100 Replies to “Man caught on camera fatally shooting friend in parking garage, police say”

  1. A Cuban from Mara salvatrucha ??? Do u not hear what the name means its for salvadorian people lol people are so lost and dumb


  3. Tough guy… put me in the cage with this tough guy, I'll pull his tongue out with my bare hands.

  4. Where's our vigilante civilians when we need them? We need a militia team to sweep fellas like this away…. wisp em away in the night… ones forever… streets are safe

  5. Cuba didn’t want him so they released him in the states! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. I just only want a true loyal young lady for me I don’t need any friends jus god me her and my family I’m good.

  7. Хехехе не это не я был , это мой призрак, не это не я

  8. HE'S A FAGGET! GBG! All the way.. COWARDS PULL GUNS! HE MISSES HIS GBG HOMIES! That's why he had to get locked up!

  9. Deport all illegals. They are breaking our laws. And the judge who ordered him to be set free should go go jail.

  10. Why do we ask Cuba if they want their gang member back?? Fly over push him out with a parachute on…..Goodbye!!!

  11. Kill him now ms 13 ha the reapers are coming for you lil Cuban well be seeing you we dont tolerate the random killings anymore were sick of it an it's now time fornis to rise you think your all so scary huh bad guys hah let's see how scary a bad guy is for bad guys~ Reapers Rise Up time to protect the innocent an destroy the evil no mercy for then for they have shown none

  12. The streets he comes from, should maybe change he's name, from "psycho" to "justretarded". yikes! The stupiduty of some human beings are absolutely astonishing. smh

  13. Everybody come on in. Gang members, convicts it don't matter. Just remember to vote democrat. And those nasty Republicans don't think you have the right to vote. So repeat after me. Republicans are racist. Just keep saying that over and over. Don't worry you'll get welfare and free healthcare. The American taxpayer will just work till they drop. Don't worry about them. They're just a bunch of racist anyhow. Did I tell you to make sure you vote democrat?

  14. These illegals, that's the big reason why Trump won. all these gangs should be shot on the spot. but most likely the so called victim was a gang member too so to hell with both of them.

  15. That judge killed that man and absolutely do not care. Children and Protective case workers are Responsible for children when they are killed on cases they are Assigned to why aren’t judges ,Responsible for releasing violent habitual criminals back into society to terrorize the community.

  16. A judge released an illegal know to be MS13 on to the streets of America because his country didn't want him? This judge is probably a democrat and obviously an world class idiot! The judge should be brought up on criminal charges!

  17. Happily Florida has NO parole so he has the next 50+ years to serve in prison before he dies. Must of been one hell of a shock to him when he was confronted by the cctv film of him shooting his friend dead.

  18. Every person here is talking about throwing judges in the jails. Why don't you go to the root cause ?? Why don't you throw your law makers into jails hah ?? Why are everyone allowed to carry weapons that freely ?? Why are gun lobbies so strong ??

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