MOZA AirCross Gimbal Review | Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras

So the first thing is the Moza gimbal case I actually preferred this clasp better than the zippers and most gimbals have on their case It’s just more professional in my opinion. It’s a lot easier to do and I can pick it up and take it wherever I want really quickly and really easily, so here is the packaging for the Moza I already took it out of its packaging to field-test it before I did this review So this is of course the baseplate this also fits Manfrotto So you can easily swap these out on tripods as well so that makes it very convenient, then of course you have your gimbal It’s actually really nice and one thing I really like about this design is it has an adjustable baseplate and so if you do have larger cameras, DSLR cameras, you’re going to definitely want a baseplate I’ve tried other gimbals electronic stabilized gimbals, just like this one that didn’t have an extendable baseplate And I couldn’t fit most of my cameras on it So this is a very convenient system and definitely a well-thought-out and with a lot of attention to detail So I appreciate that about the Moza and of course you also have your charger which is really nice with the spring-loaded charging ports And then you also have your handle and inside your handle of course are the three batteries That you get it’s rated for a 12 hour battery life When using it normally, so pretty good all around no complaints here, and you notice too that the handle of the gimbal is actually not a Metal gloss finish it’s actually a smooth to the touch Really soft a really comfortable grip that I don’t think I’ve felt on any other gimbals So that’s a really cool attention to detail It’s really easy to grip and really firm in your hand so I love that then of course you also have to stand For the gimbal which is really easy to put on you just screw it right in and it’s all set to go So here is the moza completely setup with the little tripod mount and on here I have a Nikon d7100 with a 50 millimeter lens This is approximately the same weight as a mirrorless camera with a decent lens so like any other Electronic stabilized gimbal you have your two buttons here you have the one for the power and this one actually with the joystick It’s actually a button as well So that’s how you change different settings and the modes on The gimbal so of course it has the roll lock it has a tilt lock and then it has all lock And its really nice, so let’s actually power this on for you. It’s gonna spin all the way around But it’s actually a very very refined system so here It is on just like you’d expect it does a very great job of stabilizing Everything for the price point it’s four hundred nineteen dollars and for that price point I actually expected it to be a lot like the Evo Rage 2 that I previously tried out same kind of thing as this But the rage 2 is so unrefined compared to this one that this one really has no comparison to the other The other ones on the market. I’m actually really impressed and of course another good feature of this gimbal is the inverted mode I love this especially for when you’re doing shoots where you can’t pause what’s happening to say let’s do it again But inverted so you can just switch right back and forth between all of them and another advanced function that I really like about this Gimbal in particular is you can actually move the position with your hand And it doesn’t fight you like the Evo rage did this is something I actually found first on my Zhiyun Crane 2 which is twice as much as this gimbal here So I thought that was really cool, so if you’re shooting something doing some cool motions down below and then something happens up there you can actually just do that and it makes it super easy and Super flexible on set so let’s take a look at the app It’s actually a really nice system okay, so this is the home screen for the app so what we’re going to do is power on the gimbal and Then it automatically connects. I’ve already connected this phone to the gimbal so it automatically connects to you So you just click on device details to go ahead and do something it’s a really refined system a really cool and kind of futuristic app and I really like it so this middle button here if your Gimbal is off-center You can just hit it, and it’ll go back to center then of course it has the panel to control the gimbal and It turns to the side and has the joystick on here the joystick is just like the joystick on the gimbal you can do any kind of advanced set of Functions that you want and it’s nice to if you’re using this for a shoot where someone else can control the camera for you That is always nice of course you can adjust the roll axis as well But I want to return to home so you just push that button there And so here’s the time lapse function so let’s say I wanted to start right there So I’d set a waypoint in there, and then we want it to end Let’s say right there, and so I’ll set the next end point there And so that’s literally as easy as it gets then you just push the ok and this is a 30-second time lapse So I’ll just let you guys sit through it here Okay, and that’s it and of course There’s a lot of other functions if you connect the camera to this gimbal you can do a lot of More advanced features using the shutter in the app and all that kind of stuff and of course you can adjust all the settings here You can name your gimbal you can do a lot of different stuff, so Anyway, really refined app I have no complaints zero complaints with this app and this whole system so there you have it that is the Moza aircross gimbal and Really, I can’t recommend It enough it has all of the advanced functions as the Zhiyun crane 2, the Ronin M in its category So that’s really shocking everything else that is in its category doesn’t have those advanced functions like this one does The app is really refined I have no complaints there either So if you’re looking for an electronic stabilized gimbal like this one I would totally recommend getting this one It’s better priced than the other competitors and as more advanced and more refined functions in it so there you have it guys I hope you enjoyed the review. I hope it was helpful for you. If you have any questions of course comment below I’m always checking that and always replying so alright guys until next time. I’ll see you the next video

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