Miguel’s MOM Was Supposed to DIE in COCO?!? | WHAT THEY GOT RIGHT

– Bienvenidos, movie fans. I’m your host, Ruby Jay,
and today we’re gonna be talking about one of my
favorite films from last year, Pixar’s “Coco”. (boom) (suspenseful violin music) (footsteps) (boom) There’s a skeleton behind
me right now, isn’t there? (screams) It took Pixar six
years to make “Coco”. During that time, the film
went through a ton of changes. Let’s check out what
ideas made the final cut and which ones ended up
in the land of the dead. This is “What They
Got Right with Coco”. ♪ Miguel with the skeletons ♪ ♪ Kickin’ all night ♪ ♪ We’ll talk about
the possesses ♪ ♪ That they got right ♪ (electrical buzz) “Coco” is about Miguel, a Mexican boy with
music in his heart. But that wasn’t
how he started out. Originally, Miguel
was going to be an American boy who
travels down to Mexico for Dia de Muertos,
or Day of the Dead. I guess they scratched that idea when they realized
how inexpensive animated plane flights are. But Miguel wasn’t
the only character who went through
some crazy changes. In the final movie, his abuelita is a strict but loving woman who wants what’s
best for Miguel. The original version
was a little different. Miguel’s abuelita was
originally going to be meaner than a piñata
filled hornets. And instead of hitting
people with her slipper, she was gonna have
a wooden spoon that she kept in a holster. Reach for the stars. The biggest character
change, however, was Miguel’s mom. In the original version,
she was one of the ghosts. – [Skeleton] (screams) – I know, right? In the original version,
Miguel and his American father were gonna go down to Mexico
after his Mexican mother passes away to meet her family and learn to live without her. A dead mother? In a Disney or Pixar film? No. It’s never been done! Except in “Snow White”,
“Beauty and the Beast”, “Cinderella”, “Frozen”,
“Bambi”, “Little Mermaid”, “Finding Nemo”, and all the
rest of these ones here. That changed when the
creators went to Mexico and experienced Dia de
Muertos for theirselves. They realized the holiday
is not about feeling sad without your loved ones. It’s about holding on
to those you’ve lost. I learned that with
my pet goldfish. You’ll always be a
part of me, Bubbles! One of the coolest
scenes in “Coco” is when Miguel watches old
Ernesto de la Cruz movies on a VHS while playing
along on his guitar. It shows how much
Miguel loves music. But that scene
almost didn’t happen! What do you think of
that idea, Skeleton Guy? (foghorn) (chuckles) Me too. Originally, Miguel was
just going to sing a song about how much he
loves to sing songs. Kind of like how
I sing songs about how much I love to eat pizza. ♪ I love pizza ♪ ♪ Almost as much as I
love the movie “Coco” ♪ It took six years,
but eventually, the creators of “Coco” came
up with a classic movie about family, music,
and Mexican culture. It just makes me
wanna play guitar. (bad guitar strumming) Heh. Or at least
learn how to play. (playful music)

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