My Top 10 Tips for AWESOME 360s!

I’m 31 years old today… Becoming an old man. And I’m here in Winnipeg in Canada and this is actually where I’m from. My family is half Canadian,
so I come back here every few years to visit my family and get some cool 360 shots. I’m here in Assiniboine Forest right now and I’ve taken some really
epic 360 photos here before. So, I’m going to try and replicate one of my best 360 photos I’ve ever taken in this forest right here, right now,
with my Insta360 ONE R. The number one question that I ask myself when I get to a new location is, “Where is the point of symmetry?” Where is the exact middle of this location because often that’s where the best spot for 360 is going to be, so in this forest here, we have 1000s of cool-looking dead trees, so it’s going to be pretty
symmetrical wherever you go. However, some trees are more
symmetrical than others, so I wanna find the straightest trees that are also the most densely packed. Once you found the point of symmetry, next you need to decide
on the camera height. Is it best putting the
camera on the ground? Is it better at eye level? Or should you hold it above your head? Well, this will depend
on what is around you. If all the interesting details are up, it’s a better idea to
have the camera down. If the details are down, it’s better to have the camera up. Finally, I’ll decide
on the camera settings. How good or bad is the light? Do I need to do a lot or is auto exposure mode going to be okay? In bright daylight like this, most modes of most cameras
are going to do a fine job, but if the lighting is tricky, if it’s too contrasty, too dark, too light, that’s when you wanna go into manual mode. Most of the time I shoot in HDR mode because you’re never going to have a perfectly consistent image and location. Here we have a bit of
shadow, a bit of light, and it’s going to be like
that in most situations. Even if the sun is overhead, there’s gonna be some shadowy areas, so most of the time HDR is
a reliable setting to use. Then when I want some
kind of stylized effect, say I want a silhouette
in the middle of the day, that’s when I’ll go to manual mode and manually set the
shutter speed of the camera, so I can get a cool looking effect that looks different to
every other kind of 360 photo you might have taken that day. Another thing I’m always
thinking when shooting 360 shots is how I can I give this
photo or video a “wow” factor. Attention spans are this short, so you need to make sure your photo is as engaging as possible. There needs to be interesting
stuff in all directions and not just interesting,
but really interesting, so you always need to look
around your environment and make sure you find the
number one best spot within it. Here I found a pretty cool spot. I’m inside a massive bird
enclosure inside this zoo, but there are 100s of spots I can potentially shoot 360 photos from, so it’s important I try out shots in at least three places. So, what I’m doing here is
purposely lining up the lens with the level of the water because I know that will make for a really interesting
element within the 360 photo. Okay, I admit it: I love birds. I’m not a dog person. I’m not a cat person. I’m a bird person. So, this is a pretty cool opportunity to get a shot with my little
friend here Mr. Toucan. Mr. Toucan, meet Kandao Qoocam 8K. Hopefully, it doesn’t scare him. Or maybe it will. I think I’ll just leave it there and I’ll let him get comfortable with it. If you look he’s getting
really close to the lens. This is exciting. It’s gonna be a really good shot. The more often your photos
can have a “wow” factor, the faster your reputation
will grow as a photographer. It’s better to post one
really good photo once a week than seven average photos
seven times a week. So, you need to think of it like that. How can I get the best photo
possible and only that? Forget about the rest; throw out all the other photos. You just want the very best because that’s what
you’ll become known for and you’re not going to become known for seven
out of 10 work and below. It’s got to be as close to a 10 out of 10 as you can possibly get. Another important part
of getting good 360 shots is waiting for the exact moment to strike. I can see there’s gonna
be a pretty cool moment coming right now with all these seals doing backflips in front of me, so what I need to do
is wait until one swims directly in front of the lens and then I need to be able to capture it as crisply as possible. So, I’m gonna set my
shutter speed really fast. I’m gonna shoot in raw and see what I get. Oh, my god. This is so fun. I’m a fully-grown 31-year-old man having fun at the zoo on
his own taking 360 photos. That’s a bit sad. Often I find some of my best 360 shots I’ve ever taken have ended
up being the silliest. So, photos where the camera
is really close to my face or I just look really weird or creepy or if the camera’s in a
really unusual position. Maybe it’s underneath me and
I’ve arched my body over it. Basically, the more playful and silly you can get when shooting 360, the more likely you are to
come across a really cool shot because the name of the game
is entertaining your audience, and if you can make a
really silly but fun shot, then you’ve achieved that. The thing is, though,
you’ve gotta drop your ego. If you care too much about
how you’re caught on camera, then you’re not going to be brave enough to try a silly shot like
the ones I’ve got here. It’s all about playfulness and curiosity. The more playful and curious you can be when you’re taking your 360 photos, the better your photos
are likely to turn out because you’ve decided to put camera somewhere that cameras shouldn’t be put and it really evokes a sense
of thinking outside the box, and that is what makes photos stand out. You always want to try
(camera clicks) and make something your
audience has never seen before. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. It depends on the situation you’re in, depends on the light, depends on the architecture, the landscape, the weather conditions. So, there’s no guaranteed
way of getting a good shot. This is where creativity comes into play. And the more amount of
shots you can come up with at any given location, the more likely you are
to get an awesome shot every single time. All right, well, that’s
it for today’s vid. Hope you had fun. I know I did. This was a good birthday. I’m gonna go find me some fish to eat now, so I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all your videos, I’m enjoying your insta360 one R reviews I just ordered that camera and excited to try it out!

