[N’-95] Self Cam in MAPS Photoshoot

JS: What’s up! JS: Today, JS: I’m here for MAPS
pictorial photoshoot~ JS: For today, freckles?
There’s this too. JS: I also wore contact
lens after a long time. JS: I’m alone right now,
so it’s a bit awkward. JS: Since it’s a bit awkward because I’m
alone, I’ll go to and see the members. RJ: Today, I’ve come
for pictorial photoshoot. RJ: The concept is, RJ: I put on mascara for today. RJ: Pink mascara. RJ: I also wore contact lens~ RJ: What are JENO
doing, right now. JN: I’m watching soccer. RJ: I want to try
liking soccer for once. RJ: I don’t hate it though. RJ: Basketball, soccer. RJ: But, I don’t have
opportunity to play it. RJ: Back when I was still in school,
I played a bit of basketball. RJ: Next time, when
I have the opportunity. RJ: Today, do you have
any special concept? JN: Today is a kinda like- JN: You can just stay still. RJ: And you should match
the position’s of the shoulder. JN: And also the face. RJ: MAPS photoshoot
is very new. JN: True. JN: I just browsed
through the magazines. RJ: It’s quite unique. JN: 5, 6 dimension. RJ: It has its own vibe. JN: It’s the picture that have to be taken
when you were immersed in yourself. [MAPS]
RJ: It has its charm. RJ: Should we do that? RJ: Open a page
that has a lot of people. RJ: The one with
less people will get hit. RJ: Not even one person! RJ: Ah, this is dangerous. (I won)
JN: Just slightly~ 2 people. (ㅠ_ㅠ)
RJ: Okayyy. RJ: 3 people! (^o^)
RJ: 2 people~ JN: It’s not the one that have
a lot of people that I saw earlier. RJ: Now for the second
round, taking it easy~. RJ: We’ll do it up until here! RJ: Right now, JAEMIN and
JISUNG went for the photoshoot. JN: You’re gonna
get electric static. JN: Alright, here is the jungle. RJ: It’s the jungle.

100 Replies to “[N’-95] Self Cam in MAPS Photoshoot”

  1. renjun with the pink mascara gives me the same vibes as jay park with his pink eyelashes.
    “got some pink eyelashes, looking hard as a mother f*cker”

  2. Jisung will remain and beautiful be baby for my 💕
    Jeno I love you but I do not understand you sometimes 😂

  3. Renjun as always make me smile with his smile🙂💛
    Yellow love is special from me to Renjun💛💛💛

  4. Oh my god they put pink mascara on renjun kajsjsjdhdjsjsjksjsksksjsjsjshdhdhshjsjshshsjsjsjsjsjsjshshsjsjskskdkflfl

  5. Jisung omfg no dont kill me, you just smiled and look at the damn camera and taljed with your deep voice and im already dead omfg

  6. Park jisung , i cant live without you 😭😭😭💚💚💚 i always love you park jisung ILY 3000!!!!!

  7. Renjun is my bias and jeno is my bias wrecker. My fave ship is noren . This video is it !!! Im glad renjun is getting the recognition he needs yayy

  8. 2:36 Renjun is not smiling at us. He`s smiling at Jeno who is carring the camara. My Reno heart… well MINRENO ♥

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