Mountain Institute #1: Wildlife And Photography

(bird chirping) – [Amar voiceover] I love
getting out on the trails, exploring the trails, and most of the time
there’s a camera by my side. It’s my way of connecting with nature and I do through photography. (bird chirping) My goal always is not to get the picture, it’s about having a positive experience, but also making sure that the animal’s having their own positive experience, that I’m not interfering with nature. (light relaxing music) One of the great thing is
in Banff National Park, whether it’s mammals or whether are birds, they have everything they need. And they do not need our food. Only bad things can happen if they start relying on our food. If you’re driving and
see an animal, slow down. And let the animal decide
which direction to go. They get that first priority. (light relaxing music) We all have personal space. Same thing with wildlife there as well, they have their personal space. And if you’re not sure how
much is that personal space, best to give as much space as possible. (light relaxing music) (bird chirping) I wanna let nature continue at its pace and then just be at the sideline. And if I can get a picture, great, but if I come back with
just a great experience and no picture, then that’s
okay with me as well.

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