Mass Shooter Caught on Camera Teaches Lessons for Survival | Active Self Protection

We hear a lot about the Run/Hide/Fight mentality but we must recognize that it’s not a hard and fast rule. Hi everyone. This is John with today’s Active Self Protection lesson from the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington. It’s surveillance video of the deadly shooting rampage that happened there recently that teaches us some important lessons about how Run/Hide/Fight works, about some of the most effective strategies for getting out of the danger zone against a mass shooter, and about how sometimes those strategies don’t work. So our murderer now walks into the mall armed with a Ruger 10/22 and he is just going to look for the maximum number of victims that he can get before he runs out of ammo or someone stops him. And you can see him stalking here, looking for his first victim. And, the first one that he finds unfortunately, here she is, is a sixteen year old girl. And you see him come up and get on target, and that’s why we say you gotta be aware of what’s going on around ya, and see what happens around ya so you can respond instantly. I don’t blame her for not. That’s an odd thing to see in the mall. We see it from her perspective here, that she just gets a second or two to see what’s going on to try to flinch. To get away. To get down. And unfortunately she does not do that here. And so he is going to put several shots in her, and a .22 we don’t say is an optimum defensive round. But we do know that it is absolutely lethal, and it does so here. Here we see a different approach. We see these girls here, hear the shooting go on, and they instantly get down, if you notice. They get out of his line of sight, and then they get around into to some concealment. And that’s incredibly important because getting out of the line of sight is what’ll keep that bad guy from seeing you. And because he doesn’t see them here the concealment here works every bit as well as cover. They got down out of his line of sight and then they got behind something that he could not see them. So, they couldn’t run so they hid for the moment. But in that Run/Hide/Fight mentality they didn’t just get married to their concealment. The second that they could run, they ran. You know, we talk about Run/Hide/Fight your first choice is to run. As soon as they could they got away from their cover, their concealment and ran. This man, on the other hand, sixty-one year old victim here and unfortunately he stayed up, he didn’t get down, and get out of the line of sight, and because of that you know, you could probably outrun somebody with a pistol, but with a rifle, it’s much harder and so this guy gets shot multiple times as well because he wasn’t able to get out of the danger zone. You can’t get out and away from there, you gotta get down and get behind some kind of concealment. You know we talk about Run/Hide/Fight, there’s a reason we put fight at the end. It’s your last choice unless you’re really trained to do so. But you gotta be willing to do so. Here we’re going to see people running and they’re getting out of the danger zone, but now we’re going to see these three people, a fifty-two year old clerk, a sixty-four year old woman, and her ninety-four year old or ninety-five year old mother who are going to hide here. They can’t run, I don’t blame a ninety-five year old woman for not being able to run. So they hide, but when the hide doesn’t work, you’ve gotta be willing to fight. And the reason for that is what we see here as this guy finds them, and so they don’t have any other answers and he is going to shoot and kill this clerk hiding behind her makeup case see these two women crouching for their lives, and murder both of them. And now these people have lost their lives, there’s no worst outcome that they could possibly have. So that’s why we say, if you can’t run, you cannot hide you fight with everything you have, because there are absolutely no other ways. Of course, if either of them, or any of them had been armed, this would have been a very different outcome. So now we see the guy put his gun down Why? Think he ran out of ammunition. And so he’s just gonna run off. And this one is terrible, folks. This man has been caught, was caught several days later, charged with five counts of murder. So we see here the reason we talk about that Run/Hide/Fight mentality. Run if you possibly can, get out of the danger zone. If you cannot run, get low, get behind cover, and hide. If you cannot run and you cannot hide, you must fight with everything you have to protect your live and to protect everyone around you.

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  1. UPDATE and additional lesson on this mass shooter…there was an off-duty Sheriff in Macy's that night, but HE DIDN'T HAVE HIS GUN ON HIM. That makes me so upset. Carry your dang firearm, friends. Everywhere.

  2. Yea but you bring your gun into a mall to protect yourself and because they have a sign saying no guns it doesn’t protect you from the bad guy but makes it so if you use your gun in defense you get screwed and in trouble for having it in the first place.

  3. I'd love to cut that guy's balls off and scoop his eyes out of his sockets while he's alive. Then pull his guts out through his esophagus.

  4. Where's the citizens with concealed carry license? That was pretty bad, all those poor old ladies. Another good lesson John. Thanks.

  5. God watching this just made me furious. What an absolute piece of shit, they oughta physically torture him for the rest of his life.

  6. He just freakin WALKS IN and starts this bullshit. godammit. And why with the older ladies? wtf is he doing? None of these people were deserving targets. Poor people.

  7. so fucked up cause 99 percent chance is this is a no gun zone … and if you had a gun concealed and killed the dude killing people youd probably still get fucked legally to hell

  8. We got to be ready for this type of thing. Too many mass shootings. Every able body sane men should carry concealed weapon as a self defence. We should introduce firing squad for the mass shooters.

