It is time to say goodbye to my Beautiful Lamborghini I love you they’re Taking my baby away from me I’ll explain In a second oh what a beauty Say goodbye guys oh my god oh my god he Did it so smooth you want me to spoil The surprise okay I’ll spoil it this is My new car it’s being shipped to me Right now Baby this Bugatti I’m going to Miss her man don’t keep her for too long Okay take good care of her though nice To meet you man thank you so much final Goodbye Good morning Rugrats how’s everybody doing today Welcome back to a brand new Video I hope you guys are all having a Fantastic day as always and you guys Just saw my Lamborghini got taken away From me well I’m getting it back later Today the reason why I got taken away is Because you guys saw the part that got Broken off when I was playing basketball Oh my god Brian oh yeah they’re Basically just taking it to the Dealership and taking the parts out of The engine so they can make it drivable And the reason why I’m not leaving it in The dealership for them to fix it is Because I need my car for tomorrow there Is a huge surprise coming tomorrow and I’m sure a lot of you guys could guess It but I need my Lamborghini I need to Drive it somewhere and that’s why They’re returning it today they’re not Fixing the back windshield because it Takes weeks to like order the part and Stuff but I need to drive it somewhere Tomorrow and I’m just so excited now Real quick before we do get into this Video We Need to Talk me and you the Rugrats need a one-on-one conversation Really quick so I don’t know if you guys Have noticed I missed like two or three Uploads in the past ten days and that’s Super rare coming from me because I’m a Daily vlogger I upload videos every day Or at least I try to sometimes I’ll miss a day here and there when I’m not Feeling it or like I’m super busy and You guys do understand but lately I’ve Missed like two or three uploads and I’m Not proud of myself I just want to let You guys know that I’m not waking up Every day and saying oh I’m not making a Video hell no no I’m taking the day off like I try to make videos and the reason Why I haven’t been uploading is because I’ve been struggling with ideas and I Don’t want to just put out some random Video and like some bulls like Half-assed video you know I try to put Effort into my videos every day so if I Do miss an upload that means I did try To make a video budge Didn’t come out to my expectations and Think about it guys I’ve been uploading Every day for like three years now I Mean of course I miss like days here and There but every day I wake up it’s like My brain is like what video am i making Today and I try and I do it so you know I just needed a little break to myself And I hope you guys do understand a lot Of you guys were understanding like you Guys we’re tweeting me saying Rob take as many days off as you need but I’m Back on that grandbaby so I hope you Guys do enjoy this vlog and I want to Show you guys my Easy’s real quick let Me know this is normal is this normal Guys like the lace is being like that so There’s actually many ways you could do Your laces on Easy’s and this was one of Them and I tried it it’s like kind of That sloppy look and I personally liked It but I don’t know if it’s normal like I don’t know if other people have done It but I found it on a website and I Just followed the instructions and I did It and that’s how they came out you guys Like them or do you think that’s weird Anyways I’m on my way to Starbucks right Now you already know to start off the Day please sit back relax grab some Popcorn grab some food grab your friends grab your mom and dad and enjoy this Video yo guys let me show you something Real clear what’s up a fortnight hey so You know it’s just about two days ago I Was playing for tonight by myself solo I Always play for tonight solo and I wasn’t Recording usually I always record Like the camera for my face reaction and I record the game play and this time I Was just like you know what I want to Play for fun I don’t care to record or Anything do you guys want to know what Happened do you guys want to know what Happened I’m literally on my knees right Now because I’m just so devastated I Freaking won I won my first ever solo Game on fortnight and I didn’t record Anything not my reaction not the game play nothing but I won and I’m going to show you guys proof cuz it says when you Win a solo game but I want to just tell You guys my reaction was the funniest Thing in the world because I actually Fell to the floor like crying of Happiness Tears of joy were coming out of my eyes Solo one win which is why I got this Camera and this mic because now every Time I play I’m going to just like record Easily usually I have to set up my g7x On like the screen right here and I have To put it on a tripod but this time I Made it easier just in case something Like that happens you guys missed out on The best gameplay ever I had like eight Kills that game and I was playing so Smart and I won so I was actually happy And then when I realized I wasn’t Recording I was just so devastated Because I wanted to share that with you Guys my first ever win on fortnight I Promised it my Video has 1.7 million views with like 170 thousand likes do you guys like the Fortnight video so I’m gonna be bringing You guys one very soon I did what I Thought was going to be impossible i won What’s up what’s up guys me and my dad just came up with the perfect prank to Do on mamma rug and usually it’s me Prank here but this time it’s going to be a Team effort between me and my dad we’re Going to prank mama rug right now and I’m Kind of nervous to do this I don’t know About you I mean I would be nervous