My Most Successful Landscape Photography Shoot Ever!

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  1. can't help but notice that the gas attendant couldn't be bothered to clean the bird poop off your windshield. great video by the way.

  2. I would prefer a Tighter crop of the waterfall out of the two @14.21m since I feel the wider shot is bit unbalanced on the left with the hill taking up lot of the photographic estate. 😉 Love the shots.

  3. New subscription from a fellow tight arsed Yorkshireman 😉 Hopefully you will join the world of topend YouTube photographers with more videos and content!

    Cheers mucka

  4. Id be losing my mind with a day like this man, congrats! Stoked I stumbled on your channel as well, I love the content

  5. This place is just over three hours from me. Definitely going to try and make it there this year. Love the videos man, keep them coming.

  6. It can’t be, another great youtouber photographer, I promise myself that I would not to follow to nobody else but you will do it, you managed to join two of my great photographers Adam Gibbs and Tomas Heaton, and now I see you with our dear the Bard of PhotoPills, and finally I can see some of your great job, and I say woooah, now you have I new follower from Spain…

  7. To add more to the confounded Oregon gas station policies, I stopped to fuel up while towing my fishing boat and was surprised when I was told self service was not allowed. Then, as the attendant filled my truck he asked if the boat needed fuel as well and told me that I was allowed to pump fuel in the boat….WTH????

  8. Very informative vid from a yorkshireman(no ones perfect….says a geordie!!) ha …i follow TH also, but thoroughly enjoy your work mate…must be nice living in Canada…living the dream eh ..and why not !!
    Subscribed !!

  9. I am a new subscriber to your channel and discovered you through Heaton's videos.

    The photographs are absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I have 1 question though, I see here that, u have shot with aperture values of f22 and in its vicinity. So how does diffraction effect you and how do u take care of it?

  10. All shots were gorgeous! Photogasm , lmao. Very entertaining videos. Found you through TH also and throughly enjoy your channel.. Keep them coming.

  11. Thanks to Thomas Heaton I found your channel. I have been missing out on some great Photography and entertainment! Love your work Gavin!

  12. Gavin – Loving your channel. It must be frustrating as heck to go to the top of a hill to place a GoPro just so you can capture yourself falling down but it makes for great entertainment. It's hard to say that any picture from that waterfall is better or worse but I sure liked the exposure with the rocks as a foreground interest.

  13. Found your channel courtesy of Mr Heaton, I am loving the content and have subscribed.

    This is one awesome video Gavin, the images are just stunning. If you could humour a new subscriber with the answer to a question please, why does the waterfall at 15:26 go up rather than down?

    Sorry 😉

  14. Great video! Any chance that you can do a video on your post processing? Showing the raw and then what you’ve done with it. Thanks!

  15. I was just wondering, why not use a polariser and/or ND filters? I usually use both (3 or 6 stop) when shootijg waterfalls.

  16. Nice shooting Gavin. I think you got your moneys worth that day. I like how you figured out your compositions before the light calmed down. I use a Hoodman Loupe – really helps to see the LCD on bright days. Out of the wide and tele shot, it was close but I think I prefer the tele. The left side of the image wasn't so compelling for me although I liked the foreground interest. The tele shot focused on the most beautiful part of the scene and held my attention. Awesome vid. Looking forward to catching up on more since I just discovered you from watching Tom and Adam's Rocky Mt vlogs.

  17. Some beautiful shots and fun to watch. I notice that this was published on Nov. 15, 2018, but there is a warning of closed roads on one site dated August 1, 2018 that is still up. Do you mind sharing the approximate date that you were there? I just want to make sure it is accessible for an upcoming trip in April to that beautiful falls.

  18. So many great shots! The last one looked like the hero of the day for me. After finding you through Tom I'm working my way through your vlogs…. Very entertaining and inspirational!

  19. Great video. But dude, you make me so nervous! You are talking to camera and waving your arms next to your camera which is mounted on a tripod next to the waters edge. S P L O S H !

  20. Between the two photos, I prefer the wide myself. Yet I usually prefer wides. Found your channel recently, and enjoying the heck out of it. You are one heck of a road warrior. I’ve made that drive all across Hwy 84 many times through Idaho and Oregon. Cheers from California

  21. did you take the shot where there was dripping water in foreground and waterfall in background where you were waiting for light to be soft?? i felt that shot would have been awesome.

