip this phase but if we are well prepared, thats going to make a huge difference…! The way I work, I give a lot fo importance to preparation So, whats preparation in a photoshoot? You need to know the model you have to be introduced to the model.. whether its male or female… you have to talk to the person if you are unable to meet them, you should at least talk to them on phone…. you get to know the model, her personality if she or he is an introvert or an extrovert. you have to have a very clear understanding of what outfits she is going to wear the poses you decide, it is dependent on what poses the model is going to wear… you need to ask the model what photos she likes from internet like in social media pinterest, instagram etc..from this you get to know the taste of the model…. if you are meeting the model for the first time directly on the shoot and if the model is an introvert… you may find it a little difficult to just get started with…. So, its recommended that you make a rapport with the model before even to go on location So many of you ask me whats the best camera for photography or whats the best camera for video… You just have to be comfortable with the camera, it does not matter which camera you are using… I use 5D mark 3 which was released in 2012 and the lens I use it is 70-200 2.8 which is 2010 model..! which is definitely an amazing lens… I am saying this to let you know its not necessary to always go behind the latest technology I am here using a combination of 2010 and 2012 models.. Most importantly you need to be comfortable with the camera..! When you are doing something professionally, you should not be using the gear on the day for the first time… the camera should be like a part of your body..
CAMERA SETTINGS… I did not want to talk about the camera settings in this video… because I always recommend people to go to the field, do some trial and error… check which camera setting is comfortable for you that time…. because if you consider ISO I have used around 100-400.. but thats completely dependent on the light available on that day….there is no standard I may have used ISO in certain range not necessarily you also use the same ISO… Talking about aperture.. In 70-200 we have the widest aperture till 2.8 I have used 2.8 , 90% of the times… But I wouldn’t say that you use 2.8 all the time… that could be situations where you may have to use 3.5, 4 etc…. the widest aperture of this lens is 2.8 and i have been using 2.8..but if it was some other lens.. usually in portrait lenses i tend to not to shoot in widest apertures.. Example, when we have a 50mm lens if the widest aperture is 1.8, i dont shoot in 1.8 i click at 2 OR 2.2 because some lens will not give the sharpest results on its widest aperture, the lens (70-200) does give the sharpest images on its widest aperture So, I have kept it.. Talking about shutter speed it depend on the light there was a lot of light on that day… I had kept low ISO and I could not further narrow the aperture… the expose is still very high i had the scope to increase the shutter speed I have used around 1/300 and 1/400 most of the time i was around the same shutter speed but not necessarily you also use the same shutter speed…! based on the situation , based on sunlight, based on ISO based on your aperture you might have to choose… If your hand is always steady you can afford to use slower shutter speed in most of the cases… shutter speed also depends on the focal length of the lens when you shoot but we will not get into the details today… Focus is very important.. whenever we see any portrait we feel it is sharp when the eyes of the subject is sharpest obviously if the subject is far away… we need not struggle to focus on the eyes.. we can as well try to focus on face. and when the model is closer and she is not looking at the camera directly she is seeing on the either side, when only one eye can be in focus.. you should always remember the eye which is closer to the camera that should be the sharpest, some people keep foreground elements like leaves and flowers.. to create that blurry effect… in 90% of the times I do do that its a little weird when done in a professional photoshoot, its become very common Meaning if you are sharing it with your client for casual shoots for instagram or facebook then it’s ok…. but avoid it in a professional photoshoot..
COMPOSITIONS I have done a different video for composition for portraits which is available up here and its also available in description I have made sure that if background elements the background is disturbing, I tried to avoid it if it is complimenting the photo, I kept it..! The location we have used was an under constriction site Obviously it was not an amazing location but the advantage was , it was big enough..! and the advantage of big location is imagine if you are shooting in one direction and and you have having a specific background and if you want to have a different kind of a background for a different photo, you click from a different angle and you get a different angle altogether… So, like this you can make sure that you have a slight variation in the background. Always keep one thing in mind Its not good to make the model face the sun I want to keep less ISO, I want faster shutter speed I need some light… all these cannot be the reason for making the model face sun if the client is facing the sun, we have 2 big issues…. 1. Model is usually over exposed in parts 2. Model becomes uncomfortable as she faces the sun… and if we talk about the time, they say early morning and time before the sun set are great… and it is true…but the problem is the beautiful light will not stay for more than an hour as soon as we realise we have some nice light, its gone.. and we expect to continue the shoot for 4-5 hours and it will not be possible to complete it if we pick that time… i am talking about professional photoshoot here…! Now, it is not a possibility that you do it 2 hours in the morning , 2 hours in the night and 2 hours on the next morning You have to complete the shoot once altogether So, now you decide if you can do it during the golden hours OR you can manage during regular time like 9- 10- 11 am… If you are shooting an aspiring actress or a model… make sure that the back ground or the scenery is not highlighted … that people focus on scenery rather than the model… So, in a portfolio shoot or a portrait session make sure that the person is more highlighted… Let me tell you something… its not technical but its important Always keep in mind that your creativity and art is not as important as the clients requirement If you are shooting for a designer So, the only requirement would be to highlight the design or the dress If you are shooting an aspiring actress Showcasing the features on various outfits and showcasing the expression is very important…. So, in the name of creativity don’t take shots in weird angles that you are badly showcasing the body… If you are a beginner and doing the photoshoot for the first time… you may be doing it for a friend, a cousin or may be on a collaboration if thats your first shoot, I would recommend that you promise nothing more than 5 photos… Gradually as you get the confidence of making certain minimal number of beautiful photos, you ay increase the numbers Some clients may ask the RAW files from you thats absolutely upto you I have never shared the raw filed with clients…. Even if it was given it was for selection of photos where files are usually compressed they have huge watermarks and cannot be used anywhere else… as and when the your experience increase not necessary that the number of photos also increase in the same way It depends ion many things… how many hours of photoshoot you have, how many outfits are there, and how much energy you have in those hours to continue… how many pose variation you can do… all these things come into picture when you decide on the number of photos are you are going to deliver …. Thank you so much for watching this video I hope you liked seeing all these photos… I hope you liked whatever information I gave you in this video… hope you liked the behind the scenes… and… thanks again and take care…..!


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  2. As a beginner photographer, budget is the real and the biggest issue we face. In outdoors we get enough material (light and background) to shoot a proper photo but sir, the real problem lies in indoor shooting where lights and background are not sufficient (being a beginner and budget deficit photographer). In outdoors session of yours one thing got clear about facing in direction of sun. Is it good to shoot slanted or tilted photo(a youtube video advised not to shoot like that)?
    Thank you for the video sir.
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  14. Hi there. Like your videos. I've always wondered (my understanding in photography is very less) why it is that almost all the photographers shoot beautiful girls in skimpy clothes? A beautiful, hot girl will look so regardless the focus, composition. I've seldom seen anybody going for something else like a dustbin (which I've never seen), an ugly or wonded stray dog (trying to capture a tiny bit of beauty hidden in something repulsive). Isn't that photography?

    That's my question. Hope you got it. Looking forward to your reply. Bye.

  15. Good video and great education to handle the various aspects especially the models. I have seen professional photographers tricking the file sizes, playing too safe or delivering human skin in photos with plastic look. And editing skills of those photographers are shame. I have seen basic mistakes in very professional level shoots also. Your work is good.

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