Modelling In China // Vlog 9 // Chinese Ikea, Photoshoot

that’s like that’s like for fashion We are running because Yeah for healthy lifestyle. okay so we decided to go and do some furniture shopping We are gonna upgrade our apartments and we live right next to of freaking IKEA it’s there yeah you can see the sign oh, yeah we decided to upgrade our apartments a little bit cause we are so rich yes yes yes what is there I mean this looks just like any other Ikea I was expecting something more interesting Hercules: wait a minute, this isn’t my world, disappointed! Look what is in the fridge! you know what I want I want this this yeah there is to put our money just normally yeah I don’t know what we were expecting though this toilet Do you wanna have a freaking toilet with a curtain A toilet with a curtain okay Nastya is already trying on clothes Nastya this is not a casting please Nastya: oh that’s like That’s like for fashion family photos what kind of sofa do you want for our apartment this yeah of course It’s not the fastest Yeah, okay. Mmm Okay 10,000 yuan Nastya : oh but in our apartment we have better one yeah we have better one Nastya: we have a USB oh really I didn’t even know that oh it doesn’t work so I see that people come here to just sit on the sofa I like this you see – looks like people just came here to sit yeah, but for real everybody is like having a relaxing time I like this room look at this, this I like Nastya: I’ll take a shower Swedish traditions Swedish, Swedish traditions Do you want to read some Swedish traditions Swedish traditions I like this a lot, this is like The view is It’s actually nice Why do they hide it? Why do they hide it? It’s so it’s such a good view. I was expecting a wall we need more of those to hang the laudry Okay, this is the weirdest room The artwork is very interesting. It has a keyboard It doesn’t work No, the keyboard doesn’t work why No, it’s not plugged in or is it IKEA what is that it works, but display only,not for sell you understand? you understand let’s play some guitar Swedish traditions Swedish traditions no. oh another yeah yeah that’s our favorite book oh yeah Swedish traditions they are the same page I was just thinking I opened it on the same page Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas and Sweden they just like Christmas a lot Happy New Year – your pan – oh thank you – what are you gonna cook here? – I? – yeah maybe rice rice yeah I like it or dumplings for you we are gonna make dumplings in the big pan no Masha don’t let’s go to Masha’s room why always Sweden you wanna read something? here it’s a reading corner okay, what do you want to read? which book would you choose? Swedish tradition, three Swedish traditions part one part two part three They have a lot of baby of rooms kind of with babies for babies, I mean not with babies pig, more pigs, more pigs, thanks Masha Let’s play for change Yes, we’re coming Do you know how ugly they look like, they seems like need this in our apartment what is that? it’s a rat no way we have cockroaches already. We don’t need rats That’s a nice display. I like it. Panda It’s for my money It has enough place It’s enough and uh I like this chair oh my god Masha wow I am sitting in a, what is this looks like an egg or something It’s a bunk bed It seems like what we have in our apartment I’d like to go with this girl but we can stay a few nights like 24 hours The security is not gonna find us I think they will capture us Because we’re the loudest people in here let’s go my butt hurts just sit on this floor hello and good morning today is really noisy in the street because there’s a lot of construction work happening That’s what we have to work with I have a job again, I don’t know what kind of job this is. Yeah, I’m waiting for my car as always so I’m not going to talk too much The weather is very rainy, it’s very warm but like it’s not actually raining but it’s very kind of dark even though it’s like 8:30 right now so it should be like normal lighting

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  1. It's highly recommended that you go to the nearby city of shenzhen, which has the world's biggest light show every Friday and Saturday at 7:30 PM

  2. In China, you can download several app, which will make life more convenient: Baidu (similar to Google), Amap (similar to Google map), WeChat, Alipay, Dianping (similar to "yelp"), eleme (order takeaway), 12306 (train ticket) and so on.

  3. Hi just wanna let you know that you have had lots of Chinese fans following your vlog. We all wish you a great time in Guangzhou. Take a good care of yourself please.

  4. 😂someone upload your videos and translated them into Chinese in bilibili. Actually i guess that was a good thing. Then some of us came to youtube to show our support. Hope u enjoy your time in Guang zhou.


  6. This is your Chinese fan, translated into Chinese and uploaded to YouTuBe in China.

  7. I am from station , I follow you, like you, hope you like China, and welcome you to visit next time.

  8. If you add a Chinese title,maybe you would have gotten more views than now. In fact,most of your ticks come from Chinese people who have watched your video in Chinese video platform.You can also create an account in Chinese platform,like Bilibili,tiktok and so on.The more fans you have,the more encouragement you get.😉

  9. I have watched your video for several days. You are a beautiful and strong girl. The video you edited is very good. I hope that you can have more fans. Of course, this can be operated. You only need to show all the advantages of China in your video. Even if it is very numb, it doesn't matter, because It can attract many Chinese nationalists, and then more people will reprint your video to China, so you will get enough attention and flow, these things are enough to support your development in China. Believe me, there will be a lot of advertisers and companies to come to you to cooperate to meet the self-confidence of Chinese vanity. I sincerely hope that you can live well in China.

  10. One of my silly friends used my YT account and sent a silly message to this channel. I had deleted it. I left my pad on at that moment. Now , I has set personal password to all my devices.. Sorry for that… it wasn't from me…

  11. Came across one of your video the other day,then couldn’t help watching all your other videos,they somehow make my day😄you’re a funny girl.Hope I could run into you in Guangzhou someday,yet I don’t think I have the guts to say hi to you🙈Anyway,take good care of yourself,looking forward to seeing your next video!

  12. i think you can share more video on chinese tiktok,you make get more than 100000 fans within week.have a nice trip in your Chinese fans.good luck!

  13. 看视频简介和标题,看来这姑娘已经专门面向中国人了,所以评论的各位老铁,干嘛还来秀你们那可怜的英语,直接说汉语不更好

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