  22. Gavin, great video and to quote Thomas Heaton, those pictures are "Stunnin'" and "Absolutely glorious". I live about 2 hours from those falls and will have to visit them this year.

  23. Gavin, Enjoyed this so much! Fantastic locations and the images you came away with were absolutely beautiful. That is what I call a great day!

  24. FFS Gavin, clean your bloody windscreen! LOL, against my better judgement, you are mildly amusing and a decent photographer!

  25. Love the video man! Loving your content!🙌 How is the road to this waterfall? I’m in Eastern Washington so I would be going through Yakima and past Mt Rainier. I want to explore it and get some good shots but I’m not sure if my front wheel drive car can do the road if it’s not pavement?

  26. So glad I took my mates advice and subscribed to this channel- awesome content Gavin, many thanks- laughs, educational and thoroughly entertaining!- love it!

  27. I love the difference between landscape photography and just about any other genre of photography…

    Nobody else will leave at sunrise to take a few shots around sunset, then consider bagging 5 good shots to be one of their best days ever.

  28. I'm crap at landscape photography but after watching your videos I'm inspired to get better. Thanks! (The wider shot).

  29. Next time you go through Oregon stop by a place called silver falls…I havant been there since I was a kid but they have amazing waterfalls

  30. Gavin I am a fan and have been following for a while. Your reggae track inspired me to vlog. I just started out and doing all reggae sounds! Jah Man! Keep up the good work brah!

  31. Hey my friend, where are your videos, I enjoyed them so much I miss the comedy the teaching, the locations and your guests.

  32. Hi Gavin Yet another great video, I really like all the info you put into each shot you are taking and again some great shots, I really liked both shots of the waterfall which you took with a wide angle and then the telefoto shot, if anything I did prefer the wide angle shot, what tipped it for me were the trees and colours at the top of the falls, really liked that one. I would like some info on any upcoming workshops you may be doing as I think I would learn a lot and enjoy the experience, regards Ian

  33. I'd be lying if I said that I'd never taken a tumble when out and about 'togging …. nights are the worst … so easy to put a foot wrong when only using a head-torch! 🙁 Really enjoyed that video … really informative and a fantastic location!! P.S I'm really feeling the need for a telephoto lens now after watching that video!

  34. What stunning scenery at the water falls. I am sure Nick Page has been there as well !
    I would love to have the opportunity to photograph such amazing scenery, very jealous,…ha
    That Sony A7ii does produce some great sharp images !

  35. I was just there about three weeks ago. The kids were jumping off the falls and having some fun. I shot my Hasselblad and black and white film. And we had so much more water than you did here. Oh and a Forest Service cop gave me a $288 ticket for during over the middle line trying to avoid all the plants growing into the road way. 😡

  36. Well I just had a photogasm. I've lived in that area most of my life and headed down there in August so guess where I'm stopping? I've never used the toll bridge either and the GF wants to go to hoodriver for a winery. Thanks mate, always enjoy your videos and this one hits home; literally.

  37. Tighter shot does it more for me…. the cliff on the left of the wider shot, whilst nice, distracts me a bit… either ways though I would be thrilled to have taken images as good as these …

  38. Great video, really enjoyed it, even you falling over. $2 to cross a bridge my goodness, oh okay I'm a Yorkshireman too…lol

  39. Great video! The last image is superb, sublime in fact. Regarding the two images you wanted us to comment on which we preferred…..for me, it is the version with the rocks in the foreground, leading you into the waterfall. Lovely image. Thanks for posting.

  40. Any chance you will lead another trip to the Faroe Islands later in the summer… Maybe July August time frame???

  41. Great video. Such a magical place. So magical in fact that you got a clip of the "Reversing Falls" at 15:22. Wonderful shots!

  42. Please clean your car window. Nobody likes to look at poo for extended periods of time… I hope :/
    Still like the video tho 🙂 awesome shots!

  43. Absolutely amazing. Think it’s one your best. Amazing location amazing photos and you’ve put it all over so well. Sure you have loads of keepers.well done you. 👍

  44. Brilliant video, stunning image. I think i prefer the wide shot but when i look back at the telphoto shot i prefer that one for different reasons. so ive been no use to you on that one. Great work keep shooting.

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