100 Replies to “MYSTERIOUS Things Caught on Camera at Night…”

  1. I see you but you don’t see me
    I see you is see you but you don’t see me
    I see you all the time but you never see me

  2. That video of the "Naga Lights" was nothing more than one of those candles that float through the air, they release them into the water and air during this time lol

  3. Steve the purple streak! 😅😂
    Ever watch over the hedge? The animals named the hedge Steve so it wouldn't be so scary!😂😂😂😂

  4. You should make a part 2 of this video. Most the list was predominantly UFO/ sky phenomenon pictures when there are loads of others.

  5. Our government has the UFO 🛸 technology they are likely testing them and not saying anything to us

  6. Absolutely my favorite YouTube channel of all time! I ran across your channel a few weeks ago and now I listen all the time. Keep up the great work and know your very much appreciated. Thank you M

  7. I live in Lubbock that’s cool and I love how he says it it’s funny it’s supposed to be (lu-buck) but I like how he says it

  8. Matthew, buddy, friend, I love your work and watch a lot of it. This video has a shriek between each of your Mysterious Things that frankly hurt my ears each time. I hate to criticize, especially with the amount of negativity you must wade through in the comments, but I wanted you to hear it from a fan.
    Keep up the AWESOME work.

  9. This is the stupidest bunch of abalone bones, and I love it.
    Also, didn't our friend Captain Disillusion debunk the floating city?

  10. The Lubbock lights REALLY look like the Phoenix lights. Peculiar. Almost as peculiar as the way Matthew pronounces Lubbock! Coincidence?!

  11. The California "cloud" was just a rocket. Back in the 60s we used to get this once or twice a week. People are always going to refuse to believe what doesn't agree with their self delusion.

  12. He needs to pronounce American towns names correctly. Lubbock is pronounced "LUB-buck" Texas. 🙂 LOL It's hilarious. I wish I knew what music he uses for his videos! 😀

  13. I wish you knew how much I love your videos am all the way in Kenya and I hope to start a YouTube channel could you give me some pointers please

  14. Vandenberg Air force Base always announces rocket launches, as they did the day the rocket was seen in Los Angeles. We have watched many launches from Vandenberg, they all look similar. Sorry guys, not a UFO

  15. I have photos of number 9 on my old phone taken in Phoenix. I even alerted a police officer that was in the parking lot I happened to be in at the time and he had no explanation and was as mystified as the rest of us. ( the few people who bothered to look up from their Christmas shopping

  16. In my opinion your videos are so much better when you explain everything nice and mellow because when you are all amped up and acting like a jerk trying to be funny the videos really do lose their luster, but that is just my opinion so you do your videos anyway you want

  17. Before the video even started l'm already hiding in the comment section. Is anyone here ??
    Someone keep me Company guys 🙏🏾❤

  18. I never knew Lubbock was pronounces loobok, not lubuk, but you are American so i guess you are right and i learn something.

  19. The scariest thing. Or sighting
    Is about the tale of the bald headed shining

    They say. It makes up top 10 stories
    And the shining light off its bald head. Spooks many a traveler at night

  20. dont listen to the other comments, everyone knows only my opinion counts and i thought you did a great job here, besides all the other comments are dumb, like you dont have to comment your every single thought.

  21. There are 12 different species of ET living on earth. All the other civilians threw out history recorded it and wrote it down in scripts.

  22. Not that I crave death and destruction or anything but I really wish the Battle of LA craft DID take offense to the bombardment and just ZAP…no more LA. The world would be a very different place today.🌴

  23. I remember seeing that space x thing i was getting a tatt done n my homie n peretns came n got me to see it it was kool as hell wish it was a ufo tho i have seen them befor but yea lol

  24. Yo not to be a downer or anything, but that SpaceX whatever looks exactly like a comet. See the streaks of airflow behind it, and the thing itself at the beginning of it? That's what a comet looks like, well to me at least. Maybe it isn't, maybe it is. Let me know what you guys think!!

  25. This is one of my favorite channels! But so every one knows, Lubbock is pronounced La-bick…😐😑😐😑😐😑😐

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