MoviePro App Tutorial – Filming with iPhone Camera Apps!

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  1. Wow! This is pretty amazing!
    Even DSLR cameras don't have some of those settings (or not in this range) that can be set with this app.

  2. When I try to record both front or back camera there's such an annoying noise! Do you know what can I do to solve this? Thanks!

  3. Great video. Any advice on screen brightness? If it is quite low, you will be pumping up the ISO to compensate, I guess you must have it always the same before messing with ISO etc so you know your film will be the same each time.

  4. My app doesn't show the microphone icon at the top. Is there a setting that makes this icon appear? I have an iPhone 6 plus.

  5. You are wrong on this app Justin. The settings don't lock. Here's how. Switch the camera from front to back and the settings are different. Fine. Lock the settings. And now you go back to them and they have changed even before I have recorded I wasted five hours with this buggy app on a iPhone 6.

    Here's another way to loose all your IOS and Temp Settings: Go play a video with settings to camera folder. Now go watch the video and when you come back your STILL opened movie pro app, you will find the settings have been changed.

    What is the point of locking a setting, if the app is going to change them before you even record? Nvm afterwards. And still, I only had a time logging app running in the background, and had airplane mode on, and nothing else. There was plenty of memory and the iPhone 6 I used was about 6 months old.

    I saw your video several times, and the app does not keep locked settings even when the app is still opened. A complete fail. I just downloaded it two days ago. I tried without locked settings and it does the same thing. It changes the settings and I had to change them back after watching every single take. A complete nightmare app. Stay away from this garbage.

    I've reported the issues to the developer and left a poor rating in iTunes.

  6. Thanks for making a tutorial on MoviePro. One slight mistake in the tutorial which is very important. After adjusting ISO or Shutter, you should not press AE-L button, that might cause loss of ISO/Shutter settings that you set. You do not need to press any button after adjusting ISO or Shutter, just quit by pressing the cross button.

  7. bro i have been looking for tips on how to get my feet wet on youtube and your videos helped so much. thanks man and keep up the good work

  8. Awesome video thank you 🙂 though having an issue on mine, i set the ISO and click lock but then when I check the ISO again its gone back up to a higher number…any suggestions Justin?

  9. Hi. Loved the video! You are exceptionally clear and I understand. So, I just bought the app and am trying it out. But, I do not have a microphone icon to adjust the sound level. I looked around in the settings thinking that I some how turned it off. But, I don't think so…it wasn't there to start that I remember. Could you please provide some guidance? I have an iPhone 7+. Thanks

  10. When you try to use the FaceTime Camera do you have issues shooting at 1920×1080 60fps or 120 fps. Every time I try to do it the resolution goes to 1440 x 810. Have you had this issue?

  11. Excellent video, mate! Have you gotten an iPhone 6 or 7 plus yet? There are some pretty cool new features with the dual-lens cameras!

  12. Really good one! I'm flying to LA to do some video shoots for a music video, thinking of 24fps and perhaps 225%? This video says something about "MoviePro doesn't have Flat video, which messes up post editing colouring etc", . Do you know what she means?! I'm going to add the footage to DaVinci resolv and post edit it …is this not possible with MoviePro? Seems weird!

  13. does this app turn off the stabilization for the iphone X? since i want to use a gimbal, i wanna turn off the stabilization for the iphone X. i just wanna know if this app lets you do it.

  14. I really like ProMovie over MoviePro (those ARE two separate apps). I have both and ProMovie is far more intuitive and has a much better user interface. You should download it and give it a try.

  15. Great video. And this is a good application. Wonderful 4k footage, sometimes superior to my DSLR.

  16. This information is incorrect, once you manually set the exposure or focus, when you hit lock after maunally setting, you lose your manual settings. See the info in the app.

  17. Yo! Justin! AWESOME video, Buddy! Thanks SO much for putting this together. I was looking for a solution to what was happening with flickering light on my iPhone 6 videos (turns out to be fluoresant bulb at 60 Hz in Canada). I came across MoviePro and then came across this video. This answered all my questions + a few that would have come up later. THANKS! This was concise and so well produced. Why in the world did anyone give this a thumbs down??? I would love to see the instructional video they offer instead.

  18. Hi, I need to make a Facebook Live video and I'm using the airpods for capturing audio. I've read I can do it with this app, however I don't know if I can stream at the same time in FB Live or Instagram Live. Thank you for the video.

  19. Great info! Question… If i film my video using the Moviepro, then edit it in imovie app, will it affect the quality?

  20. I just downloaded the MoviePro App together with the remote App and they’re amazing! Helps a lot in shooting videos and pictures especially when you’re by yourself 🤙🏻

  21. Great walkthrough, thx! 
    Although I must admit I find it a bit strange that you suggest setting the samplerate to 48kHz and then suggest Against setting the audio quality to Uncompressed, seeing as audio quality compression mainly reduces the high-frequency content of the audio signal.

  22. Shutter in video should be set to double the frame rate. 25fps 1/50th shutter, 30fps 1/60th and so on. Don’t tell people to increase their shutter to adjust exposure. The higher the shutter the less motion blur you will have and footage will look jarring and frenetic. This technique is used for very specific purposes in film and television and none of them is about exposure.

  23. I got this app for my iPhone 8 Plus, and for some reason, the audio isn't syncing with the video.
    I have to manually do it in post within PowerDirector 16.
    Is there a setting, or update that can fix this issue?

  24. I have a RODE i-XY external mic but can't see it in the audio settings – does this mean MoviePro doesn't support this external mic? Thanks if anyone can help?

  25. I have spent hours trying to download movies loaded from this app to I Phone 7, then  to Windows 7 and 10. Neither computer can open the .MOV files. Man I am stuck!

  26. I just installed Movie Pro for iPhone yesterday, and realized the AUDIO is terrible coming from the app. I tried their best setting "uncompressed" for audio and it changes nothing.

  27. iI would like to record video with bluetooth audio and would like to get MoviePro so I can can. But I understand that Captures is by the same author. Tried it on an iphone6 and X.

    Captures pops up a msg telling me to do setting>privacy>camera
    and settings>privacy>microphone to allow Captures to access the
    camera and microphone. But Captures does not show up as a choice on
    either screen.

    Does MoviePro have the same problem. I am using iOS 12.2 on both.

  28. One thing I’m wondering and have contact app makers is; can the video be stored direct to an external hard drive instead of the phone. Long videos eat up a lot of space especially with HD settings. Maybe we are stuck with just emptying our iPhones of storage onto an external then freeing up space.

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