Miss Universe Japan pinup photoshoot – how to shoot a fashion editorial – どのようにファッション誌を撮影するか

check this story out! a guy saw
my youtube channel, and called me asking me to film a commercial video for one
of his clients! and I said, what? film a commercial video? and he said, that’s correct, Jack! film a commercial video! can you do that? I said of course I can do that! and I have never done it before! my assistant
filmed a behind the scenes video, and that’s what I want to show you now! have a look! I can you believe that? I did it I!
I hope that my footage looks better than my assistant footage, because I guess my
assistant had a few tequilas the night before the shooting! he was a bit shaky! ok GoPro? GoPro did a good job too! yeah man! video making! I could
never imagine myself filming it professionally! oh my god!…
thanks to YouTube! can you believe it? YouTube!! I got this job through
YouTube!! is just amazing!! many years ago I couldn’t imagine myself as a photographer, and today I am a professional fashion photographer in
Tokyo! my name is Cassio, welcome to my channel! yeah man, fashion photographer and now
videographer, can you believe that? actually when I was a kid I want to be
airplane pilot. probably because I’ll never forget the
very first trip I had in an airplane! I remember I had my head glued to the window, looking in the clouds from above! how the love I had for airplanes somehow influenced my
photography style today? isn’t that weird? that’s what we’re gonna be talking about
today! I used to photograph for Miss Universe
Japan, and this Friday, the director of Miss Universe Japan called me saying
that she’d like him to introduce me to a job! she was asking if I could meet her
within an hour at the headquarters of Samantha Thavasa, which is a bag brand
in Japan. it’s pretty big and well-known, everyone knows Samantha Thavasa in Japan, and they were actually the sponsors of the Miss Universe Japan contest. so she knew the crew there and she wants to introduced me to this job! I went
there and meet everyone and I said, so what’s up? they said that they were
about to open a new store inside the airport. the store’s gonna sell bags,
sweets and cookies and this and that, a bunch of different souvenirs, they said that the staff in the shop was going to be wearing a stewardess
uniform. ok, how do you want me to photograph it? and they said, we have no idea! it’s up to you! what? we’re photographing an advertising for Samantha Thavasa, there
is no advertising agency involved… …they have no layout, no image, no
nothing! so I’m supposed to come out with an idea right here right now! oh my god! so when are we photographing? they said Monday! and today’s
Friday! Friday Saturday Sunday Monday! we have only three days to get
the ideas together! since we have such short notice, I guess that we are
photographing in studio! because we have no time to go looking for locations
and get permissions and these and this and this! yes, we’re gonna photograph in studio! how we gonna do it? that’s when a girl wearing this
micro mini, three sizes smaller than her stewardess uniform, steps in! she was hot! man, what a baby she was!! the Miss Universe Japan was standing in front of me wearing that stuff… they said, that’s what you have to photograph! immediately I could imagine myself in the
cabin of 747, smoking cigar and then this hot chili pepper super sexy stewardess
comes in and ask if I want some more cognac! then the girl left and I turn around to
the clients, they look at me and said: how you’re gonna do it? man, put yourself in my shoes. how would you do it? what do you have in
your hands? you have a girl wearing this really sexy stewardesses uniform, you have bags and sweets, you have a studio… and that’s all! how you gonna do it? what
kind of lighting you gonna do? what kind of backdrop you’re gonna use? what kind of
attitude you want your models to have in front of the camera? how you’re gonna
pose them? how you’re gonna do it? think about it, and think quick! because there’s three guys sitting across the table waiting for you to tell
them how you’re gonna do it, and they don’t have all day to be sitting there,
looking at you, waiting for your ideas to come out! you have to be quick, yeah? and you better do it nice, because we’re talking about an
advertising! I said to the client….hmm… can have a look at that girl again? you know, I love the way girls can energize the atmosphere, yeah? they said… sure! she came back… she was a babe!! things that make you go hhhmmm… man, she was hot! I was the
looking at this girl thinking about… Cassio… Cassio… CASSIO! oops step back
into reality! I go back to my childhood days, remember that I said that
I want to be airplane pilot? ha! so when I was kid I was given this birthday present, which was a really nice and cute, my favorite present ever! a biplane! you know what I mean? those were two wings, one at the top of the other, that was so nice! was my favorite plane, I was flying it all day…how cool it is! it was nice and yellow!
