Metal Iron Man Helmet WITH DISPLAY! + GIVEAWAY

“Hey Guys, I’m The Hacksmith.” “And on this episode of Make it Real. We’ve made the first full metal Iron Man helmet.” “Complete with a heads up display.” “And to prove that to you, well. Watch this.” “Wow, wow, wow, stop!” “Big thank you to Honey for sponsoring this video.” “And thanks to them. We’re going to be giving away.” “One of these replica full metal Iron Man Helmets to you guys.” “Make sure you watch the full video for contest details.” “And don’t forget to check out our other Make it Real projects.” “Bring, me, Thanos!” “Now instead of starting from scratch.” “I’m going to be modifying on of these replica metal Iron Man Helmets.” “That we got from The Armour” “We actually saved one-hundred dollars per helmet by using Honey.” “Honey automatically added a coupon code and saved me three-hundred bucks.” “Now check out these helmets.” “They are awesome.” “Complete, with servos that open.” “And eyes, that light up.” They are the most realistic Iron Man Helmets, it’ve ever seen.” “And we’re going to make them even better.” “We’re going to add a heads up display on the inside of the mask.” “A night vision camera, for some super human abilities.” “And a raspberry PI as the brain to run my very own Jarvis AI.” “Or Maybe Friday.” “Now personally. i’m not actually too a big fan of the red and gold.” “So it think we’re going to go with a Mark 2 style. Even though it a Mark 42 Helmet.” “And we’re going to polish this to a mirror finish.” “Hey Riley.” “Alrighty, so while we get the rest of that helmet polished.” “Let’s take a look at the most important part of the build.” “Actually adding a heads up display to the helmet.” “We could use something like this.” “A small heads up display, that’s designed to go on a pair of glasses.” “These are pretty affordable and you can buy them off Amazon for I think a couple hundred of bucks.” “I’ve put a link in the description below.” “But the other option is, trying to build it more like a VR helmet.” “And we can do that by taking apart one of these Google cardboard, that we got from the YouTube space.” “To get the lenses out.” “So if we take a look at the inside of the helmet. There’s really not much space.” “So It looks like it might be possible to mount the display in here like this.” “So what we might have to do is take off this plastic casing.” “And so on the inside, there’s a little ribbon connector.” “Which means we can pretty much moves this to wherever we want.” “That came apart quite easily, which is awesome.” “Let’s see what else we can do.” “Let’s bring the Iron Man helmet back.” “Let’s plug it back in and make sure it still works.” “Alright, got our camera rig here.” “Camera says there’s a TV output and there we go.” “I can’t believe it picks it up.” “Now we can actually look at mounting this inside the helmet.” “We can 3D print a little bracket to hold this in place perfectly.” “The real question is. Will it work?” “So using this display, I think is going to work.” ‘For this iteration but the long term goal is going to be.” “To try and basically make a VR Iron Man helmet.” Because then we can use it, if we add some cameras you’ve got our augmented reality.” “You can do a pass-though so you can see through. Um I think it will be really cool.” “But let’s go forward with this design because we don’t have time to order something from China.” So first of all we’re going to have to measure the existing component that we want to add to the helmet.” “So let’s measure that quick.” “Alright so now i’m going to use the laser cutter to cut out that template.” “Going to export to DXF.” “Oh look at that, first try.” “Think that might work.” “It is actually slightly crooked. I don’t know if you can tell.” “I need to adjust these dimensions for the screws slightly.” “To make sure that this display isn’t crooked.” “Alright, let’s try this one.” “There we go.” “Alright, that’s plugged back in. HDMI Adapter.” “Oh it works.” “Going like this. I can still clearly see the screen and still look out of the helmet with my other eye.” “Going to need to offset it to the right slightly but other than that I can see through it.” “And still look outside of the helmet.” Ian: “Sweet” “I think we’re almost done.” “This is actually a lot easier than I thought it would be.” “I was procrastinating all day.” “Alright just got to make a few revisions now.” “One last try.” “Maybe this one will work.” “So as you can see the new one is shifted over.” “Ha, that’s cool.” Alright, the display is centered now. Pretty much done with that part.” “Hey Owen come see this.” Owen: “Oh, Oh, Oh!” Hacksmith: “See it now?” Owen: Yeah!” Hacksmith: “Isn’t that cool?” “We can actually make a few different versions of these with different spacing.” Hacksmith: “Is it cool?” Evan: “This is Bleeping Sweet!” Jordie: “Oh that is so cool.” Alright so now it’s time the camera mount part for this.” “So the camera can actually