well I’m the one I’m going to get it not you That is not too happy about this but Basically there’s a lot of pranks on YouTube of like girlfriend’s doing Hickey pranks on boyfriends or vice Versa and I’m like I’ve never seen a Husband hickey prank on what it came I Dad doing it on my mom why do you pick Me because I only have one dad I would Pick the other one if I had another dad You know see is she going to freak up That’s the whole point dad but basically Guys I was watching tutorials on YouTube On how to make a fake Hickey with makeup So I’m going to try my best to give my dad A hickey of course mom a rug is not home I think she went to the store or Something and we got to do this as fast as possible because after I gave my dad The fake Hickey he’s going to leave and When my mom comes back I’m going to set up a camera and then I’m going to text my dad to come back as if he just got back home and there’s going to be a hickey on his Neck and I’m going to spark it up I’m going to Be like dad why is there a hickey on Your neck or dad you guys are too old For this and then my mom’s going to see it and it’s it’s just going to be a mess from There but no I’m going to do I’m going to try I’m going to try using mom’s makeup to do The makeup dad you’re so annoying let’s just go do the makeup right now he Thought someone else is going to give him The Key dad it’s not me there’s no other Person here so the makeup I think I’m going to use like lipstick and powder and Jesus Christ mom how much damn lipstick Do you need okay it’s going to be a little Tough but we’re going to find the right two Colors and blend them on his neck to Make it look purple like a hickey yeah Yeah probably like around right there This is like getting a tattoo and things I’m going to try going with these two colors if we mess up you can just wash It off and retry it but I saw wait we Need some sort of Some foundation yeah you know what that is You think this’ll work All right we’re just going to try this Hickey out I hope we can do this and Guys please smash that like one because We’re about to give mama red a little heart attack just a little Oh some spray oh that’s Perfect not the one that she wears all The time doing that she has that whole know so she’s not like all right that’s Good I don’t know I kind of learned a little bit about makeup after the James Charles collab I don’t know what this Does but this is what the girl was due To big Hickey that he really thought I was going to hire a girl to actually give him the Hickey moon but then it’s not a Prank anymore some girl actually if you Hate oh okay we have to blend it down I Look legit yeah yeah you know too light Oh my god dad you are a player let me Know if I did a 10 out of 10 job on that Hickey but it definitely looks legit in Person why are you fixing yourself okay He wore a jacket to kind of half cover it and dad you got to get out of here Before she comes home let me smell it Oh my god she’s going to freak out No no no you yeah just one spray not too obvious okay okay it smells good okay Guys so not only does my dad have a Hickey but he’s got the set of a female My mom mama rug in the cut say what’s up To{ the vlog I’m so good that looks good guys if you Don’t know Kebab some good Arabic food pretty bomb If you guys haven’t had kebab we highly Suggest it just a blog I know I know Music Music Mama where’s Bosley is he by you Music Music Music Music Music Music Tell me where is this I’m not joking No are you being sick wait that’s not From No I don’t remember no no me like me Girl be like hey I’m talking to you okay let’s open them up Tommy Okay that’s firing this do that it’s not For my job no no I Martina one girl at The store oh my god you’re back from vacation let me give you hugs I’m on a I don’t know even when she did she just Say hey you better be joking or something Oh god are you being serious{ are you Guys being serious right now you didn’t Maybe that I just worth to God I didn’t Well you made a mistake of what I made a mistake just nothing just I’m done I just made a mistake that’s wrong are you Quitting I’m sorry I’m sorry it happens it happens got a camera recording right oh oh my God nigga I promise you to make okay oh My god oh my god it’s makeup now this shot whoa oh yeah did you smell the Perfume or no no mom we pranked you this Time it wasn’t just me this time we did a team effort So it’s a hickeys concerns like a Cheating he was like sketchy and I was Like I ratted him out Listen is sharp like DC because I wanted to make sure Lily Frank I go maybe he’s You can watch the video about what he Said like in the process of making the Hickey I’m not even going to say it dad you Want me to keep it in the video or take it out okay guys guys guys I’m going to Wrap up some videos there I hope you did Enjoy me and pop a rug got mom a rug a Team effort for this prank okay give me a Hanky guys I hope you did enjoy please Smash that like button subscribe if you are new huge surprise coming Tomorrow My mom is still wiping it as if it’s like a real Nicki but guys check out mama read the Papa Roach channel for this please and yeah I hope you guys Have a great rest here today leave your feedback in the comments section below Us three are going to be going through all the comments cuz we read a bunch of Comedy oh yeah okay guys I hope you have a great rest here today other than That’s been drugs and we’re out by Mohammed Elabsi



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  3. This is a really bad and sad prank .. mama rug must be one strong woman to take a breath and go on after this one .. this would hurt me to the bone

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