  9. Torture these scumndont deathboenalty dont jail they domt learn cut his fingers off toes paralyze him an Male him spen the rest of his days in a wheelchair with no hands

  10. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬People in America they need to get the shit together piece of shit like that make me sick

  11. Can’t wait till I’m 21 so I can buy my firearm, protect myself, family and friends, I swear to god if one person was there with a firearm, the gunman woulda ran off if he knew he was getting shot

  12. Another update, shooter hangs himself.

  13. Holy shit this was horrible. And nothing pisses me off more than harming an elderly person. Piece of shit should rot in hell. Makes me even more determined to start training regularly for self defense and cc

  14. What the FUCK – Who was this? I don't remember seeing thison the news (Granted i'm in the UK and they only cover the larger shootings) but there are so, so many mass shooting events nowadays.. Ever since Sandy Hook it seems to be relentless? I don't understand the thought process of taking your anger out against strangers, Mothers and 16 year old girls?!
    Its no better whatsoever but I can understand more if the shooter targetted police, or people he had felt had slighed him in life.. but a random 16 year old girl out shopping for t-shirts and underwear? You cant even call it evil because we can understand what evil is, This has no logic and no reason to any of it.
    PS; I'm from UK and so I don't have expereince of all this like you have in the states but I beleive that law abiding citezens have the right to carry a firearm to defend, Because beleive me shootings still happen in the UK but its usually gangs and drugs related.. But never this special unique USA brand of random shooting up a school and killing people you don't know for no reason what so ever.

  15. Cry for older ppl death, what I learn here is as u said running 🏃‍♀️ is my first priority then hide but before all this I have to know the entrance and exit of the building. So whenever we enter a building make sure to check the exit door or place to hide 🙏🦅

  16. THIS! Is why people must pack in public! The best thing that could have happened here was a well trained and armed civilian with proper heat. Bless those poor souls.

  17. This video demonstrates why the 2nd amendment exists. Evil lives among us, and if you think a police officer or anyone else there to defend you and your love ones, think again.

  18. That piece of shit should have been made to suffer for as long as possible before being put down like the filthy animal he is

  19. It's a thin line between self protector too mass criminal. It only takes a few small cracks in the foundation of someone's mental well being for them too flip from one of you gun toting scared guys too this guy in the video. Men aren't men no one knows how too fight anymore. World of pussies.

  20. I dont love watching this kind of stuff, but i like seeing it to make me aware that people can be really dangerous sometimes. You really just dont know when you’ll witness this kind of stuff. By the way i was raised in a very friendly non violent neighborhood so my perspective on people is friends, but even then i always try not to let my guard down because friends are the worst enemies to have. Shootings like these made me want to get a gun for protection. If it is a fist fight then i wouldnt cower a bit even if i know i’ll get beaten up. But if a guy has a gun, even if i dont want to flinch i will have too cuz the odds of me winning is almost impossible, and whining like a motherfker is one of my pet peeves.

  21. Another reason to pack heat…. do as the guy says, duck down behind concealment and when this bas*ard comes by…. shoot on sight. Don't even try to talk with them. Stop them immediately.

  22. Thank you so much for these videos! I won't personally ever need to take any of your advice on self defense, I simply watch these videos because this kind of shit never happens in my country. I feel really sorry for all of you that find these videos educational. They shouldn't be, and this kind of messed shit should never happen in your country.

  23. This coward is hell burning because he committed suicide in his cell] and he was inspired by ISIS another terrorist he will always be remembered as a gutless coward it's horrible that all these women and that poor guy died they did not deserve this horrible fate this piece of garbage even killed a 16 year old girl disgusting what he did I feel sad for the 95 year old woman and the other women that he killed as well at least it's coward Shooters in hell where he belongs

  24. Human beings in their 60s and 90s, who were around during many pivotal moments in history, met their end to some maniac. What a world we live in…

  25. Those of us that carry don't carry because we like carrying a gun, which is a pain in the ass, we carry because of this.

  26. this person deserves a slow and very painful death, in a case like this i believe the judicial system should allow the family’s of the victims to stone or even crucify the murderer to ensure that anyone thinks twice before going on a pathetic killing spree on unarmed innocent people

  27. If I was a criminal…I.would be scared in the good ole USA cause so many people carry now.I was in a restaurant the other night and I know I saw about 9 people a place of about 100, so rob if you want to but at your own damn risk.I was carrying also…lol

  28. If I was a prison officer, I would have arranged a daily rape session by a group of 5 inmates (a reminder of his 5 victims everyday) for this coward.

  29. This is the problem with stores & malls having “no guns” signs. You create a bunch of unarmed victims because the shooter doesn’t care about that sign.

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