attach right next to the little heads up display.” “It works. It bleeping works!” “Ah crap. That’s a tiny resistor.” “See that in my fingernail? That came off of this” “I am done for the day.” “Now the reason we were able to do this awesome project was all thanks to sponsor, Honey.” “It’s a free browser extension, that I’ve actually been using for years.” “But what is it?” “Well I don;t know about you guys but when i’m shopping online i’m always looking for the best deals to save money.” “Did you know there’s an easy way to always make sure your getting the best price possible? It’s called Honey!” “It’s a browser that automatically finds and applies the best coupon codes to your shopping cart to save you money.” “This means you’ll always be getting the best deals. Without having to shop around to look for coupons.” “It works on tons of sites. Even big ones like Amazon, Ebay, NewEgg, Best Buy, Wal Mart and more.” “In fact we used honey to save over a hundred dollars on these replica Iron Man helmets, that we got from the armour” “And you can too with the Honey extension.” “It even works on our merch store. Where you can save fifteen per cent on all of our products.” As you can see it’s super easy to save money with honey.” “It’s also super easy to install, it only takes two clicks.” “There’s over ten million people using it and on average it saves people around twenty eight dollars and sixty cents.” “Listen there’s literally no reason not to add Honey to your browser today.” “It’s free to use and installs in two clicks.” “Add honey today at” “Still not convinced?” “If you download honey right now using my link in the description below.” “You’ll be entered into a giveaway to win one of these metal replica Iron man helmets.” “You know you want one.” “Full contest details are in the description below.” “Fun fact I have never actually used a raspberry PI before.” “So this is how you use a raspberry PI. You google it!” “Oh my god it worked.” Hacksmith Industries Blabamo.” “Charles can actually solder this tiny, tiny , tiny stuff “Which means I might not have to wait until tomorrow to get the new camera module.” Hacksmith: “Watch and behold, Hello.” Riley: “Whoa that’s a good camera.” Hacksmith: “Plus, it’s got night vision.” “You can turn that light off too. Oh god my monitor was plugged into that And the PI!” “Alright so we’ve just about figured out, how we’re going to do the raspberry PI and the camera lens in the Iron Man helmet.” “So first of all, this comes with a little 18650 battery pack and the whole thing just pops out like so.” “That could actually work.” “The question is how are we actually going to mount these.” “Now we have a balanced port.” “For our custom lithium Ion seven point four volt battery pack.” “Now we need to find a sport for the power switch.” “We’ve got this nice little push switch.” “SO now all we have to do.” “Is make and adapter to go from the original battery pack to this to the switch.” “Well the power just went out. But on the plus side Amazon delivered some packages.” “They are extra night vision modules.” “Raspberry PI zero.” “This is what we were working with, raspberry PI two.” “That’s the raspberry PI zero. That’s a full itty bitty computer.” “Which is actually powerful and faster than this one.” “Ohh it was like it was made to be.” “Alright i’m going to wait until the power comes back on I guess.” “Before we can use it. We actually have to load a boot image of raspberry PI onto it.” “We need a memory card.” “First up we have to install the OS onto the raspberry PI zero.” “Man it’s talking a while.” “Alright so I got the camera plugged in now.” “So, just going to redo that setup I did on the old raspberry PI but now on the PI zero.” “We’ve enabled the camera, so hopefully we hit run.” “Work, work, work.” “Yeah!” “It’s me!” “A little wireless keyboard.” “Wait a second I came down here for screws. Owen keep polishing.” “A fully polished Iron Man Helmet.” “So now we have the actual Iron Man helmet we’re using.” “Which means, with this mess in there. Here.” “That is what we want though. That is exactly what we want.” “Buy, buy, buy now!” “Let’s try ordering some.” “Okay I think we’ve figured out how we are going to do this ribbon cable extension.” “Using this little adapter, plus that thing we ordered.” “Hopefully it gets delivered by Thursday at the latest.” “We can keep working on the rest of the helmet and plug that in at the end.” Hacksmith: “What’s that? “Charles: It’s the connector thingy.” “Yayy.” “Now we can go with one of those cables.” “Sweet.” “So hopefully this little connector adapter, works.” “Cause then we can install the camera in the helmet.” “James you got some more stuff here.” “The HDMI, flat ribbon cable.” “So this will let us plug into the LCD screen for the eyepiece.” “And then plug into our raspberry PI.” “USB Hub.” Plug this into the raspberry PI. You get a whole bunch of extra USB ports.” “Coming