  2. As usual coming through with the best stuff. Great vid Ben! Btw happy belated ya ol' man. πŸ™‚ I was in Whistler for Australia Day on Sunday. Craziness ensued.

  3. Great video on taking little shots by keeping relevant and creativity. It's seams most definitely don't see the relevance of little planets photos . Is your go to camera which was Ricoh Theta Z1 has been replaced by the new Insta360 ONE R and Kandoo 8k ? On your birthday . What is your wish and we your subscribers will make it happen.

  4. an old fart..(56) that I bought a fusion 360! Now I really need an idiots guide to setting up…what to set…how to take a basic photo..and yes to try and take great shots like yours…ive got 9 weeks to learn before I take another trip to Rome,but this time taking me Grandson (14) for his first trip..i want to take THE pics everyone does but I would LOVE to learn how you have an idiots guide? I hate usibg that word haha but im just not savvy? Also i noticed you have a screen on the back? Mine how can i know what im shooting and setting up? Yes ive paired it with my gopro app on my samsung Note 9. And yep I get it that i have to manage a skill of holding the cam and the phone at the same time? You can see why im going nuts! I didnt get a manual as I bought from CEX? HELP!

  5. Hi Ben! I was watching your videos, but maybe I didn't find what I was looking for. Do you have or could you make a video in which you can delete objects a 360 video? Example of a person standing recording and deleting it on video Thank you!

  6. Old man?! Wish I was 31 again, I have 22yrs on you – that's when you can say you are old. Happy birthday. Some great tips and advice there, thank you.

  7. That was awesome! Fantastic way to spend a Birthday doing what you love to do. Great tips and so much fun to see you in Winnipeg at the Zoo 😊

  8. Happy Birthday, "old man." (cough… half my age) Great content as always. I always pick up something new from your videos. That's why I bought two of your courses!

  9. Always getting right in with the good stuff! No beating around the bush like so many others, so much buildup for something so simple.

    Oh, and happy 31st Birthday, Mr. Ben! Wait, 31? I’m older than Mr Ben?! Now I feel old…

  10. Thanks for 360 photo tips. Fun, symmetry, wild factor, got it! Something unique too, right?
    Nice shot with colorful bird, did u use Qoocam coz it rhymes with Toocan? πŸ™‚
    For awhile there I was afraid Toocan will take a jab at ur cam. Whew, that was close, eh? Nice video from that shot, used Theta+ for it?
    How's Qoocam vs Theta Z on photos? I believe Insta360 with cool effects is best with videos.
    Welcome back to Canada and belated Happy birthday!

  11. Hi Ben, I live a couple hundred miles from Winnipeg (International Falls, MInnesota). It’s very beautiful year β€˜round in this part of the world. I have a question for you. I purchased your course on 360 virtual tours (I also have all of your other courses), and was wondering which camera you use for virtual tours? I see that you are using the Qoocam(?) 8k. Do you recommend this over the theta z1 for virtual tours as well as tiny planet photos? Thank you Ben.

  12. Thanks Ben, love your videos.
    The Qoocam 360 8K interests me a lot but after reading various reviews .. heummm .. I have serious doubts. It is clear that this camera is not yet ready. I'm on Windows 10 and Android for editing.

    In number 2, Insta R but again, the modular system does not interest me too much. I love AI though.

    In number 3, of course, Gopro Max.

    My question: is the Qoocam still in Beta so not ready in February 2020?

  13. Great videos Ben….bought my first 360 camera and its a lot of fun…..learning a lot from your videos……keep up the good work champ πŸ™‚

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