Maternity Photoshoot Behind the Scenes | 8 Months Pregnant

Good morning guys Hey guys Sam and Dan here As you can see, I have a lot of makeup on today. I just got it done for our maternity photo shoot So we’re just headed there now and going to take our — yeah, first photoshoot for little baby while he’s still in there Yeah. So yeah, we’ll check in with you guys in a bit Excited? Yeah So this is my first look Maternity dress number 2 for photo shoot That was really fun Yeah, that was a fun photo shoot So, hopefully you guys enjoyed the special edition of the maternity photo shoot and I’m looking forward to sharing more baby photo shoot with you guys (newborn photo shoot) Yeah, coming up in a few more weeks Very excited about that. So stay tuned Bye guys

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  1. We hope you enjoyed this video! We are looking forward to sharing our baby's newborn photoshoot when the time comes! 🙂 Let us know if there are any other baby-related videos that you would like to see from us.

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