out the bottom of the Iron Man helmet. So you can literally jack in to add extra stuff.” “What any luck that should be everything. I hope.” “Camera is on.” “Now we press the button and it turns off.” Alright we have a camera.” “FN twelve.” “Escape.” “That is a success.” “Alright so that means we can install one of these into the helmet.” “So finally we have everything programmed hopefully.” “And, I think it’s working.” “We ended up using the SD card called Friday.” “I’m going to do one last test to make sure everything is up to snuff.” “The we can start installing it into the helmet.” Hypothetically if I press FN F twelve, Yayyy!” “Okay so now that this works, we are going to make a backup of the OS.” Preparing particians, that’s a good sign.” “Alrightafter several frustrating nights. I think we have the PI zero working properly.” “So now it’s time for the ultimate test. Let’s plug it in to the display that we’re going to use for the heads up display.” “Success.” “Alright there we go.” “Now you can see what’s on the screen.” “If we press F twelve. the camera turns on. Ta-daaa.” “But wait there’s more.” “You can play Minecraft in your Iron Man helmet..” “It works.” “Which means now all we have to do is install the stuff into the helmet.” “But not this helmet because this helmet sucks.” “Bye bye helmet.” “Now we have the nice shiny one.” Alright so there’s one little last thing we have to modify.” “On the pair of VU-find glasses.” “Once we mount it we won’t be able to press this on off button very easily.” “So i’ve actually got to take this shrink tube off and wire some leads off the switch so we can trigger it outside of the helmet.” “Successfully extended the power switch leads on this board.” “Time to clean up the work space and get the helmet out.” “Crap I need some tape.” “Does anybody have any tape out there?” “I don;t have any tape.” “Okay went to the store. Got some double sided tape. I think i’m ready to finish this.” “Got our electronics. Our other electronics and our other other electronics.” “And we’ve got to fit that all inside the helmet.” “So i’ve got the right side of the helmet pretty much complete “Those are just all the wires for the power switch, the battery.” “That’s the wires for the actual HUD.” “That’s the wire for the Pi, so we’ll plug into those.” “Those are the servo wires that control the face helmet.” “These other ones are the LEDs for the eyes.” “Now some people who have been following the project on social media.” “That having these lithium Ion batteries near my head is probably pretty dangerous.” “But let me ask you this.” “Why do you guys carry these miniature bombs. In your pocket.” “Next to your junk.” “Everyday” “I mean what happens if someone comes up and shanks you?” “Well why didn’t we do that in the first place?” “So yeah everyday you’re taking a big risk. By carrying your phone.” “So now we have to put the raspberry PI in this other ear hole.” “So I think I have the PI mounted into the left ear piece.” “As you can see it actually fits in here.” “Helmet actually retains the PI nicely like that.” “And it we put a cover plate over top,” Our two power wires are right here.” “They just need to go along the back and plug in right there.” “PI is turned on.” “This is the first time we’ve actually tested the power supply.” “Hells ya, it working.” “Now we need to take a look at where this guy is going.” “I want to shrink this down, so i’m actually going to try and shrink this case.” “And look it’s nice and small so we’re actually going to heat shrink that and call it a day.” “Plug in the PI.” “It working.” “Do a but of cable management now.” “I think it works, not I just need to mount it.” “I wonder how many times I’ve said that this video?” “To see the complete circuit diagram check out our page on Maker.IO.” “There are links in the description below.” “Ok that’s not going anywhere.” “Never checked to see if the eye hole is clear. It is not.” “If i ground down this eye hole a little bit.” “Time to try it for the very first time.” “Yeah It’s working.” “The camera enables.” That’s what you see when you turn it on for the first time.” Bogdan: “James look at how the boom cranes do it.” Hacksmith: “My eyes are not so good.” “How do I get outta this thing?” “That screen is surprisingly good.” “He’s experiencing life for the first time inside the Iron Man helmet.” “Okay so my programming it worked.I can see through the camera.” “It feels normal.” “I’m going to try and poke Bogdan, in the eye.” Hacksmith “Do you know why we brought you here?” Owen: “No idea.” Jordie: “Should I be scared?” Evan: “Um” Ian: “Yeah James worked all Easter and now we get to see what he’s been working on.” Owen: Wow, Okay.” Ian: “Shiny” Owen: “Ultron Vibe actually.” Hacksmith: “Alright so i’m going to engage the camera.” Owen: Oh wow, hey guys.” Jordie: “Oh my god it’s you.” Ian: Oh I can see.” “Oh my co-workers.” Hacksmith: “Alright let’s turn off the lights