Model Comp Card with Adobe Photoshop + FREE Template

hey what’s up guys welcome back to my
youtube channel what I want to do today is I want to show you guys how to create
a comp card for yourself using Adobe Photoshop now the first thing I’m going
to say is that if you guys don’t have adobe Photoshop definitely get Adobe
Photoshop it’s one of the best tools that you can use to create comp cards
manipulate images and all that kind of stuff now I know not everyone could
afford to have Adobe Photo Photoshop but if your students you can actually get a
student discount for Adobe Photoshop and I believe it’s I want to say $9.99 per
month so it’s pretty affordable you can also download a free trial and I’m going
to leave the link to the description in the description box down below you can
download a free trial of Adobe Photoshop on their websites so and you can use it
for 30 days for free so anyway so let’s get to the comp card so what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna open up Photoshop here and I’m just going to go to file new and
you know what Adobe Photoshop there are all these custom settings and all this
kind of stuff but we’re creating a comp card and typically a comp card is five
and a half inches by eight and a half inches so I’ve already kind of preset
that and another thing you want to keep in mind is that the DPI the dots per
inch per inches has to be about 300 resolution and that’s because obviously
if you make a comp card you’re probably gonna want to get it printed and when
you try to get it printed a lot of these print warehouses are gonna ask you that
they’re gonna actually for 300 dpi image so if your resolution is lower than 300
dpi they’re gonna tell you hey we can print this but your your quality of the
picture is gonna suck so you want to make sure that you know your dpi is at
300 so go ahead and make sure the Centers are okay and just it creates
so the first and others that I hit command I hit the command button so kind
of get this grid what you could also do is it you could come to view and you
could say show grid okay so then next I’m going to create a shape and give it
a color like a light gray or something like that maybe that’s great go and the
cool thing about is that when you create the shapes and you can just kind of drag
drag and drop these grids they kind of they snap to the grid right so these
lines kind of snap to the grid so you don’t go over it’s right or you don’t
end up in the middle so you can kind of snap it like that so I want to create a
shape that’s about I’ll say this big all right you want to make sure that there
is no border color on here and again if you need to change the color you can
come to the field and select your color okay
create a new layer and maybe this time I’m going to create another shape here
and I’m gonna color its give it a yellow cool
and now I’m going to bring in my photo so I actually have a couple of pictures
that I’ve looked at already I think this photo here probably makes
the most sense for the front of the comp card so that’s what I’m going to use so
let’s go ahead and drag this into the canvas okay let me hide the grid by
hitting the command button again and then you can squeeze this down a little
bit now the cool thing again is that everything kind of snaps to the grid so
if I take it off center and I try to Center it I just need to drag it a
little bit and you can see that Purple Line the purple vertical line that’s
indicating that it’s the center of the canvas so I’m snapping this to the
center and I should probably try to I guess this is fine
see okay cool so the next thing I want to do is that this photo looks a little
bit too long to me for the design that I have in mind so what I want to do is
that I want to sort of crop it or cut it a little bit so what I’m going to do is
to first of all get my eraser tool and just hit that and it’s going to tell you
this smart object must be rasterized before proceeding edits contents will no
longer be available arrests or as smart objects hit okay now I’m going to create
I’m gonna get a box a selector tool sorry I’m going to use a
rectangular marquee tool and sort of highlight the area that I want to cut
out I think that’s good then I’m just gonna hit delete okay cool alright so
the next thing I’m going to do here is first of all bring this down a little
bit yeah I think that’s about it so the next thing I’m going to do here is that
I want to create another shape similar to the one this yellow shape that I
created at the bottom so use my great again make a shape like this I’m going to also give it a call the
same color yellow now what I’m going to do here is that
I’m going to change the opacity sorry not the opacity the the blend mode of
this shape that’s doing overlay so you can’t get that cool highlighted effect
so now what I’m going to do next is that I’m going to obviously put in my name
because you have the front of the comp card so I’m using let’s use a font
called caviar dreams so this is a font that I downloaded and I could probably
share the link with you guys as well at the end of this video so let’s use this
and I actually want to use a different font for my last name so let’s use Adam
CG Pro and maybe even make it slightly bigger right so now you have that and
then I’m going to space it out a little bit so if I did that it’s gonna be too much
is facing and I wanted to kind of overlap a little bit so I’m trying to
look for a number that works for me here okay so again I’m going to try to Center
this and actually now that I look at it maybe this feels a little bit too big of
a fonts like they both feel slightly too big so let’s come down to about 48 and
this come down gets about a 60 all right and then here let’s bring this down to a
40 44 okay perfect so now again I’m going to try to Center this versus snap
there is and I actually want to offsets the last
name a little bit so there and then again try to Center this whole thing boom so there you have it this is the
front of the comp card I think it looks pretty good it looks pretty kind of
modern and whatnot so this should definitely work so now let’s go to the
back of the comp card guys alright guys so now for the back of the comp card
what I’m gonna do is I’m going to hit file new and then you know same settings
usually Photoshop should save the settings as last time five point five
five but what I’m gonna do this time around is that I want to actually make
this a black background obviously black has six zeros in Xcode you hit OK
creates so now we have a black background so now what I’m going to do
is that I’m going to bring in my image where’s the image image I’m going to use
for the back is this one when you’re creating a comp card the front of the
comp card should be a headshots a close-up of your face and the back of
the comp card should be a full body shots so in this case this is what I
have here so I’m going to drag this into the
canvas and I’m going to resize this a little bit to create room for the info
that’s gonna go at the bottom alright so I think this looks good to me except
what I want to do is I want to add a little bit more space at the bottom for
my size and details and all of that so I’m just going to create another
rectangle here give it a black color okay and hmm from the front of the comp
card remember we did sort of like a Polaroid looking feel with this gray and
yellow tone or whatever so I want to carry that same look and feel or you
know some of the elements from that from the card to the back of the card so it’s
it looks like it goes together so I’m also going to create another one another
rectangle shape all right so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to add the
size and information and usually when you do that you know you want to select
the fonts that’s pretty easy to read and usually the font should stay small so
now when you’re making a comp card there are two types of calm cause there’s calm
cards that has one image on both sides so you have two pictures and there’s a
comp card that has one image on the front and four images three to four
images on the back that kind of shows a variety in a range of what you do what
types of modeling you get into whether it’s Fitness commercial lifestyle etc
but most of the high-fashion agencies they actually prefer one picture in the
front one picture in the back and then if they will if you if the client needs
to see more they can come back to the website so they can request to see your
portfolio etc so for this instance I’m going to create one picture comp card in
the front and back however on my website I’m going to give you guys access to
free templates that has this template that I’m creating for you guys and also
another template that has four images on the back so feel free to go on my
website and download download those templates for absolutely free there’s no
strings attached I’m not telling you guys anything I’m just doing this for
you guys so you guys can add this to your toolbox
all right so now I’m going to add in the contact information and my size and
information and I’m going to choose a much smaller font size than that so
let’s go maybe like a nine you see how that works so oops I shouldn’t be
writing in black it should be right in in lights okay so yeah so something like
this guys I mean you can definitely play with it
try to be more creative than I than I am here and just make your own so I just
wanted to show you guys a quick simple way to create a comp card what are some
of the specs and the requirements to create this comp cards and what goes
into it don’t forget guys I’m going to leave links in the description box down
below where you can download this template and another template that I’m
creating for you guys absolutely free alright guys so this is how you create
the comp card again you just you know again once you’re done just hit file
save as and save it as a PDF and this way you can send it off to your printer
and your printer can print this for you you can also just save it as a JPEG and
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see you guys next time

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