so cute! I just loved that airplane! and then, as I grew older, I got more
interesting planes, you know I mean? those that you have to build it yourself,
you have to glue the parts together, and I had a thunderbolt, and I had a Spitfire, the Mustang and there was one that was a very special one! the b-29 bomber! that plane was huge… this big, the cockpit had millions of little windows. it had a bunch of stickers that you could glue them to the fuselage! one of the stickers was a very special one! was a girl. she was sitting like this, I see the pictures in the package, and I had position it somewhere close to
the cockpit. so it was like, right there! eventually I went to a bookstore and I
came across a bunch of books about Second World War airplanes, and one of
the books was about the b-29! my favourite! I was going through the
pages, wow…how cool they look! but there was something that made them look
a bit different from each other, actually it was the pictures of the
girls painted on the fuselage! and each girl had a different name, which actually was the name of the plane! so the guys could know which plane to board, yeah? interesting! nose-art! that led me to investigate what nose-art was about! and then, for the very first time I got hands in a pinup book! and I thought was
so nice and cute so I bought it! I took it home and the funniest
story is… I used to make some illustrations at the end of my
homework, and most of my illustrations were based on Disney’s characters! so I was drawing
Mickey Mouse as close as possible to what I saw in the cartoon books, yeah? with the four fingers and everything, why does he have four
fingers? kind of weird, yeah? and then my teachers was always praising me for how
nice and clean and cute my homework was, till I began drawing pin-up girls instead
of Disney characters! yeah? she might have thought, maybe this kid is reaching
puberty a bit faster than the others! yeah and I was drawing the spin-up girls,
paying attention to details, the same details that paid for Disney characters,
the four fingers, I paid for the pin-up girls! the legs! you know what I mean? always one
stretched and one with the knees slightly bent. pinup art…pinup art…pinup art… legs, legs! then I have this stewardess
standing in front of me, with these legs up to my neck! and I go to the
client, let’s make it pinup style! yeah? they say pinup style? yes! I know this place close to my office where they sell radio-controlled
planes! maybe you can rent one from them, I photograph
it in many different angles, then photograph the girl in the studio, against a white
backdrop, cut her out and apply her sitting on the top of the plane, yeah? yeah! maybe we can even have a blue sky on the backdrop, and a few more
planes flying around, yeah? yeah! BOOM! they bought my idea! I went to the plane store, went upstairs, when I open the door, the very first thing I see is a biplane! I thought I was gonna get a sign 747 or something like that, but when I saw
that biplane, nice and cute and orange, wow…I gotta get this one! no questions asked! just like the one when I was in the kindergarten! yeah! I took this plane back to my studio, took hundreds of pictures
of it, then I went to the studio to photograph that girl, hundreds of pictures again! and then, boom! find the one that suits they plane better, cutting her out,
boom! apply her against these and that, pop! pop! then what? then as I photographed against
a white backdrop, ops, I forgot! as I photographed her against a white backdrop, was gonna
then be easier to cut her out, and paste her on the top of the plane! what do I
mean by that? it’s against a white backdrop, and the clouds are white!
I hate selecting hair! Photoshop takes hours to select hair! it is not
my thing! I’m very practical,… photograph her against a white backdrop, get the white part there that blends together
with the clouds, boom! that’s it! as for the lighting, I had 5 strobes, one in the front, the main one, what you call a jumbo
umbrella! diffused. three more lights behind her, one hitting this side of her
body, another from here and another one from the top, all diffused, so they could
give her this little glow, and the fifth one was from the top up there, pointed to the backdrop, to give this white thing, so
would be easier to cut her out and paste against the clouds! now I have
a look at the BTS video so you can see how the setting was done, and how the
atmosphere was, and how cool it was! have a look! as you see, I photographed quite a few different
images, yeah? between the meeting day and in the actual photo day, I had
enough time to Google stewardess pinup images, and I found a bunch of different
references that I could actually use to make the different variations, yeah? then I used different filters to make the images look somewhere in between a
real photograph and a drawing, and the client was very happy with the results! and actually they used one of the pictures inside of the airport! in a huge pillar! I think was like 3 or 4 meters big! yeah! happy to see
my picture in the airport, yeah? cool! and the other pictures were published in some
magazines to promote the opening of the shop! man, isn’t it funny? when I was a kid
I wanted to be an airplane pilot, ok? and it led me to find out about pin-up art! which eventually became a huge source of inspiration to the work I do
today! I bet that more than 50% of my work is based on pinup art! from
sunglasses to fashion to whatever I photograph..50%…easy! you can do that too! have you got kids? what if you photograph your kids favorite toy, let’s say that is a little car, this big, photograph that toy in many different
angles, then you photograph your kid also many different angles, going crazy,
legs all over the place! then you cut the kid out, apply on the top of the toy, and in case it is a little car, maybe you can also photograph a highway, you have the highway, the car and the kid! blend them all together and
boom! make a big poster and I’m sure your kid is gonna love it! you’re gonna
have a lot of fun making it, and… hey, we never forget our favorite toy,
yeah? maybe your kid’s gonna keep that picture
for ages, and show to his grandkids! and the idea came from you, man! right? yeah! some of you guys became my Facebook friend, and asked me how did I manage to become a fashion photographer! and that’s what I’m gonna be talking about in my next video! there is a
few steps to follow, but hey, if I manage to do it, you can manage that too! I’m hungry! time to go to have something to eat, and a beer to drink and GoPro… switch off!

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