My moms’ truck got stolen… *CAUGHT ON CAMERA*

Alright guys, just got off the phone with my mom. She called my brother and I a second ago, and she’s like “Tristan Do you have my truck?”, because apparently her truck is gone And then she just asked me if I was in it and if I was home But we’re all home right now and her trucks gone Where is she at? Is she in her room? She’s like this is not funny and stuff. We did not do anything with her truck. Are you looking back at it? Yeah? We probably shouldn’t show these cameras, and where they are in the video though. Can’t see…all you can like this is a front porch, and this is the driveway Tanner: Can you see the driveway at all? Kim: Like right there, so if the truck goes by you’ll be able to maybe see it But only if they turned the headlights on. Okay, well… Kim: I’ve got it going through fast-forward But it’ll take forever to stand here and watch it all. Tanner: Was it here last night who does a lot of time you saw it? Yeah, I drove it in… Taylor drove it..and.. parked it because my kidneys hurt, so I didn’t drive. So we came home and I went to bed. Tanner: If someone stole it, they have a very messy truck Yeah
They also have the window that came out of the farmhouse when I was a kid which means more to me than the damn truck Yeah They also have checkbooks from your bank account *sarcastically* awesome. Why not that piece of crap? You could have broke into that way easier! ‘Cause I probably left it unlocked. I just don’t ever think about it. Yeah, this is why I tell you to lock it. I mean, I do a some times But I was going to go back out to my truck because I was going to leave again But then I never stopped hurting last night. Did you didn’t notice it like on the down the street anywhere? No. Can you hop in your car and just could make circle the neighborhood make sure there’s nobody some kids and just pull it down the street and act like a dumbass and leave it? I guess. My mom had just gone to her childhood house the other day and got a window out of her old farmhouse because she wanted a decoration for this new house. And it was in the back of the truck that got stolen or supposedly stolen. I don’t know we have security cameras We’re going to try to find out Everything we can. I don’t even know what do right now. I do not see her truck anywhere. I don’t think it’s like some kid pulling a prank that just parked it on the street a few blocks down I believe I’ve had a vehicle stolen out of my driveway. Uh, last time, I saw it, did you see in the driveway last night? I didn’t pay any attention. I parked it around four or five o’clock yesterday and just came out this morning and it’s gone. I don’t know. Between then and now I can talk to my other kids and see if they noticed it last night. Kim Braungardt. I’m going to have to.. Tanner keep watching that and see if you see any lights, We are literally gonna have to hire somebody. Isn’t that sad? Like that’s actually sad. So this is one AM right now. I was awake during this so.. I don’t know I was just downstairs watching Netflix. Tristain: I noticed it…. ..when we left but I didn’t pay any attention *inaudible* Tanner: Yeah, it goes all the way to the present and all the way up there, so… Yeah, 1:15 and 1:30, 1:45 you can see all the times down there. I haven’t looked back at his footage ever yet Mom is such a light sleeper though wouldn’t you wake up? I don’t even know. Tristain: No, ’cause She’s literally on the opposite side of where the truck was. I will literally pay Quentin to be our sniper I’ll hire a military guy. I guess mom is on the phone with the cops still we don’t know how it’s gonna.. *random mouth sounds* …turn out, at all.*Tristain saying something that Tanner agrees with right not* Yeah, we have a lot of stuff in there that we need you know like my banking stuff My mom’s going to the bank before this video is out. So if you’re watching this video. You stole our truck. Good luck You stole a very dirty truck, and you stole a part of my mom’s childhood and you tried to steal my bank stuff but… I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I don’t have any I.D. How am I supposed to travel? Yeah, we’re going to California in five days. Yeah Oh my God we’re literally not gonna to be able to fucking go. *inaudible* You guys can go, but I don’t know how… I don’t know what they do… Passport? Good point, I can use that to Get a lot of things yeah parked it yesterday my daughter and I talked to yesterday around four o’clock in the afternoon and I haven’t left the house since I Came out this morning to get some stuff out of the truck and it was gone my kids went to breakfast this morning Do you guys notice it? Whatever? I don’t think it was here. They don’t think it was here and they left about 8:30 this morning To go into the bank well my ra is gone and now the trucks gone. We’re down on your car So we’re down three vehicles now. We have three vehicles now. We can’t fight over drawers room Okay, you’re getting that little cop car that’s in that garage and go patrol the area. Thank you sigh I’m just trying to lighten the mood all right. We’re at 324 my brother says he saw something. We’re gonna check it out real quick I’ll hit play so now it’s going at normal speed and Yeah, you see lights go on right there in the bottom left. Let’s definitely headlight. Tree. Lit up That’s where my mom’s truck was parked. We’ll see if we can No, no, it’s gone what? Do you think you shut him back off or whoever was? He probably shut them off and then drove off of you smart I don’t know but sitting here and watching this isn’t going to prove anything because the vehicles definitely gone Oh, there’s some more lights. You can see Mm-Hmm Tristan come here mom. We’re trying to watch this Okay, this is 331 playing at normal speed now. It gets way brighter like pretty sure Maybe the last time I was someone driving by just white he gets way brighter Hold on Hold on yep, way right? Oh. Yeah 331 your headlights are on No, yeah, it’s great. How do the