35 Replies to “Mom claims son captured his guardian angel on camera”

  1. That's not a guardian Angel…I'm sorry to say….but that's a..Demon….if seen a guardian Angel they might be bright but…they don't…look like a human and u can see that the figure is screaming…but I'm sorry your son is connected to a demon or he is being followed by it…but I can assure you that's not an angel…

  2. people in comments
    iS iT A boY oR a GirL
    people pay damn attention in the beggining it said her SON asher

  3. thats a ghost it aint a angel or none but a ghost and by the way gaurdian angels and other angels are very bright and light when it appears but a ghost is NOT by the way this ghost has no wings i disagree.

  4. My kid is special too when he learn to speak he said: "oh mom i'm waiting for the brilliant doctor"i said who.? Doctor? He said yes mom i think is doctor because clothes white and brilliant he come Many times when i'm sick put Hands in my heart and make me feel better.

  5. Defently an Angel my daughter is three months old she has downs 😣 but when I sing Jesus is coming soon she has the biggest smiles.

  6. It looks as tho the image is detailed enough for me to see the hairline and it looks like the image has a little afro😁😁😁

  7. My father was in jail and my sister was really sad and she kept saying please When will he get out when will he get out and she heard a voice that said when and know one was there and she was like uh tomorrow and the next day my uncle told her our dad was out of jail

  8. I had dreams of people that looked like that. They were light blue with glowing skin. I always wondered what i was seeing. Now i know. Thanks for posting this. That is an angelic being and they fly in spaceships.

  9. With the kid having problems why would you go the extent to dress him up like a girl before he could even make up his own mind…. God bless this little ones innocent soul…..im not sure why someone would do that

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