Meet POW! The Product Photography Experts

At Products On White Photography we specialize in white background photos for e-commerce businesses and Amazon It’s easy just order online send us your products and we’ll photograph them in our professional studio These photos are the only thing your customers see online before they buy At POW! image quality comes before anything We structure our business around 3 pillars to accomplish this our ordering process the photographer’s and the shooting workflow From placing orders to downloading photos. Our system is designed to make it an easy step-by-step process Behind the scenes our software manages hundreds of orders a day making sure that every package is tracked shot and delivered on time, every time. This way our photographers can focus on the photos and our clients can focus on their ideas It’s not the camera that takes the photos. It’s the photographer. Our photographers are technical shooters formally trained Experienced with Studio lighting advanced retouching and have a fine attention to detail Put a great photographer in a professional studio set and the results are unbeatable At POW! we developed a shooting workflow which weaves a combination of highly advanced lighting and retouching techniques that can be utilized in a simple but highly versatile photography set. Our set is designed to rotate quickly between specular and diffuse light sources Allowing us to create custom shadows and highlights that gives shape and enhanced texture in each unique product. Our workflow uses multi capture compositing a technique where a product is captured a different lighting and Photoshop together in one final image This allows us to create really sophisticated lighting Styles. That would normally take hours to create the results speak for themselves But don’t take my word for it Try us out today with a free test photo of your product and find out why our customers love us

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