other one was my mentor in the street like the only pulling around to look yeah? Whoever pulled around because someone got dropped off at 25 and then stole it at 31 It’s called everyone knows every fucking little My kidney thing, but I already loved it unlocked paper Folder, what Carina Okay, yes there it driving off. It’s 32 it drove off. They pulled around front. Yes Well alright, I text my insurance agent see what they said a sexy back, so I feel the bank It’s just going to be a huge inconvenience like I Also, have one credit card working while we travel it really makes me sick to my stomach watching that yeah don’t want to leave the dog on the lagarde anymore because I’m pretty sure the electric fence wasn’t working because rose was able to get into the neighbor’s yard to our left That’s just open to okay. How do they plan that though? House house that night. Did they know your truck was going to be out there? Did they randomly just drive by Billy? Huh the trucks out what stealing? That’s what I feel like it was just random Whatever vehicle would have been out there probably would have been we’re going to gate the whole goddamn thing I’m gonna catch the neighbors and say you know gate or not at the cul-de-Sac This is my video from yesterday that I’m editing right now, and there’s my mom’s truck sitting right there in the driveway Dylan’s cars Right next to her truck and yeah, just happened overnight, and it’s just really annoying I don’t know at least no one was hurt if someone took my dog It’s like if someone just did anything to my dogs in my family I’d literally find them and I would kill somebody like if luna was ever missing I would just find him and so that mom just Text me again. She said come outside. You’re not going to believe this so let’s go check it out Luna. Come on get your camera i have my camera ok there are the fan mail you left in your truck Yeah On the corner fucking driveway, so whoever have it pour it all the shreds open it up and brought it back Just lean on my window no, but I was in the backseat of the truck Oh my God, did we not was that earlier? No when I left I was not there I would have seen that well, so that was within the last two hours the trick like I am not We are gating this they would have brought it back in a different vehicle Yeah, do not have monster-human see that’s 1/2 million lessee the house They opened it all what yeah, I think they brought back at the nro saying We’d like to talk to ya we have this part for the window. Yeah, whoever did this can you please bring back my window? They ate some of the cookie So mose, it’s like I feel like I feel like it’s a prank video. If it’s a prank They’re going to jail either way if it’s a prank on filing charges because it is funny have spent the entire morning having to open new accounts Enclose shit, and why don’t we have someone to sit on you, then they wouldn’t come back Yes, surely, not we did got some subway. Hey, we closed the garage doors Everything’s locked up when we left we usually do lock it up, but anyway first It’s a felony to open someone else’s mail, which they obviously did so there’s a yeah They screwed and unless they wrote a bike here with four giant boxes the fan mail. They drove a vehicle There’s stoplights with cameras everywhere, so we’re going to call the cops again, and we’re going to tell them at noon today someone drove by and dropped off the fan mail So they’re going to review the stoplights with the cameras And then they just zoom in on a truck And then they can just look at what trucks went through our neighborhood at that time get their license plates and find out where they? Live and then put them in prison go into the slammer Hi guys, it is a few hours later and the cops that we’ve called are not going to handle anything until Monday right now It’s Saturday because it’s a holiday weekend Yeah, you know they’re busy giving speeding tickets all that important stuff So the packages were not actually dropped off by whoever did you know the stealing it was by a nice neighbor of ours that actually? Found them on a sidewalk down the road all torn up and thrown so they brought them back I guess I wonder if the neighbors ate the cookies or if it was the thief I mean, you’ll be fine either way I mean
It’s just a truck I can be replaced hey guys my mom is out on a date right now if you’re watching this feel free To take the mobile out anytime you need or you can use the insurance money to buy a brand-new truck shout out to the people That still be disgusting then we’re going to get Brand-new kidding, but yeah, no more sadness. We’re all fine We’re just glad that nothing else happened like if they were I swear if they would have taken the dogs Id sorry this video is basically all negative and us worrying and stuff I didn’t plan on my vlog to be like that today, but that’s just kind of what happens sometimes that is what happens? So thank you guys again for all the support I tweeted on Twitter about the truck getting stolen And so many people are like sending me screenshots from my old videos of the trucks like license plate guys are all trying to help us in any way And it means a lot like you guys actually took time out of your day to try to help us so thank you it means A lot tell them sir doesn’t tell now You guys are so nice should we in the vlog where the truck last was any final words for attrition. This is its funeral It was just a good set of wheels, and it’s not thing is as well as on the inside that counted literally found out I already got three I think he had so much for watching this video and don’t we leave like and share the friends if you Enjoyed subscribe if you’re new and I’ll see you guys the next one peace now Oh, I could like pick my nose for a little bit. Oh, no He’s out in a vault You’re right you ready for this it ain’t my fault the truck got stolen. Huh, and in tomorrow’s episode. We will be sniping people We’re gonna climb up there with a sniper You came in looking like that. You just may be fun