real quick.” Hacksmith: “Here is the flashlight of all seeing.” Ian: “Oh man.” Dave: “That is neat.” Owen: “Wait so you guys can’t see anything right now?” Owen: “That’s insane.” Hacksmith: That’s an IR flashlight. It’s actually invisible to the human eye but with an IR camera it’s a regular flashlight.” Jordie: “is it like night vision?” Jordie: “Whoa.” “This would be great on the motorcycle. Riding at night, no worries about deer popping out.” Owen: “Dude this is insane” Jordie: “Ohhh that crazy.” Dave: “That is amazing people are going to love that.” Ian: “Next level.” Evan: “You feel very different inside.” Evan: “You actually do feel like Iron man, you don’t need the rest of the suit.” “Alright so I’ve got to quickly update some of the python code on the camera script.” “And i’ll do that from inside the comfort of inside the helmet.” “Little switch right here and that actually changes the display mode of the heads up display.” “So you can zoom, full screen, or cropped.” “Normally you want full screen but sometimes it changes.” “Text editor. “So i’ve just updated the code.” “You could only trigger the camera ten times before the program was shut down.” “And we just did that just in case something screwed up. We didn’t want to end up in and endless loop in the program.” “And then two, also change the duration of the camera to two minutes.” “SO when you turn the camera on you get night vision for two minutes then it turns off, then you have to enable it again.” “And again we can change all those things in the python code which we’ll maybe share in the description.” “Seriously this was a really hard project and I would not recommend doing it.” “But it’s so cool.” “What a beautiful day to wear an Iron man helmet.” “Alright let’s play a prank on the rest of the guys.” “Turn off all the lights in the garage.” “It’s pretty dark in here,” “But I have a flashlight.” Dave: “Are we having another power outage.” Dave: “I bet you they forgot to pay the electric bill.” Dave: “Anybody have a flashlight.” Jordie: “Oh what the crap.” Hacksmith: “I see everything.” Hacksmith: “Hey look it’s the cameraman.” Owen: “You were pretty scary.” Hacksmith: “Can you lift my mask?” Hacksmith: “Oh it’s dark in here.” “Here are your video clips.” “Alright this has got to be one of my favorite projects now.” “And we’ve made a lot of cool stuff.” “ANyways we’re hoping to add a ton more tech to it in upcoming videos.” “Let us know in the comments down below, what you’d like to see added to the helmet.” “We might even integrate the helmet into other projects.” “Liek wearing it while piloting this giant mech, oh yeah.” “Now in case you guys haven’t been following my channel.” “I actually got to try flying like Iron Man in California with Gravity Industries.” “And as a gift to Richard Browning, the real life Tony Stark.” “I aslo brought him one of these helmets.” Richard: “This is probably prototype twenty-five of just this arm.” Hacksmith: “When you get to iteration 42 I have something for you.” Hacksmith: “This is a full metal Iron Man helmet.” Richard: “That’s insane.” Richard: “oh you’re kidding. That’s so cool.” Richard: “Oh there we go.” “Which means, Richard is well on his way to having the world’s first complete Iron Man suit.” “So it just goes to show, Iron Man tech is possible and real. Enjoy.” “Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this project as much as my team and I did.” “Don’t forget to enter the giveaway by installing Honey using my link in the below.” “Also if you’re interested in trying to build on of these helmet’s yourself.” “I will be typing up some additional explanations about it with links to all the parts I used.” “For both our Patreon and YouTube members who support the channel.” “Now I’ve got to go see Endgame. I missed the premiere because I was working on this video.”

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  1. Extremely disappointed in the several hundred so called "fans" who have tried to spoil endgame in the comments section. I've deleted as many as I can, but guess what, you literally spoiled endgame for the Hacksmith. After all I do for you guys. Not cool. I missed seeing the premiere so I could finish this video for you.


  2. Hacksmith: points out we all carry lithium ion batteries in our pockets everyday

    Me: sorry my phone is directly connected to the ark reactor

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    The Hacksmith: " Are you sure about that"

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    Me: well at least I can play Minecraft on it, unlike you're, gameboy

    Everyone at school: minecraft is sooo 5 year old

    Me: *upgrades the iron man helmet, *starts playing fortnite

    Everyone from school: watching my live stream

    Everyone from school: YO MAKE ME A IRON MAN HELMET, RIGHT FREAKING NOW!!!! Z

    me: making $50.000

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