My Daily Photograph with Hasselblad

hello guys today I’m gonna talk about my daily photos with my Hasselblad I took some photos of my bathroom because my bathroom is broken and we decided to renovate it and it costs thirteen
thousand thirteen thousand dollars it’s it’s insane it’s same as Hasselblad X
system Just to let you know, in Japan bathroom is usually separate toilet and bathroom so I’m talking about bathroom It means shower room okay my bathroom is under construction so I’ve just come up with an idea to take that photos in long
exposure lens is Distagon C60 F3.5 very nice and nice
sharpness what’s my favorite point is this
minimum distance is 0.6 meter well it’s really nice and I’ve bought this prism
viewfinder PM 45 it’s good price, used and this is a very composite image yeah
I like this but it’s heavy and my experience with long exposure
is my Mamiya RZ67 and I’ve took some photos of Tokyo Bay
Area and in long exposure 40 seconds or 60 seconds okay that was a nice
experience I think long exposure is not only to
make a river or sea flat I mean like this photo I mean if you want to
focus all area you should set f-number very high 8 or 11 or 16 and but you have to need shutter speed very low I’ve took my bathroom photos
in the morning and it’s very low right so okay I set F point 8 and 4 or 6 seconds okay it’s funny a funny photo but my precious
memory I’ll show you some sample photos with this thank you hello guys today I’m trying to take photos of my bathroom and with my hasselblad
this is distagon 60, equivalent to 35mm okay hey welcome to my bathroom this is under construction and see because this is rare and light is very
beautiful and so I’m trying to long exposure, I set f8 , 4 second okay let’s see now
I mirror up okay 4 second, two three four I’ve done

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