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  1. You know Tanner if I lived where you live I would go if I was 18 I would go and drive down the entire State until I found that truck

  2. The police can track the license plate you would just need to tell them the license and they probably soled the window.

  3. I went to carowinds like 8 weeks ago and I got on the copperhead stike when I was only 7 years old and it made me Dizzy and here I am still dizzy

  4. My brother in laws brand new 4wheel drive Chevy truck got stolen from texas parking lot of his apartment in Farmington Hills Michigan about 4 days later he got a call from the Michigan DMV in Kalamazoo asking if he had sold the truck? He replied that he had not and that they should arrest the one that had it the DMV told home at the driver was looking to get a new title to re truck and he had bought it off of Craig's list for 2.000

  5. Considering Tanner was awake during the steal so ummmmm………….🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 what side are you on tanner from the ‘now STOLEN truck’ left or right…….*me thinking irl* you might be in in the semi-middle

  6. This happened to me once but it was with my bike and the same thing happened like it was on the camera then it vanished

  7. Your neighborhood has no camera on the street or something the place those boxes are placed ask for some one in your neighborhood to show you there's camera

  8. This shit is so fucking fake because the cops can't just say they cant help because that's highly illegal to do its their job to find the claimed said thief so yeah fake as fuck

  9. you need to get better cameras w/ night vision and you need to place them better.So can see the area better in other words 360 coverage around you home. And a motion detector to let you know someone is in or on the property,

  10. You left your ID (purse) in the vehicle? Where are the keys? IN IT? With the house key as well? WOW! And your kids came in the night before, then left for breakfast that morning and didn't notice a fricking TRUCK being there or not? Observant huh? And no camera pointing at your driveway. All you can give is a description of your truck. Hope you guys have learned some lessons since then.

  11. Um, you don't go to prison for stealing a vehicle. Unless it's your third time being popped for it. Some states after two times. But never the first time.

  12. That is the hottest mom ever!! I’d buy her a new truck.. hell I’d roll around in thumb tacks just to sniff the tire tracks from the truck that sped away carrying her dirty clothes to the dry cleaners.. lol

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