Martin Eito | BA (Hons) Photography

My name’s Martin Eito, I’m on BA (Hons)
Photography. For the past year I’ve been kind of exploring rave culture and the
landscape and the dark side of underground music. I was going to a lot
of famous places from back in the day for example Castlemorton’s biggest free
rave that ever happened and there was also a record which goes alongside it which
people made music from images which should guide them a bit more. As Mark
Fisher’s book about kind of weird and the eery. The weird is that which doesn’t
belong and the eery is that which was there but isn’t anymore. I’ve been
shooting all these forests and clubs have been empty and just looking that
kind of weird an eeriness of it. I love to exhibit work. That’s exactly how
it want my work to be understood so for to be able to do that on of course is
really amazing especially when it’s nice and busy and a lot of other great work.

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